Rihanna Shows Off Her New ‘Thug Life’ Tattoos


Popstar Rihanna, who is quite fond of tattoos, went and got herself a few more tattoos recently and decided to share new photos of her new ink on her official Twitter profile. On her knuckles, Rihanna got the phrase THUG LIFE tattooed in seeming homage to the late rapper Tupac Shakur. She also appeared to get a new tattoo on her lower back tho she failed to share a photo of what exactly she got done down there. Click below to check out the photos of Rihanna with her new tattoos and her favorite tattoo artist Mark Mahoney and see what you think.

? All these bitches screaming that 2pac back ? #THUGLIFE

I believe Ri Ri used to write THUG LIFE on her knuckles with marker … but clearly, it’s a message that she wants permanently inked on her body. The tattoo is difficult to make out because she had pink ink used for the tattoo but it is deffo as permanent as any other tattoo in any other color. Here are two more photos that Rihanna shared from her recent visit to the tattoo parlor:

Tat my fuckin name on u girl so I know its real!!! #MINE / My boo Mark Mahoney!!!! #RockstarShit #TATnight

I certainly doubt that these will be the last tattoos that Rihanna will ever get but she is deffo making a bold statement with the THUG LIFE tattoos on her hands. It’s not a look that I would personally ever rock but far be it for me or anyone else to criticize anyone else’s tattoo choices. I do think that sometimes people overdo it with the tattoos but if they’re happy with their new ink then why shouldn’t I be happy for them. I wonder, tho, what Rihanna will think of her THUG LIFE tattoos when she is much older. I guess we’ll have to hope that she is truly gonna be a thug for life now that she’s inked for life.

So, I gotta know … what do ya’ll think of Ri Ri’s new ink?


  • jr

    love her, but it’s a little overboard…guess she can always get it removed.

  • Cheryl


  • Alecia

    That’s too much. I don’t understand the need for this.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Jules

    I can understand questioning her tattoos, but please, please don’t ask the WAY over used question of “What will she think when she’s older?”

    I have SEVERAL tattoos, and people are constantly asking me that question. And the answer for pretty much ANYONE who has tattoos is going to be: That at one point in my life (even if it’s not now), I loved this word/phrase/object enough to get a tattoo of it. My tattoos are a roadmap of my life. Don’t question it.

    • @Jules — “I can understand questioning her tattoos, but please, please don’t ask the WAY over used question of ‘What will she think when she’s older?'” I, personally, think it’s a valid question. I have tattoos and I’m pretty certain that I know what I’ll be thinking about them as I get older. Something like THUG LIFE is different than a star or a flower or a dragon or a host of other tattoos. I get what you’re saying but let’s be real, a LOT of people get tattoos without thinking about the long term … and it’s worth wondering if getting THUG LIFE tattooed on one’s hands is one of those regretful tattoos.

    • Shavonne

      I agree Trent-6 years ago I was going through a very rough time in my life and had one friend in particular who was there for me. I got her name tattooed on me and thought the same thing as Jules said, “Even if we’re not friends in the future, she still meant a lot to me and was there when no one else was and pulled me through”, blah blah blah. And only 6 years later, I regret it. We’re still kind of sort of friends, but I think it was a bad decision.

      I wouldn’t want to be the 75 year old woman with “thug life” on my knuckles, but that’s just me…

    • @Shavonne — I have tried to think long and hard before getting any of my tattoos. I have a tribal band tattoo on my arm (you know, the ones that were SO COOL in the 90s) which I still do not regret, despite it being a bit of a cliché. It reminds me of a very special time in my life when I was enjoying my independence … and while the tattoo style is a bit dated, that is part of the appeal it still holds for me. I like that it’s dated because it reminds me of that particular time in my life. I’ve been thinking about my next tattoo for a few years now … I just want to make sure it’s something that I will grow to love over time, rather than regret.

    • Claire

      It seems bias but I think women have more reason for concern on how tattoos will look when aging. I think men can pull off visible ones and have them add character (to an extent), or at least blend in and look more subtle. I have two tattoos on my back, and already regret one which I got only 4 years ago, based on the fact that my style changed and I now wear dresses constantly. I want many more but now know to consider how a forearm will look on me when I’m a mother. The fact is you change as you get older, and no matter how meaningful, it can still be a huge eyesore someday.

  • Meghan

    Well, it won’t last that long, given that it’s in light pink ink with no outline. I doubt anyone will be able to see it when she is older!

  • Shannon

    Hahaha wow does she really live a “thug life” in her million dollar mansions?

    • Mihai

      Exactly! How ‘thug’ is her life, really?

  • blaqfury

    I would really like her to explain, what part of her life makes her thug? Cause from what i’ve read in articles and pictures i’ve seen, she’s been middle class and above her entire life…#jussayin

  • nicole

    this whole gangster/bad bitch thing she has going on is making her annoying as shit.

    • Brianna


    • Sandy

      I would love for her to go away for a bit. That would be very nice.

  • Amarie

    Love the pink ink, but not the “Thug Life”. It seems like RiRi has been doing things with a little more DGAF attitude lately. Like smoking a blunt out in the open knowing she’s being photographed by papz, and now a thug life tattoo lol. I miss the old Ri. And notice in the pics she’s drinking a beer while getting her back done haha.

  • Alys

    Absolutely not. Ugh! I don’t like the appearance of this at all. She’s free to do whatever she wants with her body, but “thug life” is tacky and hideous.

  • Nathan

    She’s one classy lady. Well…she’s a woman, not sure if she’s classy or a lady.

  • Sarah

    She’s sooo gangsta, y’all! I’m sorry, that’s just a retarded tattoo. I have tattoos, I love tattoos….but, no.

  • Ama

    … That guy kind of looks like one of the actors from ‘ We bought a zoo’.

  • SenoraLo

    I find it ironic that she has on a John Lennon, promoter of peace, t-shirt while showing off her Thug Life tattoo. Mixed messages much?

  • E.

    Showing her Thug Life tattoo while wearing a John Lennon t-shirt just doesn’t seem right.

  • Asha

    Another lame, who tries way too hard, but always fail.