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Pink is the new CONTEST!

As I mentioned earlier today, we are just 50 days away from the theatrical release of The Hunger Games and in celebration of the milestone event, I have an EXCITING new contest to announce. The Hunger Games folks have graciously chosen Pink is the new Blog as one of the select websites to offer a pair of TICKETS to the WORLD PREMIERE of The Hunger Games on March 12 which will take place in downtown LA at the Nokia Theater at LA Live. Essentially, these are tickets to attend the 74th Annual Hunger Games in real life! The official Hunger Games Facebook profile has been updated HERE for this special #HungerGames50 ticket giveaway … but if YOU Pink readers would like the chance to win a pair of tickets, click below to find out how!

Now, I like to keep my contests/giveaways as simple as possible in order to maximize everyone’s ability to win. All you have to do in order to be entered for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the World Premiere of The Hunger Games here in LA on March 12 is submit in the comments below YOUR favorite part/character/moment/revelation/etc. from The Hunger Games book (one entry per person). I will accept entries for 2 full weeks, a winner will be selected by February 18 and will be announced by February 29. PLEASE make sure that you use a working email address when you post your #HungerGames50 comment so that you can be contacted immediately if you win. You MUST be able to provide your own transportation to the premiere event here in LA on March 12. This contest is for a pair of tickets only. The winner will be randomly selected from all properly posted entries and the pair of tickets will be available for pick up at the Nokia Theater at LA Live on the night of the big premiere. That’s it. I want every single one of you Hunger Games fans to have the same chance to win these tickets so … pick out your favorite part/character/moment/revelation/etc. from The Hunger Games and post your entry below. For more information on this amazing #HungerGames50 contest, head over to the film’s official Facebook page HERE.

I can ASSURE you, this World Premiere event will be INCREDIBLE! If you’ve ever wanted to attend a big Hollywood premiere, THIS is the one to attend. The Hunger Games will undoubtedly take the world by STORM when it opens in theaters on March 23 … and now YOU have the chance to be among the first people to see the film WITH the film’s stars! SUBMIT YOUR ENTIRES NOW (one entry per person, please, duplicates will nullify all entries) and May the Odds Be Ever in YOUR Favor!

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  1. Raechelle Velarde

    Favorite moment: when Katniss sang Rue “to sleep.” It was so touching and heart-wrenching, but really showed the softer side of Katniss.

    Here’s hoping the odds are in my favor to win! =)

  2. Great contest!!! Definitely entering!!!!!!!!!

    • After thinking about it, I think I have to agree with what others have said and pick the moment when Katniss sang to Rue. Really touching…

  3. Sasj Serpens

    The part with the Tracker Jackers (:

  4. alyssa

    My favorite revelation was we they discover why President Snow smells like blood and always wears roses to cover it… creepy, but cool.

  5. Juneh

    Good luck to everyone! I live on the other side of the globe so no entering for me haha.

  6. My favorite part is when Katniss is already in the Capitol and she is to show off her skills with her bow and when no one at the table is paying attention, she shoots her arrow towards the table and captures EVERYONES attention <3 #KatnissEverdeen is my hero!

  7. Shavonne

    #1-OMG!!! So exciting!!!

    #2-My favorite moment was after the games when Katniss is wildly banging on the glass between her and Peeta while they work on him and she realizes she can’t look away, despite all the blood and gore, because she loves him (Luckily for them, it helped that the cameras were still rolling too!). Oh gosh I was bawling my face off imagining Katniss trying to claw her way to Peeta!!

  8. the part I’m most looking forward to is when Katniss sings to Rue. I am going to be bawling my eyes out, but it’s such an emotional scene! Here’s hoping the odds are in my favor :)THANKS TRENT!!!

  9. Nikka

    My favorite moment is when Katniss volunteers as tribute for Prim. It totally sets the stage for the entire series and truly shows the type of heroine Katniss is.

  10. cmc

    Favorite character: Johanna Mason by far. I feel like she takes over the “fierce, brave female” role in the later books as Katniss slowly unwinds and has those long episodes where she just locks herself up. Johanna is a total, total badass- maybe a little unhinged, but I dig it.

    • cmc

      Oh snap, I just realized you meant the Hunger Games BOOK, not the series.

      Okay, my favorite part in the first book is Peeta confesses his love for Katniss on TV and she is just floored and shocked- and her reaction to shove him and take it the worst possible way (that people would laugh/see her as weak). That’s just so Katniss- she’s so strong but just so blind to how amazing she is. Plus, her tough childhood makes her view a compliment as a possible attack.

  11. My favorite character is Katniss of course! She’s just a total bad@ss!

  12. Carly S.

    So hard to pick! One of my favorite moments was when katniss and peeta were the only two left alive, and after thinking they were finally safe it was announced that now there could only be one champion. It really showed the lengths that the capitol would go to for a good show, and I couldn’t wait to see how it would end.

  13. Audra

    My favorite moment is when Peeta confesses his love for Katniss during the televised interview with Caesar right before the games :)

  14. Karlie

    It’s not fair to have to narrow it down to ONE thing! :) Even though the entire book was great, I’d have to say my favorite was the antagonizing want (while reading) for Katniss to be with both Peeta AND Gale. You know she can’t have both at the same time, but it doesn’t matter. They both pull at your heart strings and you just want both of them to be with Katniss (not to mention a carbon copy for yourself). Even when the entire trilogy ends I was still undecided if I liked the outcome of the ‘chosen one’.

  15. Beth

    I love the part where Katniss sang to Rue. It is such an emotional scene and I totally cried while reading it! ( and I’ll cry during the movie as well!)

  16. Mony

    My favorite moment is when Peeta and Katniss are waiting for the announcement of them as winners but the rules change again and only one could win… Lord knows I hated the Capitol at that point!!!

  17. I loved the moment when Katniss received the silver parachute of bread from District 11 as a thank you for how she took care of Rue. It made me shed the tears I was trying to hold back from Rue’s death.

