Watch: Björk Pays A Visit To ‘The Colbert Report’


The amazingly visionary musician Björk appeared on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central last night to promote her new album Biophilia and to perform her single Cosmogony. As you might expect, Björk also afforded host Stephen Colbert with the opportunity to poke a little fun at the somewhat eccentric performer when she sat down to chat with him. Björk rarely does television appearances like this in the US so it was a nice treat to see her on the show last night. Click below to watch video of her interview with Colbert and her live performance of Cosmogony.

The Interview:

Gah!! I just love her! The short interview was just a joy to watch … actually, seeing Björk interact with any other humans at all is a real treat. I hope she does more interviews like this … I’d love to watch her on TV a LOT more. Here is video of her performance of Cosmogony:

Isn’t she glorious? This is but a TASTE of what her live performances in NYC will be like next month when she starts her 3 week long concert residency there. I am VERY HAPPY that I will attend at least one of her shows … possibly 2. IEEEEE! I’m so excited. Björk’s appearance on Colbert is just so fun … I really hope we get to see her do stuff like this more. Did you watch Björk on TV last night? What do you think of her appearance/performance?


  • JejuneStar

    She was incredible and Stephen always does great interviews.

  • JennT

    vids aren’t loading for me, just blank white squares.

    • Mary

      Same here…nothing…

  • Rob


    Nothing’s even showing up. Please fix your links.
    All I get is a blank screen.


    • @Rob — The embeds come from Comedy Central. I can’t make them work if they are either down or taken offline.

  • Chachi

    If you click on “The Colbert Report in the story, this will lead you to Colberts site. Click at about 10:45 for the interview and 16:11 for the performance. I love her voice, but her lyrics need a GoogleTranslate App for Crazy to understand them.