Watch: Jean Paul Gaultier Pays Tribute To Amy Winehouse


It is so great to see the world of fashion, music and pop culture collide. The Jean Paul Gaultier runway collection in Paris was a complete tribute to the late, Amy Winehouse. Check out the clip below and tell me what you think…

I love it! They’ve captured the look and style of Amy Winehouse in the Spring Summer collection and the runway show, using Amy’s music, really feels like fashion’s tribute to the fallen star. Whatever people feel about her music (I, for one, am a big fan!) Amy Winehouse was a style icon – her beehive black hair, makeup, unique clothes…it was a tragedy losing such a star at such a young age, with so much talent, but it is great to see fashion and other areas of culture drawing inspiration from her.

Watch the runway show and see what you think..

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  • Julie

    I love itt!!!! All of it!!!

  • Debho

    Nina Garcia just pinned these pics on Pinterest. There was much discussion about the models with the cigarettes.

  • anamme

    I love JPG and Amy…but this just seems like a cash-in. He admits to never having met her but somehow she was such a great influence on him and his vision? Funny how only after her death all the tributes start flowing, where the hell were all these people when she was a trainwreck?

    • @anamme — Everyone becomes a saint in death.