Watch: David Beckham Beams At The H&M Launch Of David Beckham Bodywear In London


On Wednesday we got to see photos of David Beckham in London at the worldwide launch of his new David Beckham Bodywear collection for H&M. Today we get to see some really neat video from the event. It turns out that Becks was not only on hand to pose for photographs by himself … but he also made himself available for photos with fans. PHOTOS WITH FANS, PEOPLE! Sigh. Click below to see some of the amazing fun that none of us got to enjoy :(

Man … MAN … what a fun event. It looks like all that mass of people who waited in line to meet Becksie were well rewarded. I would really, REALLY like to get close enough to Becks to walk away with a photos but … alas, that moment has yet eluded me. Still, it’s very fun to see video like this where others get to meet the man. I’ll try my best to be happy for these folks and not be jealous as f*ck ;) It is a cute video, ain’t it?


  • Chris

    Is it me or has David Beckman lost his sexiness, I don’t like the wet hair slick back look on him

    • Bea

      I totes agree. He looks icky in that photo right there; like some old bloke who might have bad teeth

  • Natalie

    david beckham AND jake gyllenhaal both in london? trent i think there’s somewhere you need to go.

    • @Natalie — Hahahah ;)

  • Well, he IS getting on as they say, no-one stays beautiful forever. You wouldn’t BELEIVE how old I am, but if I were an oak tree, you’d spend a good long time counting the rings!! And WHY is someone’s sexuality or lack of it OUR business? Because we want them to either be like us or not like us. No-one gave a rat’s ass when I started to drop out of modeling, like they say in the porn business, your length of fame is an inch shorter than your dick.

    No one ever cared that I took my clothes off in the 80’s, but since I used the money to become “respectable”, I became fair game for critisism. OK with me. We didn’t have the Internet yet, just those crappy ‘zines you paid 4 for a buck. I can take it, and dish it right back out. But it does piss me off that people want to invade the privacy I’ve carefully consructed over the years.

    They LOVE to put labels on things. In Hollywood, I was a celebutante (whatever that is) doctor, when in reality I was a overworked and underpaid medical resident at large urban E/R, who had a famous punk rock star (though he’d beat the shit out of the label “punk”) when not on tour, boyfriend/lover/husband, had a perfectly normal relationship, fighting, making up, sitting on the Marshall stacks during his shows, bored out of my mind. Getting drunk, high, fighting, perfectly NORMAL guy.

    The break-up, after five years, WAS pretty spectacular, getting thrown through a plate glass window and not getting a single scratch. Packing up my T-Bird at night when he was out, halfway out of the state before dawn. Not able to really escape since one of his band’s songs was in the top ten, it followed me right into Country & Western Land. After that, got really boring.

    But I did come to realize that it was the hang on to the famous that I desired, not really even him. Could’ve been anyone, so long as they took me away from the daily life I so did’nt yet want.