SAG Couture: Who Looked Hottest?


We reported on the award winners already, and now for the fashion awards. I have to admit, I watch the red carpet more scrupulously sometimes than the presentations (is that bad?) Last night I was pretty impressed with the couture, there was a lot of color and also some stunning black numbers. Like always, there was some standouts for me. Read on for LOTS of glamor pics.

The big winners of the night for me were… Ashlee Simpson (below) in a gorgeous Jenny Packham dress. I didn’t expect such old world Hollywood glamor from her, and just thought she looked stunning. The Help woman, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis both looked magnificent, Viola in a white strapless number and Octavia in a silver dress. (They both really stood out in general on the night, winners across the board!) Lea Michele looks gorgeous as ever, in a racy slit dress, and Aussie darling, Rose Byrne was a winner in my mind for taking a risk and succeeding in a sparkling jumpsuit. Divine! Mention also must go to the legendary, Meryl Streep, for looking just so chic and herself, in a belted charcoal dress. She doesn’t conform to the ‘typical’ award ceremony outfit, and just always looks so elegant and beautiful.

Check out all the pics below…

  • Sebastion

    I love Angelina Jolie. I think her Jenny Packham dress looked like black water and just moved perfectly on her. Naya from Glee looked better than Lea to me. Dont get me wrong Lea looked great but she tries to hard and it comes off as desperate. Sofia Vergara was HOTT as usual. Her bf is a very lucky man.

  • Becca

    Glenn Close is wairing such a Maddona-W.E.-premiers-wannabe-dress. Why do people insist on ripping off Madonna?! And poorly too I might add…

    • LV

      Seriously, Glenn Close looks great! I don’t think Madonna has the market on black dresses.

    • JCZ

      HAH! I thought the same thing when I first saw it. Poor mans version?

  • karen

    For Trent: Is there any way you could make thumbnails when there is a series of photos? That way we don’t have to click through every picture if there are only a few we want to see. (Or, in my case, I don’t have to skip looking at any of the pictures because my internet connection is a little slow and I’m not motivated enough to click through all of them!) Figured it couldn’t hurt to ask!

    • Liz

      @Karen: I completely agree! Thumbnails would be great, or just have all the pics on ONE page. Scrolling down is so much easier than clicking one-by-one through each picture.

  • Iheartaustin

    Is it just me or are Lea Michele and Emily Bluny wearing the same dress?! Either way they both win best dressed for me! Lea always hits it outta the park I loved her dress at the GG!