Chloë Sevigny Added To The Cast Of ‘Lovelace’


Just yesterday we heard the awful, awful news about Demi Moore’s ill health (she was hospitalized due to substance abuse) and we learned that she has dropped out of the movie, Lovelace, which she was cast in as Gloria Steinem. Today news has emerged that the producers of the biopic have added Chloë Sevigny to the cast. It’s not clear whether this is to replace the wonderful, Ms Moore, or if she will be playing a different character.

Shooting has already started last month in LA and news of Demi’s withdrawal must be still sending shock waves through the production team. They have quickly added Chloë, who will be playing the role of a feminist journalist given the task of writing the story of Lovelace, played by Amanda Seyfried.

Peter Sarsgaard, Debi Mazar, Cory Hardrict, Adam Brody, Eric Roberts, Hank Azaria, Bobby Cannavale, Chris Noth, Robert Patrick, Wes Bentley, Sharon Stone and Juno Temple also star. The project — from Eclectic Pictures, Untitled Entertainment Animus Films and Nu Image/Millennium — still needs a replacement for Demi Moore, who dropped out yesterday; she had been set to cameo as Gloria Steinem.

There are suggestions going around that Chloë’s journalist role and Demi’s cameo (as Steinem) are one and the same role… I’m not sure if this is just a rumor to confuse everyone, or whether in fact this could be true. Clearly, the two characters are different, but it is odd that in the same day that Demi dropped out of the project, Chloë was brought into the cast. I guess we will know in the next few days whether a new actor is given the role that Demi was meant to fill. Who do you think would make a better Gloria Steinem? In my mind, no one will now replace Demi, as she was given the role in the first place and let it go in such sad circumstances. Whoever takes on the role (whether it is Chloë Sevigny or another actress) will have initial resistance from a lot of people, who will always remember why Demi had to let the part go).

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