Chris Rock Wants To Make Melissa McCarthy His Wife


Funny guy, Chris Rock, want to marry Melissa McCarthy … on screen that is! He is working on a new script, which is yet to be named, but he imagines himself playing opposite Melissa, the Bridesmaids star, as a sort of “Jerry Springer couple.” He is busy wooing her to come on board and he thinks it might actually happen.. Read on to find out more about the potential project.

The script is still in the works, but Chris is “trying to romance” Melissa to come on board at this stage to play his wife as the pair “indulge in some boisterous dysfunction.” It sounds good to me!

Chris has been busy, he was at Sundance promoting his work in Two Days, which Magnolia bought and probably will release later this year. He also has a cameo role in What to Expect when You’re Expecting, out in May, and in Madagascar 3, the talking-animal cartoon.

I hope that this unnamed and still work-in-progress script eventuates and that Melissa decides to be involved, because I think the two of them would be pretty hilarious as a dysfunctional couple. Keep you ears open for this one…

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Black man + big white girl= HYSTERICAL!! I hope this works out. I love Chris Rock!

  • Nathan

    Chris Rock is hot with more hair.