Is Cameron Diaz Really Pregnant?


If you glanced quickly at the posters for the upcoming movie, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, you might be led to thinking that the whole of Hollywood is pregnant… Are they? Check out the posters of Brooklyn Decker, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks Jennifer Lopez and Anna Kendrick… they each look beautiful with a bump.

Based on the hit book, the movie follows the ups and downs of four expectant couples. The four women are played by Cameron Diaz, as a Jillian Michaels-type TV host who gets pregnant; Anna Kendrick, as a food truck operator who conceives after a one night stand; Brooklyn Decker, as a trophy-wife type; and Elizabeth Banks, as the owner of a baby boutique. Jennifer Lopez also appears in the movie, as a woman who adopts from abroad.

When I first saw the pic of Cam, I jumped, because naturally I jumped to conclusions :) But the bumps seriously look real. The story reminds me of a Knocked Up vibe with Katherine Heigl but I love the idea of the narrative of following different women in the story of pregnancy. I think it is the making of a great rom-com, and will really appeal to its target audience.

The movie will be out in May and I’m really looking forward to seeing it… I kind of do wish all the leading ladies were pregnant, but I guess that would be kind of bizarre.


  • Fabio

    And a cameo by Cheryl Cole!

  • Dot

    The last belly looks kinda ridiculous like they just used a ball

    • Karen

      And her arms are way too skinny to be convincing. They seem to have forgotten that late pregnancy swells your whole body!

  • ChristineLA

    This is not so much an actual article, as it is blatant advertising.

    • Velaine

      Agreed. Also, funny how J-Lo didn’t do the same type of sideways belly picture the other ladies did. I guess she just couldn’t risk looking fat, eh?

    • @Velaine – LOL – J.LO’s character adopts a baby from overseas so she isn’t meant to have a bun in the oven!

    • S

      melissa says:

      January 26, 2012 at 4:03 pm

      @Velaine – LOL – J.LO’s character adopts a baby from overseas so she isn’t meant to have a bun in the oven!


  • JillieBean430

    I didn’t even know about this movie! Thanks Melissa! I can’t wait to take my pregnant friend to it! :-)

  • Hillary

    I’m having my first baby at the end of June. I’m really looking forward to this movie and glad its coming out before I have the baby :)

  • nicole

    so are all the girls suppose to be at different stages of pregnancies?

  • Meghan

    This movie looks terrible!

    • kschoice94

      Yeah it looks bad…But I love Elizabeth Banks!

  • Joon

    Yes, terrible movie. But, more importantly, I felt pretty duped by the title of the article. I think I’m going to better pick & choose what I read from now on.

    • @Joon — What are you duped by?

  • Jenn

    as a gossip columnist you would think you would know if she was pregnant before she, like, 8.5 months pregnant.

    duped indeed. i agree that this ‘article’ is an add for a movie. lame.

    • @Jenn — Sorry to disappoint but we don’t do “adds” that aren’t specifically listed as ads or sponsored posts. I talk about movies that I am excited about all the time, this is a movie that Melissa is excited about. I think it’s lame for you to suggest otherwise.

    • swile71

      Jenn, get over yourself. Trent is right and if you can’t appreciate his great blog site then BUH BYE :-)

  • Adriana

    Jenn and Joon should take a hike!