Justin Bieber Will Reportedly Host ‘Saturday Night Live’


Oh lord … here we go … if y’all thought that Saturday Night Live was in bad shape before (with week after week of lame skits and unfunny jokes) then you’re gonna LOVE this bit of info I have to share today. Alec Baldwin, one of the stars of 30 Rock, happened to come upon some inside info in the SNL studios and is blabbing today that Justin Bieber is among the celebs who will be hosting SNL in the coming weeks and months (you may recall that The Biebs was the musical guest on SNL back in April of 2010). I mean … really? Yes, REALLY! Click below to find out which other celebs Baldwin claims will be guest hosting SNL this year.

Alec Baldwin just did something that would certainly anger his 30 Rock character, NBC exec Jack Donaghy: He leaked official network intel. On today’s episode of Baldwin’s “Here’s The Thing” podcast on WNYC, the 30 Rock actor delves in deep with Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels, and in the process, reveals that Justin Bieber will host SNL in the upcoming months. Setting the scene at Michaels’ office, Baldwin reads off some of the names that appear on a board of confirmed SNL hosts this season. Among them is the Biebs, who previously served as the musical guest in April 2010 (and popped by for a Church Lady skit and a digital short last February) but has never hosted the show. Michaels confirms Baldwin’s announcement with a yes, 26 minutes into the podcast. Baldwin innocently notes: “The biggest names in the business are coming here thirty-something years [after SNL’s debut] to host the show. Ben Stiller, Melissa McCarthy, [who] won the Emmy award, and Katy Perry’s coming and Jimmy Fallon, who’s double-dipping on your payroll, Jonah Hill, and I don’t want to ruin any other names, [but] Bieber’s confirmed, he’s the music and the [host].” If this is true (NBC has not yet confirmed), Bieber will follow in the footsteps of fellow pop star host Katy Perry, who took the comedy reigns this past December. Bieber showed off his acting chops (if you want to call them that) with a minor guest spot on CSI on the 2010-2011 season. Next up on the SNL slate is host Zooey Deschanel with musical guest Bon Iver on Feb. 4, followed by Channing Tatum with musical guests Karmin on Feb. 11.

HMMMM. I’m always looking forward to having any NUMBER of celebrity guests host the show but … Bieber? I dunno. My gut tells me he will make a terrible host but, then again, he’s young and feisty … he might actually surprise us all and turn out to be a great host. I suppose we shouldn’t get our panties in a wad until we know for sure that he will be hosting but … I gotta know … what do y’all think about this? Do YOU think Justin Bieber would make a good host for Saturday Night Live?


  • Melissa McCarthy and Ben Stiller already hosted the show in the Fall.

  • Oh my, that’s something I’d like to see!

  • dc

    omg can’t this little annoying kid just go away already

  • nicole

    After seeing him on csi, i think we all know what were in for…

  • Candy

    Who knows, maybe he’ll end up being funny? Who knew Justin Timberlake would be such a riot? But, I LIKE JT… the Biebs, not so much.

    • ChristineLA

      That is really a great point, I would NEVER have pegged Justin Timberlake as a natural in the SNL setting, but he went and rocked my socks off as host, and many times since then. My gut is screaming that this is a terrible idea, but I’m sure there were people who said that about JT as well.

    • Mrs. Clarkson

      To be fair, JT got some experience while doing Mickey Mouse Club. Not sure on Biebs.

  • Sara

    I bet he’ll suck, but the bar has been set rather low lately so that’s a plus for him! haha. But I do think it’s a smart move by SNL to get his audience to pay attention to the show and possibly become the next generation of SNL fans themselves.

  • JCZ

    It’s all about the ratings!!!! Anyone catch Katy hosting and can comment on what she was like? I find her to be funny and very sarcastic so thought she would’ve pulled off the job well.

    My dream would be to see Brit back on the show Hosting/Performing like she has done numerous times in the past. But I really don’t see that happening unless some magic fairy grants her all the confidence in the world.


  • EMMA

    Trent keep your mind open. Justin is a good person.. this will be awesome. :)

  • Mrs. Clarkson

    Kelly. Mother effing. Clarkson. should host.