Latest Pics Of Jennifer Aniston Show No Baby Bump In Sight


Last week’s news was all about whether the furious rumors about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant were true. First there was the pic of her at a screening earlier this month wearing a big black coat that sort of looked like she was hiding a belly, then Jen announced that she is taking some time off from work to “focus on herself”. We saw some pictures of Jen out walking hand in hand with her beau, Justin Theroux, which did nothing to confirm OR deny the RUMORS… but today, Us Weekly have reported that Jen is not pregs yet… but is trying, and “doing everything she can to have a baby.” Read on for the details…

Ok, so we all would LOVE it if Jen and Justin were in fact expecting, but I am more convinced now than before that those rumors last week were just that… rumors! The latest pics of Jen from January 28th at the Directors Guild Of America Awards reveal her usual super toned and svelte figure (sans baby bump!) I looked at a few of the pics, from different angles, and in her tight fitting black strapless dress it does not look like there is a baby belly there… what do you think?

Us Weekly have also reported now that Jen isn’t pregnant yet but trying hard to have a baby…

Ever since she settled down with Justin Theroux, 40, Jennifer Aniston has had a one-track mind: “She is doing everything she can to have a baby,” a source says of the actress, who just turned 43. “That’s really what she and Justin want more than anything.” The pair of eight months also want to be prepared – they recently snapped up an 8,500-square-foot mansion in LA’s Ble Air – and they’re eager to put their stamp on it. “They’re going to do some work to it before moving in,” says the source. “It’s exciting because it will be a project they can do together.”

So, I guess it was all rumors last week, but perhaps based on the fact that those initial pics did kind of look like Jen had developed a bit of a belly, I have to admit. Things with her and Justin seem great though, and they both appear to be very happy. They have the house now, and hopefully they will have the baby soon…

I do worry about Jen’s age though. She is 43 and may have serious difficulties falling pregnant. The reports about “doing everything” to have a baby imply to me that maybe Jen is taking fertility drugs or speaking to a doctor about other fertility options such as IVF or surrogacy? There is no concrete evidence of this, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I really do hope that they make it happen because it would be tragic to see her miss out on this, as it appears to be something they both really want.

On another note, that black coat that triggered the pregnancy rumors should be burned because everyone knows that an unflattering item of clothing should definitely not reappear in your wardrobe!

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  • Colleen

    Hawt DAMN she looks bangin’!

  • Meghan

    I don’t think she is pregnant. At her age, it will be really hard.

  • Guest

    I so hope that she and Justin are successful. I think too that they will or likely are using some fertility methods. There were reports back in 2007 that Jen had frozen some of her eggs (no idea if they were true or not). If true, she might be able to use those to try and get pregnant now.

    I really want to see her with the family she has always said she wants. I love her and Justin together and their new home is amazing! Best of luck to them.

  • lynn

    Is this us magazine? What a moronic post. This used to be my favorite blog. The writing is terrible and juvenile. What happened to this site?!

    • Isabelle

      Lynn, I think you’re just being rude. Melissa just has another writing style than Trent. Get over it or move on.

  • BriK

    Agreed on the coat-burning :)

  • Ben

    If you look really close or in a larger photo she’s not that toned. Look at her arms they’re not fat by any means but are lacking the muscular definition and so are her legs. I saw this pic bigger and you can tell the difference. Maybe the rumors are true or she just ate like every mortal in this past Christmas plus she quit smoking and that can add a little weight.

  • Julia

    If she’s quit smoking then that, to me, sounds like she’s trying to get healthier so she can fall pregnant easier…

  • mylie1313

    Like many stars if this woman wanted a baby she could have adopted long ago, or better yet got pregnant when she was married to Brad pitt for more than 5 years.Not every woman wants children.

    • Guest

      Well there have been reports that she was pregnant and miscarried while married to Pitt. At the very least they actively tried to get pregnant in the last couple of years they were together as they both confirmed this at the time in different interviews.

      And some people (Aniston included) prefer to have children in a 2-parent family. She has always said that this is her preferred route. Just because she could have adopted already, or gotten pregnant by the first guy she met, doesn’t mean that this is what she wanted. You can want children, but also want them under the right circumstances too. She said just last year that she isn’t opposed to going the single mom route, but that this isn’t her first choice. Now that she’s with Theroux and they seem committed, I’m sure they will start their family however they choose to do so in due course.