Zac Efron Wears Short Shorts, Shows Off His Guns


Last Summer we saw a couple of HAWT photos a few BLOODY photos of hottie actor Zac Efron on the New Orleans, LA set of his film The Paperboy … which also stars Nicole Kidman. Today we go back to the film set (this time in Los Angeles) to see newer photos of Zac in action. Zac was rockin’ some pretty colorful short shorts on set one day, then he returned to his usual arm-bearing outfits. All in all, we get to see quite a bit of Mr. Efron on set. Check out the photos below.

It’s being billed as an ‘explosive sexual thriller,’ and The Paperboy is already tantalising us from its Los Angeles set. Today, Nicole Kidman, 44 , and 24-year-old Zac Efron were hard at work on the film, and both made for arresting sights. Kidman, who was partying at Soho House last night, looked incredibly different from her usual elegant self. The Australian was sporting a platinum blonde wig, tiger print polo neck and skintight gold lame trousers. Efron, meanwhile, was sporting a low-key wife-beater but there was nothing pared down about his muscular biceps. The film tells the story of Jack James, played by Efron. He is the son of the Moat County Tribune’s editor and publisher. While Jack’s older brother, Ward, reports for the Miami Times, Jack has settled for a job delivering papers for the Tribune. But when Ward and his partner, evil dandy Yardley Acheman, come to Moat County to investigate the four-year-old murder of the local sheriff, Jack assists them in the inquiry.

HMMM … yes … fascinating … but when do the short shorts come into play because, yeah, that’s kinda was I’m really interested in right now. It occurs to me that the photos above of Zac showing off his orange shorty shorts might have nothing at all to do with the film. He might just be walking around the set in his short pants just to show off or whatever … not that I mind one bit. All kidding aside, The Paperboy sounds like a really fantastic movie. I’m really looking forward to checking it out. I’m also really looking forward to more photos of Zac on the film set. Hey, what can I say … I’m a fan of short shorts!

[Photo credit: Xposure; Source]

  • Balito

    They look like boxers,,,, Thats the good thing i guess… Le Sigh, I need to go back to the gym… :)

  • Megan

    I had no idea he was so buff…his legs, arms, and ya…yum