  18. Melissa

    Favorite part-when Katniss and Peeta are presented in their costumes for the first time!

  19. Krissy

    My favorite moment is when Katniss volunteers for Prim. All she is thinking about is her sister, and I think it says so much about her character. Plus, it reminds me of how much I love my sister!

  20. Absolutely when Kat sings to Rue. I can’t wait to see how the images I’ve seen in my head have been adapted to the big screen!

  21. Anna

    When they change the rules back so only one can win (my heart jumped in to my throat) and they decide to eat the berries. When they tell them to stop before they actually eat them-that is my favorite part. SOOOOOOOO INTENSE! Loved that part.

  22. Anne Behr

    My favorite relationship in the book is the one between Katnis and Cinna. I loved his role in her coming into herself and the quiet, confident way he helped ignite her spark, literally and figuratively :) I love how they cast Cinna and can’t wait for the movie!! whoohoo!

  23. My favorite moment was reading – on the edge of my seat, mind you – whether or not Katniss and Peeta were going to “end it all” by eating the poisonous berries at the final stage of the Hunger Games, as some sort of pact to just end it all… and show those in the Capitol how truly barbaric the games really are. That moment, for me anyway, sealed my love for the two of them and I can’t wait to see how they put it off on the big screen.

  24. Nick

    I think, quite frankly, I just like Katniss as a whole, her personality that is shown through her narration but also all her endearing and empathetic moments, such as when she sang to Rue, drugged Peeta to get him medicine, or whenever she is concerned about the people she loves. #HungerGames50

  25. Stephanie

    My favorite character will always be Cinna. I cannot wait to see Lenny Kravitz in the role.

  26. Aileen

    I loved Katniss’s relationship with Rue, especially when Katniss sings and covers Rue with flowers as part rebellion, part honor to Rue and then is rewarded with a present from Rue’s district.

  27. Dustin

    My favorite part of the first book, though it is hard to pick, would have to be when Katniss, Peeta, and Cato were climbing to the top of the cornucopia to escape the Muttations and Katniss looks into the attacking Mutts eyes she realizes that the Mutts are all the other Tributes because of their eyes.

    It was so beautifully written. When i read it I could feel the same way Katniss did, the pain and fear. It was one of the most unintentionally touching moments of the book to me.

  28. Todd

    That moment when Katniss got all “Blue Lagoon” and almost had her and Peeta swallow the poison berries just to thwart the Gamemakers. To me, that was the moment when she really bonded with Peeta and put in action his comments on the roof before the Game about how they were not going to be just a pawn for the Capitol and instead played by their own rules and made it out alive together. Although the book was quite gruesome, that was such a beautiful moment!

  29. Jen

    My favorite moment of the Hunger Games is when Katniss steps up to volunteer as Tribute so that Prim doesn’t have to. That moment is the first time we really see so much of Katniss’ spirit and why she is so special.

  30. John C

    Rue’s death is a scene that will I will always remember. It really showed the strength and depth of Katniss’ character – that despite the hell that they were placed into, Katniss will always keep her humanity. Can’t wait to see how this scene is played out in the movie!

  31. There are so many favorites, I don’t know if I can narrow it down to one! I think I want to see the opening scene in the arena, just to see how it looks on film, to see if it matches up with how I have it in my head. I also want to see how Peeta camouflages himself, Katniss’ mad archery skills, Katniss’ outfits with crazy effects, the weird look of those who live in the Capitol. Yeah, pretty much all of it!

  32. Joseph

    I think my favorite moment in The Hunger Games book is how Katniss immediately avenges Rue by killing Marvel, a tribute from District 1! #HungerGames50

  33. Re-reading all of these answers made me remember so much! My favorite part was when Katniss found Peeta buried in the mud. I can’t wait to see that part on the screen.

  34. Brandi

    Oh my gosh…how can I come up with one thing I loved the most about the books. I think what really got me was the relationship between Rue and Katniss. It really brought the brutality of the games to light and how the Capitol could be so brutal. But when Rue is killed and how real Katniss emotions are so real, I just remember bawling my eyes out reading that part.

  35. ClaireMichelle

    I honestly could never pick ONE part in the first book that is my absolute favorite, because the whole thing is so amazing with tons of moments that had me trying to catch my breath. The moment that sticks out in my mind as first time I literally gasped while reading was when Peeta said “Because she came here with me.” I was so confused and excited and full of emotion at that point. Everything changed, from Katniss’s strategy, to her relationship with Peeta and Haymitch for keeping it from her. It was just such a pivotal moment that set up one hell of a ride. I cannot wait to see that moment on the big screen, and I love that they have kept the Peeta/Katniss relationship out of the trailers because people who haven’t read the books can maybe feel that sense of shock just like I did. :)

  36. GA

    My favorite part (and the part I’m most excited to see) is the fire costumes at the opening ceremony!!

  37. My favorite character is Katniss. First off I think they have chosen an incredible actress for her role (I loved her as mystique in xmen first class). I just think that it is so honorable that she volunteers so that Prim stays out. That is something that both me and my sister would do for each other. Loving families is so important to me and I really love how her character is such a good person for doing so. I am so excited to see this movie and know it is going to be one of the best of 2012!!!

  38. KJ

    As Marcus Mumford wrote in his tribute song…


    Okay, maybe that’s not true… But it deserves a good tribute ;) When Katniss closes off the cave entrance so that she can kiss Peeta in private, my heart melts. She loves him, I tell ya! She loves him!

  39. Jonathan

    My favorite moment in the book is definitely when Katniss shoots her arrow at the judges/gamemakers during the training exhibition! So badass!

  40. Laurie

    My favorite part is when Katniss is hurried away to get ready to leave for the Games, but before she goes, she has a few moments with Madge, who gives Katniss her mockingjay pin. That pin becomes the symbol of Katniss and the rebellion, so it is a pivotal moment in the first book!

  41. nellstar

    When Katniss kisses Peeta as his body is fire hot with fever.

