First Look: James Franco Surfaces As Hugh Hefner On The Set Of ‘Lovelace’


In the past few days we’ve gotten quite a bit of news about the biopic film Lovelace and right now we’re going to get a wee bit more (because, clearly, Lovelace is the ONLY movie in production right now). Earlier we learned that Demi Moore is OUT and Sarah Jessica Parker is IN for the cameo role of Gloria Steinem and we also learned that Chloë Sevigny has also been added to the cast as a journalist. Last month we learned that James Franco was in talks to play Hugh Hefner in the film and today we get to see him in character on the set of Lovelace. Like the Gloria Steinem character, I understand that Franco’s Hefner will be a cameo role. Click below to check out the first photos of Franco as Hugh Hefner and check out new photos of star Amanda Seyfriend as Linda Lovelace.

He might not have much in common with the porn mogul in real life. But Spider-Man star James Franco has been spotted dressed as Hugh Hefner for the first time as he films the highly anticipated movie Lovelace. The 33-year-old was dressed as the Playboy boss as he walked around the set in Glendale, California today. And he certainly looked the part in the businessman’s trademark red velvet smoking jacket and white scarf. It would be interesting to hear what Hugh, 85, thinks of the fact James was carrying a bottle of water instead of a vodka Martini. But the Rise of the Planet of the Apes star certainly looked all business as he sauntered around the location. The Hollywood star is playing a young version of the Playboy boss in the upcoming movie Lovelace. Franco would join the movie which already stars Amanda Seyfried as Deep Throat actress Linda Lovelace. The 26-year-old was also seen today wearing her cream embroidered dress.

[Franco] was on set to film the scene in which Lovelace visits the Playboy mansion. Lovelace starred in the 1972 movie Deep Throat, which is widely regarded as the first porn movie with an actual plot. She later claimed she had been forced to do the movie at gunpoint by her then husband Chuck Traynor.

The poster on top is the new one created for the film (which was photographed on set) and the poster below it is the actual poster that was used for Deep Throat’s theatrical release. There is a LOT going on with Lovelace these days … even without the drama that Demi Moore brought on the casting, this film really does seem to be the ONLY movie being made right now. I guess I can’t really decide until the film comes out but, I don’t really see Hugh Hefner in James Franco’s portrayal as pictured here. He just looks like James Franco in a bad wig. HMMM.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • nicole

    that second picture of amanda on the right, she kinds looks like Jlo. i think amanda will be great in this movie, but i dont think franco was the right choice.

  • PetaF

    Woah! I tend to disagree, I think even just with this lil pic he looks amazing as hef! In his younger days of course. I am looking at this on my phone so might not be the best judge but soo far I like what I see! Excited for this movie!