Watch: The Pilot Episode Of NBC’s ‘Smash’ Is Online Now


So … David and I made it to Detroit without any delays yesterday and I have to say, as always, it’s great to be home. I was actually looking forward to the flight because NBC sent me the pilot episode of their new TV series Smash to watch before the series debuts on TV (Monday February 6) and my plan was to watch the ep during my flight. I did watch the ep and I really, really loved it … a lot! NBC has also made the pilot episode available to watch online … which you can do by clicking below.

I’m a big Broadway fan so any show that is Broadway based is going to get my attention … but that doesn’t mean that the show is going to be good. I had high hopes that Smash would be a fantastic show and thankfully, the pilot episode far exceeded my expectations. In just the first hour, there is so much character development … you can really see how the series can unfold. I am so happy with the casting … every single character is interesting to me. I really think that many people will respond to this show … it’s like Glee for grown-ups. I haven’t been excited for a new show like this in a long time … especially not an NBC show. I really hope Smash does well because this is a story that I MUST see all the way thru to the end. Check out the pilot and let me know what you think. I literally laughed and ALMOST cried a bit when I watched the ep … I’m dying to hear what other people think.

Today is my dad’s birthday and I’ve already called him to say Happy Birthday. I’m certain that he thinks that is all he’s gonna get from me … until I show up on the doorstep to take him and my mother out to dinner tonight. Happy Wednesday, Happy Hump Day!!


  • Rebecca

    Comcast cable also has the pilot on-demand at the moment (not sure about other companies). I watched it last weekend and really liked it a lot! Fingers crossed it does well.

    • @Rebecca — Yes, if you can watch this on TV — PLEASE DO! Man, I can’t wait to watch it again when the show debuts.

  • kendra

    Awww! Happy Birthday to Trent’s dad! I’m sure he’s going to LOVE his surprise!

  • WoW. I’m so glad I rediscovered your site again. I followed you way back in the day before you or a bf was moving to LA. Still a great site. Thanks!

  • blaqfury

    I tried watching this the day Xfinity (Comcast) sent out the email and the link didn’t work…
    I’m like how are they gonna send out a mass email to their millions of customers and then the video doesn’t play on their site…lol
    I tried 4 times that day, then eventually said forget it and decided to wait until it aired on tv..

    i was already excited about it, but after your review i may not be able to wait another week and a half…

  • Errin

    It’s streaming on netflix, too!

  • you mom

    It’s also on Itunes… I watched it last week and loved it!

  • (link’s not available in Canada)

  • Miguel

    LOOVED it. I got a few friends of mine into it as well. I’m so excited to see how the story of the show will develop as well.

  • Happy birthday to your Dad. Hopefully your evening out with them will result in another awesome picture of your Mom’s white heels visible underneath a photobooth curtain :-)))

  • JulieAndrewsWorshiper

    I have been following the production of this show since I first heard about it last year and couldn’t WAIT till it was available. It absolutely lived up to all my expectations. I love that Megan Hilty is on TV. I saw her in Wicked multiple times and think she is just fantastic. The whole thing. EPIC.

  • aimie

    i watched it last week on itunes and loved it!!!!

  • kevincorcoranjr

    So stoked on this new TV show! Seems like a better alternative to some of the other music shows that have come out recently. I’ve only seen previews so far, but I really like the fact that they are tackling Broadway dreamers. Can’t wait for the first episode next week!