  42. Travis W.

    well, i hate to choose one moment from the books… so i’ll just say that the best memory from the book is lending it to my mom in alaska via kindle and getting a text the _next day_ from her: “morning son, well afternoon. i was up until 5am reading the hunger games. i couldn’t put it down and had to finish it.” that put a huge smile on my face. whenever i’m trying to convince anyone they need to read the book, i tell them that story. needless to say, i’ve made quite a few fans out of the series!!
    #HungerGames50 #teamPeeta !!!

  43. Raul Ortega

    My favorite moment is when Katniss blows the careers supplies, and Fox Face laughs about it.

  44. My favorite moment in book 1 is when Haymitch allowed District 11′s parachute to be sent to Katniss for her kindness to Rue. Everything about that moment was dynamically moving, no matter from whose perspective you considered it.

  45. Kyrsten

    I love the chariot scene. I can’t wait to see how the movie pulls it off. The fire outfits, the tension, Katniss & Peeta’s first moment of coming together as a team that sets the tone for the rest of the story. Love it!

  46. Meg S

    My favorite characters are Katniss and Rue!

  47. Kristina

    The entire “Cave” scene from book #1!

  48. Jason

    The moment that made me cry: Katniss arranging the flowers on Rue before the Peacekeepers pick up her body — knowing that it would probably not be televised.

    But I can’t wait to see how the whole tracker jacket hive scene will be on film!!!

  49. I like when the contestants are prepping for the games in book one. It feels like a very “behind the scenes” look at how the games are orchestrated.*

  50. Sam

    I have to say my favorite part of the book would be that katniss is a STRONG women (unlike many of today’s characters cough cough bella). She knows what she needs to get done and doesn’t let a cute boy get in the way of all that. It’s not a love story with a decent plot. It’s an awesome plot, period.

  51. ~Michelle~

    I love the moment when you realize that the mockingjay has become the symbol of the resistance against the capital government!

  52. mabel

    My favorite part is when Peeta tries to prevent Katniss from seeing Gale get whipped. When he helps stop Gale from getting whipped further, you know its not out of love for Gale but for Katniss because he knows what Gale means to her.

  53. Jennifer Lara

    My favorite scene in the hunger games was when Peeta told the story of when he first fell in love with Katniss when he was little. The scene is so amazingly sweet and it sort of provides a “real life” moment for Peeta and Katniss and is something that brings them together throughout the bloody game.

  54. Jae

    My favorite character is Katniss. I love that her inner strength shines through each and every situation she’s put in. I read through all three books in 2 days and was amazed at how much of her character and strength evolved as we got to see her through every stage of the games. Totally *heart* this series – i’m actually re-reading it in preparation for the movie! =)

  55. Katherine

    My favorite character is Peeta because he is the HEART of the trilogy and provides such a foundation for everyone around him.

  56. Baybridget

    My favorite thing about the book is how honest it is in its portrayal of PTSD and loss. You feel the rawness, you feel the numbness, you feel the pain that these characters are going through. You see them try to live again and you see the fears they face everyday.

  57. Sarah

    My favorite character is Cinna. Cinna is from the Capitol, but clearly doesn’t condone its actions towards the Districts. That alone makes him stand out amongst the grotesquely enthusiastic citizens of the Capitol. And even though he isn’t The Mockingjay, like Katniss, he created The Mockingjay in a way that made all of Panem want to believe in Katniss, even without realizing it. The Girl on Fire. Only that introduction could have infused into Katniss that sense of strength and ferocity. In any rebellion, there is a leader, but there are also the individuals who fight against the hand they’ve been dealt in order to inspire solidarity in the face of oppression. Cinna was one of those individuals for me. Even if his role in the story was cut short, he’s definitely my favorite.

  58. Michelle

    Katniss and Rue are my favorite characters. And, my favorite part is when Katniss takes care of Rue after she dies, with the flowers.*sniffles*

  59. Yerdua

    My favorite character is Katniss. She’s so badass.

  60. Deb

    When Thresh kills Clove as she’s about to kill Katniss. Then he lets Katniss go because of what she did for Rue.

  61. Cassie Olson

    My favorite part in The Hunger Games book is the feast. When Katniss is almost mutilated by Clove, but is saved by Thresh. I think it is the most intense part of the entire series.

  62. oh man what a great giveaway. there are so many things i can’t wait for in this, i can’t wait for katniss’ dress, the arena, everything!

    also, i’m so glad these previews aren’t giving too much away about the actual hunger games and in the arena, i want some surprise when i see the movie, eeeee cannot wait!

  63. Katniss and Rue are my favorite characters, for sure! My favorite part is the way Katniss gives Rue a funeral in sorts, with the flowers. *sniffle*

  64. Drew


  65. Bianca Provenzano

    I’m really excited to see the scene where Katniss and Peete defy the capitol and they both end up winning the games.

  66. My favorite moment was when Katniss Shot the apple with the bow and arrow in the beginning of the book.

  67. Tiffany

    My favourite character is Katniss, definitely. She’s super badass and has a heart of gold. I love how she’s willing to sacrifice herself for her family; to me, that’s a sign of true character. Plus, Katniss is so much better than some of the other main female characters in other series. She genuinely cares about the world around her, rather than her latest love interest or whatever.

  68. Maria


    at the end of mockingjay when peeta says to katniss, “you love me, real or not real” and she responds and says “real”

  69. Lisa Rosenberg

    My favorite part, in probably the entire series, is probably the game “real or not real”, especially at the very very end– it’s so remarkable to watch hatred to turn to love– THAT’s what loving unconditionally is all about!

  70. Susan

    The boy with the bread. Sigh. He captured my heart way more than he did Katniss’!

  71. Amie

    I love the part of the book when Katniss find Peeta buried in the mud and does everything that she can to save his life. It shows how much she really does care about him.

  72. D

    My fav is the memory when Katniss first met Peeta -when he purposely burnt the loaf of bread for her. So touching and says a lot about his relationship/dynamic with her.

