New Fiona Apple Album Due Out Later In 2012, Not ‘In A Few Weeks’


Earlier this week we learned the very exciting news that Fiona Apple is FINALLY ready to release her new album (after many, many years of delay). Producer L.A. Reid tweeted that Fiona’s new album will be out in the “next few weeks” … but sadly, we learn that we’re gonna hafta wait a bit longer than just a few weeks. It turns out that L.A. was GREATLY exaggerating about the release of Fiona’s album. The folks at Epic Records do confirm that her album will be out sometime this year … but not in the immediate future.

On Sunday, Epic Records’ chairman and CEO L.A. Reid tweeted about the long awaited Fiona Apple album, writing, “Lots of good music coming from @Epic_Records in the next few weeks. Stay tuned music fans. Welcome back Fiona!” Apple, who hasn’t released any music since her 2005 album Extraordinary Machine, has been rumored to have an album’s worth of new material for quite sometime. The news spread over Twitter, with fans posting song lyrics from her earlier work and speculating about her new songs … Fiona Apple album rumors aren’t always reliable — after all, Machine endured so many delays that fans started a “Free Fiona” campaign for its release — so I called Epic Records to find out if the announcement was actually correct. An Epic spokeswoman confirmed that Apple would definitely release a studio album in 2012 but she said that Reid’s tweets were “taken a little bit out of context” and that the tunes wouldn’t arrive next month. “It’ll absolutely be this year,” she said, “but timing wise, I don’t know exactly when.”

Um, NO … Reid’s tweets were not “taken a little out of context”, he said very plainly that her album would be out in the “next few weeks”. What the Epic spokesperson should’ve said was, L.A. Reid was wrong. I have to say, I am a bit concerned that there is no set release date for Fiona’s album. The article above is right, Fiona album rumors are NEVER reliable. We have been waiting for new Fiona music for the better part of a decade … and still … nothing. TRUST ME, I wish I could be really excited about this news but I’ve been burned with false hope far too many times to get my hopes up again. L.A. Reid’s tweets did infuse me with a glimmer of hope but I found his “next few weeks” promise a bit dubious — and now we know they were flat out wrong. I think I’ll hold off on the official celebrating until Epic Records does know exactly when they plan on releasing Fiona Apple’s new album :/


  • MM

    Boo! I need some new Fiona music in my life right now!

    Knowing that the material is done and just not getting released for whatever reason is totally maddening.

    Hurry up people!!