Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith’s Daughter Makes A Bald Statement


Willow Smith, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter, posted a pic of herself on Twitter yesterday which revealed her new look… a bald head. Read on to see why she did it and check out the before and after pics…

Willow is gorgeous, with hair or without, but the pic of her shaven head is very drastic. Here she was just a few weeks ago at the BET Honors awards on January 14th. In her luscious yellow gown she looks mature beyond her 12 years, and so elegant.

Check out the pic of her bald head…

What do you think?

I wonder if it was an omen after releasing her single, ‘Whip My Hair’ featuring Nicki Minaj. There is a lot of hair whipping… :)
I’ve put the clip here for you watch and enjoy.

There have been RUMORS going around about Will and Jada, Willow’s parents, having issues in their relationship (none of which has been confirmed so they are just rumors for now), but if so, I cant help wondering if this act of shaving her head is a small cry for attention… on the other hand, maybe she is just experimenting with a new fashion statement. Willow is a bit of a fashionista! She is doing a lot this little child star… she stars in the upcoming film Annie too!

What do you think of her bald statement?


  • Nancy

    Or maybe she was sick of stuffing her hair into a wig to play her role in Annie. Much easier to put a wig onto a bald head :-)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love this little girl!!! Get it done WILLOW.

  • John

    How she gon whip a bald head back n forth?!! :/

    • PixiesBassline


  • Norma

    Don’t know….when britteny shaved her head…she was desperate for help….

    • @Norma — Why do you assume that anyone who shaves their head is “desperate for help”?

    • Katie

      I think she was responding to the conclusion that was already given in the original post. Which I also feel was a ridiculous position to take upon the news of a young creative type person getting a haircut.

  • Velaine

    I remember an interview that the Pinkett-Smith family did on Oprah, and I think Jada mentioned that Willow wanted to shave her head, but as a compromise they only shaved the sides. I’m almost certain this is something that the child has wanted to do for years.

    • Alexis

      I remember that interview, and you are totally correct!
      Also, Jada just shaved the side of her head, you can see it in recent pictures.

  • Robert

    I think she just wanted to be FREE!

    Remember when Solange was on Oprah? She said how much her hair controlled her life. “I needed to feel liberated,” Solange said.

    • Robert

      For those who didn’t know, Solange shaved her head, and looked beautiful!

    • JCZ

      Ugh.. Solange.

      Somehow, surprisingly worse than her sister.

  • Kristin

    Willow has been donning some crazy hairstyles for awhile. I actually like the shaved head. I bet it takes a lot less time to get ready in the morning!! haha.

  • Debho

    Maybe she had nits?

  • perdiz

    I think she looks gorgeous with a shaved head. I dont think that I would.

  • Alexis

    Plus she wears a LOT of wigs, it has to be waaay easier to wears then with just a little hair onto to pin them to

  • sars

    She looks even more like her dad!

  • blaqfury

    I think I remember that interview too. I think this is a fashionista move. As a girl who shaved her head twice (once at 18 & again at 24 – neither time was a call for help or anything like that) I say more power to you Willow. If my parents would have let me I probably woulda done it at a younger age too!

  • nicole

    i cant get over how much she looks like will!

  • Ella

    I shaved my head because I was tired of the years of abuse I put my hair through. I just said f*ck it and to some kitchen shears to it. I think a lot of black women can relate as many are going natural these days.

    I just think it’s fantastic that at 12 years old this little girl is THAT comfortable with who she is and how she looks to do something that drastic. Her parents did a good job instilling a sense of individuality and self esteem in her. Some grown women would literally cry if they had to even cut their hair.

    I think she is a FABULOUS role model for young girls and we could all take a lesson from Miss Willow. Also, LOVE that yellow dress.

    • blaqfury

      Exactly! I shaved my hair off (well went to a barber, you brave with the kitchen shears. Lol) down to a fade the first time to cut the perm out. Then eventually I started getting texturizers to “soften” my hair. But eventually even those made my hair bone straight again. So I shaved it again & just went all natural and vowed another chemical will never touch my head again (dye included). 2 years ago I got Sister Locs. Best.Decision.Ever! Lol! I only wish I figured this all out when I was 12 & not in my late twenties. Lol! Go Willow!

  • Ben

    Willow who? Sure such a talented and creative young woman as I’ve seen her been called. But if she wasn’t her parents daughter no one would be talking about her. Nepotism at it’s best. I don’t blame her but we as society support this behavior and I don’t like it.

  • sarahhh

    i always respect woman who shave there head. i don’t have the guts to do it, yeah i know its just hair!!