  73. My FAVORITE part of The Hunger Games is after Rue dies, when Katniss decorates her body in flowers. I’ve never cried so much during a book. It was so sad and beautiful which I think is a combination for greatness.It just shows you what kind of heart Katniss has, and shows your that there’s still someone good in that arena. She may be a hunter but she’s still technically a child who cares. Rue dying was like Prim dying, it was all very symbolix.

  74. Gina Miller

    Favorite character is Katniss….I always love strong and smart women characters and the fact that she is an excellent archer makes her even more amazing.

  75. Gina Miller

    Favorite character is Katniss….I always love strong and smart women characters and the fact that she is an excellent archer makes her even more amazing.

  76. Amanda Malinauskas

    I love the part when Katniss finds Peeta in the camouflage and he asks, “You here to finish me off, sweetheart?” Peeta is just perfection :)

  77. Alex

    My fave character is Katniss! Because I’m a 22 year old guy yet I can still relate to and understand her!

  78. Z

    Ahh, I’ve just finished the second book so I had to quickly scroll past everyone’s comments in case there were any spoilers. I hope the movie is as good as the preview (and book!).

    I have to say my fave part so far is in the second book after they rescue the Tributes from the Games when Katniss is bound to the table and starts bashing her head against it to knock herself unconscious. For me that was really disturbing, but showed how desperate she is to do away with the Games, the Capital, life in general. Can’t wait for the film!

  79. Courtney

    My favourite character would have to be Katniss. She sacrifices herself to save her sister. She is a role model to all of the readers for her courage and determination to succeed in the Games.

  80. Joanna Mason is my favorite character. Can’t wait to see her in Catching Fire.

  81. Jenna Dowd

    Definitely the berries scene. I was so curious as tohow they’d end the games and I thought it was unexpected and beautifully done. And just knowing what it causes…

  82. Kristen Porter

    My favourite part of the Hunger Games is Rue covered in the flowers- I can’t think of a better send off to a better character! It shows a lot of friendship, love, and humility on the part of Katniss and I cried through the whole scene!

  83. Adriana Cignola

    my favorite part in the book is acually the cave scene when Katniss tells Peeta about Prims goat. Its such a romantic scene! I love it!!

  84. AbreezyATX

    When Katniss sings Rue’s lullaby, it’s the sweetest, but most heartbreaking part of the series for me.

  85. Canaan Kerr

    My favorite moment is the death of Rue. During the Games, Rue is the one thing that can keep Katniss level-headed and help her keep her ties with the outside world. Rue constantly reminds her of what she’s fighting for, Prim. Her death signifies that these Games don’t have to be bloodthirsty, and you really feel sorry for what this little 12 year old has gone througt. She helps Katniss gather the motivation in her weakest moments to continue to fight and perservere for her sister.

  86. Courtney Z

    My favorite part in the first book is when Katniss stumbles upon Peeta in the mud.

  87. Taylor

    My favorite moment is when Peeta and Katniss are in the cave, and Katniss and Peeta finally kiss in a way that is romantic. It is the sign of a change and slight warmth that the Games themselves take away. It is a gamechanger and reflects the rest of the Games and books.

  88. Alex Williamson

    My FAVORITE part of the first book is the last scene in the arena, where Katniss pulls the Nightlock berries out of the pouch to try and test the capitol and see if they would rather have two dead tributes or two winners. My favorite character is by far Cinna. I think that he is awesome and they picked the perfect actor for him!!

  89. Adrienne

    So many favorite parts of the books, I don’t know where to begin, from Katniss volunteering for Prim until the end when they have to watch the Games (how horrible) and Peeta’s heart being broken. But my favorite has to be when Rue dies and Katniss sings to her and covers her with the flowers. So sad. The tears were flowing. Hunger Games is an excellent book, it’s not your typical YA book. I was shocked at how much violence was in the book and even more shocked by how the Capitol thought the Games were a sporting event and could watch these kids as they are being killed or have to kill. I’m scared this is the way our society is heading.

  90. nadine bassali

    My favorite moment of The Hunger Games is when Katniss volunteered as tribute to take the place of her little sister, Prim. It was the most selfless and loving thing a person could do and showed Katniss’ true character!

  91. Juliette

    My favorite character is Cinna because he creates the most amazing outfits that give Katniss the confidence to keep fighting!

  92. Jackie

    My favorite moment is when Katniss places flowers around Rue after she dies. You really feel for her in that moment and although a lot of the action throughout the games seems emotionless, you really see Katniss’s soft side come through. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!

  93. Victoria

    My favorite part of reading the Hunger Games was reaching the near-to-end of the book and realizing that this fantastic story was not over!

  94. Amanda

    Haymitch; because every great story, one that has a dark theme and focuses on human selfishness, can use an obnoxious, washed up alcoholic to stir up some smiles every few pages. You hated to love him and vice versa. It’s complex characters such as Haymitch that may be easy to create but hard to pull off on paper. Wonderful. ;)

    (So excited to see Woody Harrelson play him! He’s perfect for this part!)

  95. sarah

    My favorite part is at the end, after the games are over, when Katniss is throwing herself against the glass door to get to where the doctors are working on Peeta. I think it’s the defining moment of showing that Katniss is in love with him, even if she doesn’t realize it yet herself.

  96. Stephanie

    My favorite part of the books is the relationship between Cinna and Katniss. It’s so profound and filled with understanding of each other. I can’t wait to see that translated onto screen.

  97. Leah

    My favorite part is when Katniss and Peeta are about to commit suicide as a big f you to the capital when they are the last two left in the games. Very happy they won that game of chicken and we got two more amazing stories! :)

  98. Andria

    My favorite moment in the series is the last sentence of “Catching Fire”, which I won’t share in case others haven’t read it yet. But, I loved how shocking it was!

  99. Bethany

    My favourite part in the book was when Katniss blows up the Careers’s food supply. Something really satisfying about Cato’s hissy fit.

