Who Is Going Super Bowl Mad?


Tonight is the big Super Bowl and whether you’re a sports fan or not (I’m not), you cant help getting swept up in all the excitement and festivities. Some of our fave stars are also getting into it… so obviously, we have the Madonna half-time special (OMG! So excited for this!) but some celebs are closely tied to the teams playing tonight, The Giants and The Patriots. Read on to find out who will be watching the game closely..and who supports which team!

First off how about Giselle Bundchen, the hot Brazilian model. She’s the wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady so clearly is a Patriots fan and will be rooting for them. Last week an email she sent to friends and family encouraging them to pray for her hubby’s win against the New York Giants was leaked.

Singer Jordin Sparks is a big supporter of… the Giants! Why? Her dad, Phillippi Sparks, played cornerback for the team in the ’90s. Now, there’s some interesting trivia for ya Sunday mornin! Rooney Mara who starred in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is also the Granddaughter of Wellington Mara, the longtime Giants owner!

The NY Daily News has also reported that Hugh Jackman is a huge Giant fan since he became a New Yorker a few years ago.

But my favorite Super Bowl celeb has to be rapper 50 Cent who has been tweeting non stop about the game for the past week… “GIANTS coming with that NEW YORK attitude. patriots leaving on a stretcher. We ain’t bullsh-ting lol.” The NY rapper has made a bet that with a Twitter follower that if the Giants lose, he will post a nude photo of himself on the net! Guess, he is a real believer in the New York team!

Who are you going to be cheering for tonight? Or, are you just tuning in for the half time entertainment? :)

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  • Dezden

    I am jealous of everyone going… I much prefer college football, but it’d be awesome to go just once–especially since this year it is only a couple hours away from me!!

  • Shavonne

    Giants all the way!

  • PixiesBassline

    I’m not a big sports fan either, so I’d normally avoid the hell out of even hearing the game being played. BUT… I really want to see Madonna’s performance. So, I’ve recruited a friend to let me know when to turn my t.v. on. Can’t wait to see her show. I hope she is able to pull it off without a hitch!

  • JCZ

    The people with money all come from money it seems…

  • Kristín

    so not a sports fan but i can´t wait to hear Kelly Clarkson sing the national anthem :)