Melanie Brown Says The Spice Girls Are Planning To Reunite For Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee


Earlier this month we learned of an exciting rumor that maintained that the Spice Girls are planning to reunite this year for a performance at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Today we are hearing more about the supposed Spice Girls reunion but according to Melanie Scary Spice Brown, the Spices are actually planning to reunite this Summer for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration … not for the London Olympic Games. Keep in in mind, none of this information has been confirmed but … if Mel B. is blabbing about a Spice Girls reunion, it’s possible it might actually happen.

THE Spice Girls are to reunite for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Mel B has revealed. The Nineties girl group are due to reform for a special gig at Buckingham Palace on June 4 in front of the Royal Family. Mel B revealed the plans during an interview on Australian TV — when she was asked if the Spices will reform for the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Mel smiled and replied: “Ooh, I think the Queen’s Jubilee concert is the event I’d be looking at more closely for that to happen.” After realising her error, the outspoken star quickly changed the subject. But after the show, she appeared to confirm to studio workers that she had not made a mistake. Mel — who was Scary Spice in the band — told the TV crew off-air: “I am going to be in such strife for saying that. “It’s all so totally bloody top-secret still.” The line-up for the show has yet to be announced but the public will be able to get tickets to watch it in the palace grounds through a public ballot. It will also be recorded for TV … Mel, 36, admitted she cannot wait for the show. The mum of three said: “I’m always down for a Spice Girls reunion. I love the Scary hair and platforms. Any time of day or night I’ll be there.”

OMG PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE, PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE, PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE!!! Trust me, I really REALLY want to believe that this Spice Girls reunion is going to happen but I’m not really ready to lose my shizz over the news just yet. Still, I am GREATLY encouraged by the fact that Scary Spice let slip that the reunion may take place this summer for Queen E’s big party. I’m not entirely sure that I believe the quotes attributed to Mel B. that were supposedly said off camera backstage but … there’s just been TOO much talk of a Spice Girls reunion for it not to happen. PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE, PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE, PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE!!!

I may not be holding my breath … but I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.


  • Megan

    Apparently Victoria is the only one holding off…unsurprisingly. But it needs to happen :(

  • Tiffani

    THANK GOD! I am praying for this! I’ve met Sporty Spice a few years ago, and I am so excited for this!!!

  • Jose

    Mel C’s latest album didn’t work as well as expected. So that’s another reason for them to get back together…

  • Shazzer

    This would be awesome and all, but what I really need is a new album and tour. THAT would be insane.

    It’s a shame that Melanie C’s latest album didn’t do as well as expected. It’s fantastic.

  • Dezden

    Let’s get another reunion tour after this!! :) WEE!

  • João Helder

    I’m hoping for more this return! I want it to be forever!
    Spice Girls to come back again!