  100. Bryce McLemore

    My favorite part of the novel (and the bit I’m most looking forward to in the movie) is the end of the games. Katniss and Peeta make a choice together, they decide to die at their own hands instead of giving into the Capitols rules. Love it!

  101. Taylor

    My favorite part in The Hunger Games is after the Games are over, when Peeta gets taken away by doctors and Katniss starts yelling for him. This scene symbolizes the real start of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship!

  102. gina

    My favorite part of the book was when Katniss took Prims place in the Hunger Games. That motherly love that she felt towards her sister, willing to do anything, even die for her, was so emotionally charged that I tear up now just thinking about it.

  103. Lisa

    My heart skipped a beat and I got goosebumps all over my body at the moment that Katniss and Peeta simultaneously put the poisonous berries in their mouths in defiance of the Capitol. I was so moved that they were both willing to die just to “beat” the Capitol at their own game. Their courage inspired me to tears.

  104. Miri

    My favorite part is the cave scene because it shows the real sides of Katniss and Peeta. I just thought it was so romantic and perfectly written.

  105. Jac

    This is awesome!

    My favorite moment was when District 11 sends Katniss the bread as a thank you for her treatment of Rue– such a humane & sweet gesture in an otherwise forcibly barbaric game.

  106. Samantha

    My favorite part of The Hunger Games is when Katniss drugs Peeta so she can go to the “Feast” to get him medicine. The way he sacrifices himself by saying she shouldn’t risk it shows how much he really cares for her. And her going regardless of the extreme danger shows that she is really starting to feel something for him.

  107. It’s so hard to pick just one moment from the book that really got to me. Especially out of just the first book. But since I have to choose, It’s definitely when Katniss takes out the tribute who killed Rue. That moment really showed the audience how powerful and fearless Katniss was. It showed us there was more to Katniss than hunting techniques; that she had real courage.

  108. My favorite character is Peeta Mellark! Because he always true to himself, he doesn’t let anything change him, even Capitol. He knows who he is and what he’s believe in. He’s just not a piece in their Games! And he’s the must trustworthy person in the whole thing. And he loves Katniss so much! I mean, he always puts her first. Even when Capitol abducted him, he warned District 13 on TV just to save them. And ofcourse he’s smart, charming, cute, handsome, nice and he can bake! :D

  109. Rita

    personally the best moment is when she meets cinna. at that moment she realized that not everyone living in the luxurious over dramatic capitol is arrogant and merciless. I think it gives her hope during the games. A new friend to come back to.

  110. brooke

    The anticipation, angst, and fear that you could feel Katniss having when she realized that the mockingjay never sang back to her when she was ready to go back and meet up with Rue and then finding her and singing to her as she died. It was so unbelievable. Only to be followed my more unbelievable gestures in the following books.

  111. Maria M

    My favorite scene is when Peeta confesses his love for Katniss during the interview. It’s Peeta’s first public showing of his emotions and the start of Katniss’ confusion. How can you not fall in love with him after that scene?

  112. Shane

    My favorite character is Haymitch!

  113. Karen ho

    My favorite part of The Hunger Games was the character behind Katniss. She was an independent, strong, and courageous girl. Her selfless acts show what some people really leave to be desired. Katniss is someone that we can aspire to be.

  114. Nicolette

    My favorite part of The Hunger Games was when District 11 sent Katniss a piece of bread after Rue died.

  115. my favorite scene is when katniss pulls out the berries. she had not yet realized that she was in love with peeta, she had not realized that she would be defying the capitol, she just couldn’t bear to let peeta take his life and she knew he would never be the same if she took hers.

  116. Kimberly

    My favourite character is Peeta since he is willing to do anything to save Katniss. He puts her happiness and safety before his.

  117. Rosio Hernandez

    My favorite part of the book is when it’s announced that if two tributes from the same district survive then they would both win. It was at that moment when a spark of hope ran through Katniss and she began to look for Peeta. She shouted his name! Best moment ever :)

  118. Kayce

    My favorite scene is the cave scene because in the midst of everyone being killed and Peeta almost dying from blood poisoning, it still was adorable and loving.

  119. It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, or character. I like the Reaping, I like Katniss and Peeta in training in the Capitol, and then at the Games themselves. My favorite character is Rue, followed by Effie Trinket and then Buttercup.

  120. Stefanie Ray

    I love when Peeta planted the primrose bushes outside Katniss’ house. I love a sappy ending.

  121. aclearcutsign

    I like Peeta’s character.

    • Danielle

      Favorite moment from the first book is easily the berries scene, in the arena, between Katniss and Peeta.

  122. Destiny

    Favorite part was when I discovered this book from reading PITNB! I haven’t finished the book yet!

  123. Rachel

    My favorite part is when Peeta reveals he loves her, and he means it.

  124. Brandon Davis

    So many great scenes in my mind from the book… I am so very excited to see many of them. If I had to pick, I am eager to see the firestorm that rains down on Katniss as she runs for her life… I am also excited to see Haymitch Abernathy’s character – he is so much fun to read about in the book it will be great to see him come to life…

    My girlfriend really wants to go to the premiere – can’t believe we both read the same book… LoL :)

  125. Elizabeth Mitchell

    My favorite part was one Peeta died in Catching Fire but then Finnick brought him back to life with CPR (which Katniss found really strange haha with him “kissing” Peeta) but it was at this point that Katniss realized just how much she did love and rely on Peeta :) <3

  126. Lauren Cunningham

    My favorite were the cave scenes with her and Peeta! Love them!

  127. Danielle

    My favorite scene is the pre-game interviews. When Peeta announces, “She came here with me.” I love how it connects to the interview in Catching Fire. How he again, gives the biggest announcement of all.

  128. Liz

    I always find myself loving any part of the series with Cinna in it. There is something about his confident and relaxed persona that makes me understand why Katniss feels so at ease around him! #HungerGames50!

