Jason Wu Dresses Stars For The Red Carpet… And Now You Too!


Last week in the NYC feature, I wrote about Jason Wu’s guerrilla fashion campaign across New York City. Now, we can report that the young fashion designer who dresses so many of our fave stars for the red carpet and premiere events, collaborated with Target to create an affordable fashion line, and it launched in stores yesterday, Feb 5th.

Jason Wu dressed Michelle Williams for the Golden Globes and she got rave reviews for her blue gown. Wu has also dressed his best friend, Diane Kruger. Not just for Hollywood stars, Jason famously dressed Michelle Obama for the 2009 Inaugural Ball, and her dress went on display at the Smithsonian National Museum in Washington, D.C.

“By working with Target I was able to create an accessible collection that reflects my sophisticated design aesthetic,” the New York-based designer, 29, said in a statement. “As with my main collection, special attention has been considered into every detail and I can’t wait to see girls wearing and enjoying the collection.”

This is not the first time that Target has teamed up with a high end fashion designer to create a new line with a different price bracket. In September, Missoni did this, and their collection was sold out immediately, with not just everyday people shopping there but celebs too!

Ladies, check out the collection quick!

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  • Zeehabers

    Hmmm I do like that these designers are creating something less expensive but still not sure I am rushing to Target to buy Jason Wu…

  • AW

    Almost everything was sold out by Sunday afternoon!

  • Britt

    Our Target still had a full stock yesterday afternoon. I planned on buying something but I didn’t like how everything was cut so boxy. The skirts were very cute but way too long for a short person as myself.

  • Janaegal

    I got the holy grail (the navy dress with red stripes pictures above) and four other pieces. I love when designers do these lines because I can’t always afford the “real” stuff.

  • nellstar

    I want the navy dress!!!

  • AmandaMarie

    The target I work at (second busiest and largest in the West region) sold out in precisely 2.5 hours. :-)