The #29Days Photo Challenge On Instagram


Today is the first day of February and it with great pleasure that I announce the start of the #29Days Photo Challenge on Instagram. Back in December, my friends Tamar, Rob, Ollie, Travis and Eileen got me hooked on a 31 Days photo challenge that was taking place on the mobile phone social network Instagram. A list of 31 topics was released and participants snapped a photo each day of their interpretation of each topic. We all had so much fun with the game that Tam and Rob decided to come up with a new game for February.

Tam and Rob released their list of topics last night (you can download the list HERE in case you want to participate … if you do, please repost the topic list for others to joint too) and today is the first day of the challenge. Unlike the 31 Days game we played in December, this new game features topics that are more interesting because they are very open to wide interpretation. Here is my photo for Day 01miniature:

If you are on Instagram (which is an iPhone only option at this point) then I urge you to join in and take the challenge. Tagging your photos #29Days lets us all see which photos you post.

Tonight, David and I are planning to hang out with Darion and Nicole … I am very excited to see Nicole, it’s been way too long. Other than that, today looks to be a pretty normal hump day. Happy Wednesday, y’all!

  • Brianna

    Please tell me that is a miniature Castle Grayskull…fantastic.

    • @Brianna — It is … it’s a pencil sharpener I’ve had since I was about 8 ;)

    • Brianna

      Well, you just made my inner 8-year old squeal.

      I played with He-Man…of course, he dated Barbie and drove around in her Corvette with Cringer in the backseat when he wasn’t fighting the evil forces of Skeletor.

    • @Brianna — Bring your Barbie over to my place, I still have some of my He-Man action figures.

    • Rolltideguy77

      I’m in, just posted mine of miniature Avengers Ant-Man & Wasp :)

  • Marissa

    How do I add the hashtag in Instagram? Would like to do this but am so twitter illiterate.

    • @Marissa — A hashtag is the # sign. All you need to do is type #29Days

    • Marissa

      nevermind finally figured it out

  • Marissa

    I hope it got added. this should be fun.

  • I’m in on this totally Trent. :-)

  • Nate

    Are you guys going to be making more Instagram challenges cause I was mad I missed this one …I really want to do one …Can you guys let me know ??…

    • @Nate — My friends and I actually talked about this last night. We’re taking March off but will likely do it again in April.