  129. Kristen

    Oddly enough, my favorite part is Rue’s death. Its unbelievably tragic and made me cry like a baby but it is so rare for a book to get me so emotional and Rue’s death provided that and more. It made me realize how much I actually care about the characters and how much I really didn’t want them to die. That’s when you know you are reading a really good book. #HungerGames50

  130. Sara B.

    I loved when Katniss took care of Peeta in the cave.

  131. Stephanie

    My favorite character (besides Peeta; everyone loves him!) is definitely Johanna Mason. She just has an element of mystery about her that I love.

  132. Janellie

    My favorite scene is when Katniss sings to Rue as she is dying and as an act of rebellion she covers her little body with flowers. That part is so sad! I hope I win #HungerGames50

  133. Cynthia

    can’t wait to see the Capitol feast the first night on the train!

  134. Chrysanna Corpus

    i absolutely LOVE President Snow and Cinna! Snow is the character i LOVE to hate and Cinna is the character that i love to LOVE!

  135. I love when Katniss walks into the room to show her talents to the game-makers and fires an arrow right at them. It was such an awesome “Oh no you didn’t” moment – I’m pretty sure I audibly gasped!

  136. Nikki Tulyag

    Katniss, of course! What a great female role model! Tough, honest, fair, a survivor. Young adult literature was lacking a character young girls could look up to, till Katniss came along…

  137. Katlyn

    I really want to give you the chance to hear about my favorite character in the book “The Hunger Games”. My favorite character is Finnick from “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay”. He is such a well rounded good looking guy that anyone would want to have. That is why the capitol was selling he body. At 1st he didn’t want to do that but then they tried to hurt the one person that he fell in love with. Annie. He loved her so much that he gave himself up so that she can be safe. He even helped her win her own Hunger Games so that he could always have her forever. Then when he was freed after the 75th Hunger Games he did everything he could to try and get her back. Then when he did, he knew that he couldn’t loose her again. His story of love to Annie is the best I have ever seen in a couple from books. He has taught me to always be there and do anything for the one’s that you love and if you do in the end you will be able to be with them forever. He was so strong and independent but also very smart which helped him go through with his goals for the 75th Annual Hunger Games. I know he didn’t make it that far in the last book but no matter if he lived for died he was a great character that has inspired me and shown me that there is love out there for each and everyone of us.

  138. Laura

    I couldn’t stop reading the whole book, but I remember getting excited when Katniss saw Rue in the trees next to her and gave her the idea to throw the tracker jacker’s nest down on the Careers when she seemed trapped and doomed above. I loved that the tables started to turn towards Katniss’ favor when the plan ended up taking out two of them!

  139. Emily

    Short and sweet: My favorite character is Katniss. :)

  140. Kelsy S.

    My favorite character is Peeta :)

  141. Reagan B.

    My favorite part is when Katniss shoots an arrow at the judges. Love the rebellious spirit!

  142. Michael

    Finnick. All the way! Fell in love with him since Sugar cubes

  143. Brandy Jensen

    Peeta stands above all the other characters in my eyes. In the face of adversity and terror, he remains pure, compassionate, and selfless. It is a rare thing that someone so young would know love when he felt it, but nearly impossible that he would also be willing to give his life and fight for the survival of that one special person. In such a situation of kill or be killed, Peeta vows to protect his morals, even if it kills him. His strong and courageous heart is so incredibly inspiring and admirable, that I can’t help but think that this world could never deserve someone so good. Haymitch said it best, “You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him you know.” Peeta embodies everything that is good and that I could ever aspire to. From burning the bread at the cost of a beating in order to give it to a starving young Katniss, to the final moments in the 74th Hunger Games, his heart is one made of pure gold. Throughout the Games, he keeps Katniss standing on the ground. Where she can be distrusting and determined, he is just spectacularly….human. He has no super powers, no fantastic strength, no killer drive — Peeta Mellark is a baker with a big heart a way with words. He is just a boy, who loves a girl and a boy who is, to the end, extraordinarily ordinary.

  144. Marissa Italiano

    My favorite character in the books is Buttercup, Prim’s cat. Even though Katniss hates him, hes always there for Prim. He gives her hope, strength, and comfort while Katniss is participating in the games.

  145. Kristen W.

    I love when Peeta anounces to all the Districts during his interview that he’s in love with Katniss…that takes guts!

  146. Monica

    My favorite part is when we learn about how Peeta gave Katniss the bread and hope that turned her into a real fighter! Always looking out for her :’)

  147. I love Peeta. He is the person you wish all your friends were. Loyal until the very end. The way he was always there for Katniss even though she didn’t know it – from bread when she was starving as a child through adulthood. I think everyone hopes they have a friend like Peeta and that at least a bit of Peeta exists within themselves.

  148. Stephanie

    My favorite part is when Katniss takes Primms place. And to see it on screen?! Doesn’t get much better than that!

  149. Amy Berry

    My favorite moment is when Katniss and Peeta are about to eat the nightlock berries but are both declared the winners.

  150. Sarah

    Any part involving Peeta <3 ….and when Katniss goes to the feast to get Peeta the medicine….oh, and the wasp nest part, oh, and when they first arrive at the Capitol, and….oh, nevermind…the whole freak'n book!!!

  151. KS

    My favorite part of The Hunger Games is when the rule change is announced that a pair from the same district could win together. It was a sudden flash of hope during a traumatic nightmare that no 12-18 year should ever have to face and I felt Katniss deserved that hope so much after losing Rue. #HungerGames50

  152. Tanya

    one of my favorite moments is when District 12 does the silent salute to Katniss. another would be Rue’s four-note call. excited to see both in the movie!

  153. Justen

    Without a doubt, my favorite moment in the book is when Katniss “sings Rue to sleep.” It’s such a heart-breaking moment, and the act is a testament to what kind of person Katniss is.

  154. Jason

    My favorite part is Rue’s death scene with Katniss singing to her; such imagery and gives Katniss the drive to win.

