Watch: Madonna Talks Underpants, Lap Dances & More On ‘The Tonight Show’


We’ve already had a BUNCH of great Madonna news today … first we got our FIRST LOOK at her vibrant and powerful album cover art for her new album M.D.N.A. and then we got our FIRST LOOK at her performance stage for her big Super Bowl XLVI halftime show which will take place LIVE this coming Sunday. Right now, we get to watch Madonna’s full video interview from her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. While Maddy didn’t really drop any new information about her album or SB performance, she did her duty to promote her directorial debut film W.E. and she shared a cute story about her first MTV Video Music Awards performance back in 1984. Click below to watch it all.

Madonna on her Super Bowl plan:

Madonna on doing a lap dance to relax actors:

Madonna on new movie W.E.:

AND, just for fun, here is vintage video of Madonna performing Like a Virgin at the very first MTV VMAs back in 1984 … be sure to watch for the underpants flash

I just love that Madge is still going strong all these years later. It really seems like a couple of lifetimes since that first VMAs performance and here we are in 2012 readying for her big performance at the Super Bowl and the upcoming release of her 12th album. Madonna is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it kinda feels sometimes like she’s just getting started. Go, Maddy, GO!

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  • fucking fab,,,,,god i love this woman,,,,,,,by the way to all the ageist, losers out there ….you only wish you could be half is fab and stunning and sexy and and amazing as this woman…….suck it.

  • JCZ

    Doesn’t really look like her performance matched what she was saying…?

  • Katie

    Wow, that video from the VMAs is hilarious. I haven’t watched that in years. How times (and production values) have changed. But I still love it!

  • Juneh

    Oh lord, the woman just can’t sing! :D