Christina Aguilera And Stevie Wonder Perform At Etta James’s Funeral


Last week we learned the sad news that musical icon, Etta James, had passed away, losing her 2 year struggle with leukemia. The world mourned the loss of this legendary singer, and yesterday her close friends and family gathered together to honor the great woman. Read on for more details about how they paid tribute to her.

The funeral of Etta James was a truly musical affair, and seemed to really commemorate the brilliant woman. Christina Aguilera performed the famous ballad, “At Last,” and Stevie Wonder sang with the church choir.

Aguilera, 31, has been a longtime fan of James. “Her raw tone and the passion she put forth on a record spoke to me at a very young age and has continued to influence and inspire me throughout my career,” The Voice mentor explained on her official website. “Etta James was a force to be reckoned with. A true gift to music and a woman of great spirit and courage.”

A true gift to music she was indeed, but we have to remember also that as well being a public icon, Etta was also a wife and mother. She is survived by her husband and two sons. Lets all send our best wishes to the family while they deal with their tragic loss. She will always be cherished.

Have a listen to Christina Aguilera’s rendition of “At Last” at Etta’s funeral. She says how honored she was to be able to perform Etta’s song at such a time and gets quite emotional because she has aspired to be like her, all her life – “she cut right to my soul and spoke to me.” It gave me shivers listening to this, and I’m sure it will you too.

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  • Be a little inappropriate

    Omg poor Xtina I would die of pure embarrassment if I had to stand there and sing while whatever that hell that shit was dripping down my thighs and legs.

  • Fabio

    Poor Christina! Pretty good performance she was obviously emotional. I’m gonna take a guess and say it was hot in there and she’s got a lot of fake tan on. I love her but I really want to give her a make over.

  • I am sad Etta passed on, but At Last she does no longer have to suffer in this troubled world, God bless her soul. I have nothing against Christine whatsoever, but it bothered me to see her dressed the way she did especially in a holy setting like this, it was hard for me to spiritually connect to Etta, I hope she make a better selection next time, and´╗┐ by the way..Nice version of Etta’s song, Christine good work…God bless.

  • JulieAndrewsWorshiper

    An absolutely PERFECT choice of person to give a tribute to dear Etta James. Christina and her have a great history and Christina was inspired in a lot of ways from her. So beautiful. I got goosebumps.

  • krib

    what was up with her legs in the beginning??!!!

    • @krib — It’s unknown exactly what was going on with her legs. Something was dripping down her legs, hopefully it was spray tanner :/

  • MM

    I thought the performance by Christina was absolutely atrocious and beyond disrespectful. Aside from her terribly inappropriate outfit, I honestly cannot believe she chose that occasion to ridiculously over sing every syllable of such a beloved song.

    The whole beauty of At Last is that it’s Etta’s powerhouse voice but sung in such a simple and lovely way. Christina will never learn that subtle distinction and every time she gets a standing ovation for her kind of “singing”, it just encourages her to keep doing it.

    I am so exasperated with her over the top showboating as it is but to do it at a funeral is just too much. The only thing I can think of is she has an outrageous ego and actually thinks that is how to impress people. Boo! Two thumbs down!!

    • Debho

      Okay, so I already replied to this story in Les News.Hm. But I totally agree with you MM. Disrespectful and classless.

    • Xadax

      Have even seen Etta perform live?! This is not showboating you lousy ignorant. Try looking for something’s gotta hold on me live & you’ll see where Xtina’s singing came from. Even her “I don’t car what you think” presence comes from her, it’s deeper than what you (superficially think). YOU (& Debho) are definitely DISRESPECTFUL & CLASSLESS.

    • Xadax

      @Debho Its has always been Xtina’s dream to emulate her. Again, don’t be so ignorant on what she said coz its deeper than what you think (that includes her presence). You make a comment like you know her so well. Well, I do. Good luck with your one side point-of-view coz I ain’t shutting down like Etta/Xtina.

    • cutitout

      She SANG that song. She has been SANGIN’ that song since 1998 when her label was showcasing her to the industry insiders and radio heads. She sang that song so well, Etta gave her props in life and even did a photo shoot with her. Etta’s family personally invited her to SANG that song at the funeral, knowing full well the way she was going to SANG it.

      Honey, there is no right or wrong way to sing anything, Etta sang it her way and Christina sang it her way, beyonce sang it her way. Its all good. If you did not like it, well, it really is just your oppinion.The fact that she was even asked to do it with the dozens of other singers who would have jumped to do it says it all.

    • Debho

      @ Xadax, thanks for pointing out my failings, after all you know me so well. However, I reiterate, hanging your tits out at a funeral…disrespectful and classless.
      As for they way she sang/sings? Brutal and painful. But that is MY opinion. I’m allowed to have one.
      Have I ever seen Etta perform live? No, I never had that privilege, seeing as how we’re in different countries, however I’m nearly 50 and grew up with her music, so I”m not ignorant to how she performs live. Christina is not a patch on Etta, even if she tries to emulate her. Again, my humble opinion.

  • Beautiful Soul

    You can tell Christina is not fazed by haters….Her soul shines through no matter what she does! Love her! She’s always true to herself, something really hard to find in popular culture.

  • Hey, Christina, did you think you were hitting a night club when you were dressing for Etta’s funeral? Wake up you stupid trash, that dress was totally inappropriate. And your version of At Last was horrible! Your days as a singer are over, sister!

  • Becca

    As much as everyone is entitled to their oppinion there are good ways and bad ways of getting them across.
    In my oppinion – Trent – some people need to be reminded of which is which in a social forum.

  • Debho

    @Xadax. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t make heads nor tails of your last post. But, I will say this. I never professed to know Xtina. But seeing as you know her so well, pleae tell her that the next time she’s asked to “sing” at a funeral, tell her to put the girls away. And I see that there are others who agree with my opinion. That’s all, I have no more to say on this.

  • Xadax

    @Debho I thinks its only the 3 of you & more of us (Including Trent).