  155. Dayna Johantgen

    My favorite part is when Katniss decides to save both her and Peeta with the berries. So cute!!

  156. megan

    my favorite part in the book is where they are in the cave and their relationship acutally starts to develop. oh and the part where she covered rue in flowers and sang to her while she died..

  157. Dennis A.

    My favorite part of the trilogy is when Katniss shot the arrow at the forcefield in CF, and she was picked up by the hovercraft. It was when everything changed so quickly.

  158. Mackenzie Giles

    I am in love with Peeta. He is the perfect male character with his charm, selflessness and bravery. When I found out that Josh Hutcherson plays him in the movie it only furthered my adoration. TEAM PEETA!

  159. Ayla Dehghanpoor

    In the whole series? My favorite part has got to be the end “You love me. Real or not real?” “Real.” conversation.
    In the first book/movie I’m gonna have to go with when Katniss teams up with Rue!

  160. Mary

    MY favorite I guess you could say “revelation” is when Katniss hears Peeta’s voice from below the tree with the careers and just how devastated and betrayed she feels…because I felt that way too! It broke my heart when Peeta was with them and going after her, and I couldn’t help but be upset with him.

  161. NickP!

    Definitely a memorable moment in the Hunger Games is the Katniss’s realization that she has a friend in Madge. When Madge bid her goodbye to Katniss in the Justice Building, it was a defying moment in the trilogy. Here is when Katniss because her symbolic journey of as the Mockingjay.

  162. Chad Townsend

    Would love to win tickets! So exciting! My favorite part was during the training sessions in the Capitol when Katniss is being evaluated. And she turns and shoots the arrow up into the evaluators booth. Love that! Go Katniss!

  163. Josh

    My favorite part of The Hunger Games was the tracker jacker scene inside the arena. It’s the scene I am dying to see during the film!!!

  164. Jacqui Maranville

    My favorite part is when Katniss screams Peeta’s name from the tree, realizing she loves him.

  165. winnes

    My favorite part of the book is when Katniss finds you her and Peeta can be allies.

  166. ruroken

    My favourite character is Katniss because she honestly, unabashedly shows that it’s absolutely not easy to carry on. Sometimes it’s harder to live than die, and we know this from our own lives and experiences. What Katniss shows us is that by living day by day, by taking each nightmare as it comes, we can live on. War is pain and suffering and loss, not fun and adventure. People you count on and trust can change and become twisted. You will be hurt and betrayed and used by people, but if you take the chance to live on, I believe that you will, like Katniss, find that hope returns. Like the dandelion in the spring.

  167. Matthew Jernstedt

    My favorite character in the series is President Snow. I like my villains just above middle-aged, simmering with political ambition and pure charisma. His conversations with Katniss are some of the most electrifying moments in any of the books.

  168. Jessica

    My favorite moment from the Hunger Games book is when Haymitch realizes that he “has a pair of fighters” on the train. It shows that Katniss and Peeta are ready to do whatever it takes to win and the team has hope.

  169. Rebeca

    When Katniss shoots the apple in the career’s food supply

  170. Jennifer B

    How to pick a favorite part?! I think my favorite part of the first book is when Katniss shoots the arrow at the headgame makers in their individual sessions leading to Katniss getting the 12 rating. It was the first time she got mad enough to take a stand. Or when she and Rue made the alliance. I loved Rue. Man I love this book series.

  171. Adriann

    “She came here with me” and the following few pages. Definitely my favorite part because it’s the beginning of so much craziness, and you don’t know if it’s a ploy or the truth.

  172. lauren

    where to start! i have been emailing the ellen show for 28 days straight with pictures, drawings, poems, comics, videos, cheers, letters, essays, etc all hunger games related. please not that ellen has not even created a contest for the hunger games, but i am doing this because i am obsessed with the books! additionally, i bought a hunger games tshirt online, have all three books (read the series in less than a day and a half, then read them again 3 days later), i have applied to every contest in north america to get premier tickets, i cried when i watched the new trailer today, i have an entire wall full of pictures of peeta, my facebook status has a 79 day count down till the movie with a quote each day from the book, i have the same thing going on my bbm, my display picture is hunger game related (its of me a picture of a pita that says peeta, and my cat as katniss. the caption says, “tough luck katniss, i got peeta first,” everyday i go search for every update regarding the movie. i signed up for the capitol website, the facebook “the square” fan group, i have gotten 10 of my friends to read the series, my computer backgorund is of peeta and katniss, i know every word to the trailers, and know everything about all three books, i am basically CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES AND AM BENDING OVER BACKWARDS DOING EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO WIN EVEN ONE TICKET TO THE PREMIER! I have posted several hunger games related youtube videos, i am planning on painting my nails too look like flames for the premier, and i cant attend the midnight screening on the 23td of march, cuz i have a cheerleading competition in florida and wont be able to see it that night which literally kills me inside so this is my ONLY WAY to see it!!!!!!! if you are looking for the worlds most obsessed hunger games fan, I SWEAR THAT YOU SHOULD LOOK NO FURTHER! i am a die hard fan, with insane love for the books. just so you know, i have ficticiously married peeta mellark because he is the hottest most romantic person alive! please please please please please x100000000000000000 help me make my dream come true! i never ask for anything and to me this would be a miracle! as effie trinket says, “may the odds be ever in MY favour”



    - love lauren morrison (ULTIMATE HUNGER GAMES FAN IN THE ENTIRE WORLD BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  173. kristen

    My favorite part of the book and the scene I am looking forward to the most is when Peeta and Katniss are in the arena and they hear that their can be two winners to the games and Katniss starts yelling Peeta’s name and running towards him! I love this part because it was the first time in the book where their was so much hope and so much happiness! I cannot wait to see this part in the movie and I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the premiere! I am such a HUGE hunger games fan and this would mean everything to me!

