Selma Blair To Star In Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’


In the beginning of January we reported that notorious star, Charlie Sheen, was working on a new series, Anger Management. It is based on the Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson film from 2003, and Charlie will play an unconventional anger management therapist. Some people think the irony of Charlie playing this role is what is really so funny. Now we have news that they are starting to fill the rest of the cast. First up, Selma Blair, will be the female lead opposite Mr Sheen. Read on for the details about this casting…

Charlie is going to be playing the role of a former baseball player with anger issues who winds up as an unconventional anger management therapist. Selma will play Charlie’s own therapist, and I guess also envisioned as a love interest for him!?? Hmm….

Reports are saying that the producers had been trying to get Selma from the beginning. She was initially approached and invited to test for the roles. She is a lovely actress and will no doubt give the comedy quite a classy feel to it. It is a slightly odd couple her with Charlie though, right?

Production is meant to begin in mid-March so we should see something this year. FX has reportedly bought 10 episodes and if that hits ratings target, there will be a 90-episode order. Seems like Charlie might be back on our screens, whether we like it or not. I’ll be tuning in to see what Selma is like, and I have to say.. I am kind of fascinated to see how Charlie scrubs up since his departure from Two And A Half Men..

What do you think of Charlie being cast opposite Selma Blair? What about Charlie being back altogether?


  • Darcy

    I love Selma Blair so much – I’d watch any show she was on so I’m sure I’ll check this out, but Charlie Sheen does not appeal to me at all… his drug abuse (and maybe plastic surgery?) have ruined his looks and I think his humor is played out. Hopefully Selma can save that show.