Paula Abdul & Nicole Scherzinger Have Been FIRED From ‘The X Factor’


So … you know how last year former American Idol judge Simon Cowell was all excited about his new competitive singing reality show The X Factor and he was all excited about bringing on board judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and host Steve Jones to the show? Yeah, that’s over because all 3 of these people have been FIRED from the show. You may recall that British pop singer Cheryl Cole was originally meant to be a judge on X Factor but she got fired before the show made it air and was replaced with Scherzinger (who, if you consider how she got her job, shouldn’t be all that surprised that she was so easily fired, too). The only person that Simon Cowell didn’t fire is fellow male judge L.A. Reid. Read on for all the gory details of this X Factor bloodbath below.

[Monday] at The X Factor was a bloodbath which just claimed its biggest name. Not only was host Steve Jones let go and judge Nicole Scherzinger exited from the Fox show [Monday], but now a Simon Cowell insider just told me that his longtime friend and American Idol colleague Paula Abdul won’t be returning as an X Factor judge next season. I understand from sources that none of the three left on their own accord and that it was cleaning house day at the so-so rated show. Last April I revealed exclusively that Cowell in addition to himself and ”L.A.” Reid, he had made up his mind to bring back Paula beside him for the show’s premiere season. “I missed her the second she left the show. Always loved working with her even though she can be a pain. I don’t know what it is about her, but I’ve always clicked with her. You just have to get that chemistry, and she’s right. I’ve never found anyone better than her,” Cowell told me at the time. It took several months for her contract to be pinned down, but Abdul was the most famous judge on the show behind only Cowell’s. Meanwhile, Fox confirmed today the departures of both Scherzinger as a judge as well in addition to host Jones. The two, originally paired as co-hosts, had been considered the weakest links and likely casualties going into Season 2. But my news that Abdul is out as well comes as a surprise even though Cowell’s X Factor had a ho-hum first season.

Host Steve Jones was the first to get canned, then it was reported that Nicole got the axe. I understand the Paula firing is not officially official yet because she has been graciously given the opportunity to break the news officially herself … as a way to save face, or something. To be honest, I never watched a single episode of The X Factor so I’m not really affected by these firings as they pertain to the show. I do feel bad for Paula, tho. This will be her second high profile firing from a popular television program. I wasn’t aware that the ratings for X Factor were dire but clearly this shake-up is meant to try and help the show in season 2. There have been rumors that Cowell has been courting Mariah Carey to join the show as a judge. If Mimi joins The X Factor, in Paula’s seat for example, then there is an opportunity for two other major music players to join the show as well. Will it be enough to help the show? I guess we’ll have to wait and see … but first, we’ll have to wait for the dust to settle (and the blood to get cleaned up) from yesterday’s slaughter.


  • Julie

    I, for one, Loved X-factor!!! SOooooo much better than Idol (which I stopped watching after the grey hair guy won)…It was soo good and all the contestants were great!!!! I completely understand why Steve and Nicole got the boot, Paula (even if I don’t like her) was actually bringing real experience as the singer/dancer (Nicole too, but not the same as Paula)….I can’t wait to see who will replace them all!!!

  • What I think should happen is that Simon should get two more judges and then stop. It would be interesting to see a show like this without a host and only a voiceover guy for the background stories. All the shows that are similar to this one have a host. Not having a host for this one would set it apart from the rest. Let’s see what happens.

  • Manny

    So If they get Mariah as a judge, that only means her hubby nick will host. Oh my!

    • @Manny — INTERESTING guess … now THAT would be something to watch :)

  • i watched one episode and that was it.its just a tired ,overdone, format….its not the judges its the whole singing competition thing.enough already……..tired let it go

  • Kristín

    love the x factor, bored with idol! I was hoping Nicole would get sacked so i´m happy about that and the host ahhh he kinda grew on my in the end but i can´t say i´ll miss him dearly. Can´t wait for next season, the talent on the first season was extrondarary


    Nicole was a HORRID judge! She sucked so hardcore and that annoying baby voice was so fake and annoying. Also, Paula just looks completely out of it; she looks drugged up all the time. L.A. Reid is an asshole, so no surprise why he’s still there.

    • @CHASE — Chase, has SPOKEN! Blonk!

  • mc_swifty

    I hope they get cat deeley to host. She has ton of experience and can handle Simon. as much as i love so you think you can dance, i don’t see it going past this season.