  174. lauren

    just incase u have not realized, i dont have a favourite part, but PEETA MELLARK IS MY FICTICIOUS HUSBAND! everything is in my above post and in my videos

  175. Alex Morgan

    My favorite part is when Katniss Everdeen is the girl on fire. It’s just incredible, and shows how much the people look up to her.

  176. Paige

    My favorite part of the whole trilogy is the relationship between Haymitch and Katniss. I think they are so funny when they’re together.

  177. favorite part/character/moment/revelation/etc

    My favorite part/moment of the book is probably when katniss starts talking on how she had first heard/seen peeta, and how peeta gave her burnt bread.That might of been the start of them two.

    Characters to the first book has to be cinna. I got to admit he has great taste and make katniss feel wonderful, but not just from her personal appearance, but for her self-esteem. He helped her be who many of us fans adore her for.

  178. Jennifer

    I was SO lost at the end of book two, but that was what made it great!!!!!!

  179. Heather

    My favorite part of the Hunger Games would have to be at the very end when both Peeta and Katniss narrowly survive to defy the Hunger Games entirely. It was the most bad ass.

  180. Shannon

    My favorite scenes from the books are all the times Katniss has to use her intelligence, hunting skills, and general athleticism to outwit her opponents during the Hunger Games. So exciting to read and I bet they will be the most exciting scenes of this first film!

  181. Amanda B

    One of my favorite parts in The Hunger Games was when Katniss was with Rue while she was dying. It was such a heartbreaking moment, and it really showed how much Katniss cared about Rue. She was willing to sing for her, even if it meant her beging found. And when Rue died, and she covered her in flowers, it was a great moment of rebellion. She was doing exacty what Peeta had said, showing the Capitol they were more than just pieces in their games. They were real people with their whole lives ahead of them. I’m looking forward to seeing this super emotional scene translated to the big screen.

  182. My favorite scene in The Hunger Games is when Katniss starts to fight back against the careers by taking out their food. It is also why she is my favorite character.

  183. Oh goodness my favorite part was probably when the rule change in the middle of the games when Katniss yells “Peeta!” and then finds him camouflaged in the creek bed. :D

  184. Jenny V

    I have a special place in my heart for Finnick, so I loved it when Finnick and Annie got married (book 3). They deserved it!

  185. Hannah

    My favorite part is when Katniss and Peeta are standing back to back in the arena and are counting to three, which signifies that they will eat the nightlock berries.

  186. MARTHA

    The cave scene because of how much a turning point it is in Peeta/Katniss relationship

  187. One of my favorite moments was after Katniss was chosen, and all of District 12 did the silent three fingered salute. They showed their love for her, and it was the beginning of a legend that would live on.

  188. Emmy

    My favorite character is Peeta<3!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOO VERY MUCH:)!!!

  189. Jennifer Buell

    My favorite HG character is Gail. My heart goes out to him! His best friend, and possible love interest goes away, and he can’t do anything to stop it, and then when she returns, everything is different. His is a story I would love to read!

  190. Nick

    My favorite part was Rue’s death. Of course, I would never want her to die, but it was just so emotionally amazing. Though, I’d like to use the very first part of the book, in which Katniss details her living situation, pretty much revealing that no one from District 12 deserves something like The Hunger Games, but this whole description just made it that much more impacting of how Katniss fought in the arena.

  191. My favorite moment of The Hunger Games is when Katniss holds her mini funeral for Rue. Makes me cry every.single.time.

  192. Sara

    One of my many favorite parts of the books is the scene on the roof with Peeta and Katniss the night before the games. I was already wanting them to be together!!

  193. Kim

    My favorite part was when Katniss volunteered as tribute for Prim. As she walked up to the stage, each District 12 member touched their three fingers to their lips. The way Suzanne Collins wrote this scene was stunning. You could feel the defiance for the capitol and their love for one of their own. No words were ever spoken, but that simple gesture spoke volumes.

  194. My favorite part of the book is the definetly towards the end of the book in Mockingjay before the Epilouge when Peeta says “You love me, Real or Not real?” and Katniss replys saying “Real.” I adore this part of the book because this was when I as a reader truly realized how deep their love for each other is. Those few words that Peeta said exposed his vulnerability to Katniss and how much he wanted to be reassured of her love for him. Katniss replying with “Real” lets Peeta and the reader know how deep her love for Peeta is and the way she did not hesitate to say real exposes her vulnerability aswell. Katniss is a strong character she herself never thought she could be capable of loving anyone until she met Peeta and this part of the book shows that.his part of the book spoke in volumes for me. Its not enough for me to say I adore this part, this part taught me so much.

  195. Laura Pascual

    My favorite character will have to be Peeta Mellark because in my eyes he has always been there for katniss, even when they go to the games together he made up his mind about going in and protecting her as best he could. At first I was all about Gale because he was her friend “first” and he basically had dibs. Once I rethought this it was actually Peeta who had dibs because he fell in love with her since they were both kids. Lol, I guess Peeta did persuade me with his words and actions in the end.

  196. Alexa

    My favorite moment in “The Hunger Games” is when Katniss figures out how to destroy the careers’ food supply. She knew that something was up, that they just couldn’t leave the food there like it was without there being a trap. She then saw foxface tiptoe over to steal a little bit of food, but not enough for the careers to notice. Katniss was smart enough to figure out what was the catch (explosives), how they got there (from the platforms when you’re lifted into the arena that will blow you up if you move), and how to still manage to destroy the careers’ food supply (by shooting an arrow into the storage). It just shows how smart she is. It’s really amazing!

  197. Marissa

    If I won this I would cry…a lot

  198. Rachel Jalfon

    My favorite part is when Katniss defies the Capital, because it’s continuing the series! I love Katniss and Peeta together! It was meant to be <3

  199. Beckwith

    Katniss’ friendship with Cinna. You can tell she really doesn’t expect to find such a genuine person amidst the glitz and fluff.

  200. Julia

    My favorite and exhilerating part of the movie was when all the tributes went rushing into the cornucopia!

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