Art In The Heart Of Detroit


Altho I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the past few days I managed to get enough sleep yesterday so that I could rally and get out of the house to hang out with Sarah and Mark last night. To get the night started, we enjoyed a very delicious Cuban dinner at Vicente’s in downtown Detroit before we made our way to the YMCA (where I made a very exciting discovery) and then to City Club for a late night of dancing fun. Despite my stupid cold symptoms, I managed to have a really fantastic night out on the town.

On our way to dinner, we drove past the massive YMCA complex in downtown Detroit and I noticed the really cute statue of kids spelling out Y-M-C-A so I suggested we walk over to the statue so we could take fun photos after we ate. As I neared the statue, I noticed that one of the kids was holding what I thought was trash … and I angrily pulled it out to throw it away. It turns out it wasn’t trash but a small piece of Free Art that was meant to be found and kept. Attached to the little art piece was a piece of paper that asks the finder (me) to tweet that I found the piece. Apparently there is a group called Free Art Friday Detroit and they hide small pieces of free art all around town for people to find. I am just so geeked that this kind of fun creativity is happening in Detroit. I can’t wait to hang up my little painting in my home back in LA :)

After all of that excitement, Sarah, Mark and I made our way to City Club for a night of fun:

Surprisingly, we ran into some old friends from WAY back in the day when we used to hang out at City Club … so it was fun getting to hang out and say hello to those folks. The music was fun … we just had a great time. I’m glad I was able to feel well enough to get out of the house cuz last night was full of a lot of fun surprises.

Today, Sarah is hosting a gathering of some of our friends so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. Today is my last day here in Detroit before I fly back to LA tomorrow. These trips are always short … but oh so sweet :D

  • kendra

    The free art thing is such a cute idea! I would have been so excited to find one, too! Sounds like a great evening with the ones you love..Get ready to bust out the shorts and tank tops..It’s mother effing hot in SoCal..Gross..