Demi Moore Hospitalized & Rehabbing For Substance Abuse


Ugh … very sad Demi Moore news to pass along today … according to TMZ, paramedics were called to Demi’s home late Monday night in response to a substance abuse call. After about a half hour of treatment, Demi was rushed to the hospital … then later released so that she could check in to a rehab facility. The official word from Moore’s publicist claims she is suffering from “exhaustion”. Click below to read all the known deets about this upsetting turn of events.

Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital [Monday] night … and we’re told the issue is substance abuse. Law enforcement tells us a 911 call was placed at 10:45 PM Monday night. Paramedics responded to Demi’s L.A. home and after assessing her for a half hour, she was transported to a local hospital. Sources tell us she is being placed in a facility to “seek further professional assistance.” Our sources say the treatment is for substance abuse. Demi’s rep tells TMZ, “Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health. She looks forward to getting well and is grateful for the support of her family and friends.”

It’s no secret that Demi’s personal life has been hit pretty hard since she decided to file for divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher in the wake of allegations that he cheated on her with other women. It seemed as if Demi was doing OK tho … you may recall that at the start of this month we saw her on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and it was reported that she signed on to play Gloria Steinem in the upcoming biopic Lovelace. We now learn that Demi, in the wake of this rehab stint, has pulled out of appearing in Lovelace (which is currently in filming production right now). Most recently, we saw Demi Moore out on the town partying on Golden Globes night. I HATE to think of how difficult it may have been for Demi since her marriage fell apart. If I’m putting all of the pieces together, it sounds like her personal problems led to dangerous misuse of … substances. I sincerely hope this stint in rehab will help her get the clarity she needs to save her own life. Get well soon, Demi … but please take all the time you need.

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  • ChristineLA

    I just hate this. I can’t be the only one who thinks that publicists don’t do any of these stars any favors when they float the “exhaustion” line, right? I hope she takes all the time she needs to get well. :(

    • blaqfury

      I was just thinking the same thing!
      Could publicists please retire the “exhaustion” excuse in 2011… no one believes it anyways…

      but whatever… I hope Demi is able to get enough “rest” at her “exhaustion” rehab clinic…

  • Marc

    I have enjoyed your blog for a couple of years now, but I’m afraid that since you’ve added new writers it has become somewhat unbearable. I do not blame your new writers, well not entirely… (as I have no idea what is going on). Sadly though, I just don’t care anymore. There is just so much flotsam, misleading bylines, and well, quite frankly… trash. It saddens me because your blog has been a daily read for me for quite some time… I find it hard to read now.

    Your new posse is uninteresting and unreal (thus far). Any story about how Cynthia Nixon is bald, that comes out after a story has been posted about her with photos of her bald head is utterly superfluous!

    I find this all confounding… Perhaps I do not understand the world of blogging… Ahh, such is life.

    I will be visiting for a while longer in hopes that your blog will regain some of the warmth and sincerity that it once had (I have loved your concert experience descriptions, and discussing various exiled directors with you, and I hope I will have that experience again), because it was truly wonderful!

    Too many new insensitive articles, no heart. I hope it is temporary.

    Otherwise, much love (I have enjoyed this for years! – It’s been a good run!)


    • Lauren

      Hi Marc, you know Trent wrote this entry, right? Each post has his or her author at the bottom. And this is news, per Trent’s original byline “Everybody’s business is my business” :)

    • MissGlo

      Wow, Lauren. Did you read his post? He never said this article wasn’t “news.” He’s complaining about the tone and the writing lately. I kinda agree with him.

    • Marc

      Hello Lauren,

      Not the point. Yes, I am aware that Trent wrote the blog, thank you. : ) That is why I chose to comment here.

      This response is not specific to this article, but to the general changes that have been going on… I wrote my comment here, to a article written by Trent, with the hope that he will see it. Not because I want to be remotely bitchy or mean. A I have stated I have loved reading all of this blog in the past… I am just not sure where it is going. So far, I am concerned about the seeming new direction, and… well…

      I have been a huge fan.

      I travelled with my husband to Detroit in November to see a show and my perception of Detroit was perhaps largely based on Trent’s description of it, and somehow he ended up becoming part of the adventure, I think, and I had a lovely time there with my husband seeing Elaine Stritch, and I guess, now… I just feel a little disappointed by my perceived angle and tone of the blog.

      I just wanted to leave feedback, to what seems to me like a big change in the blog. Perhaps it’s just growing pains, as the format changes, as I said I am just not feeling the same warmth, and love. (Like the ‘I can die now’ bits with pics of MDMA & BS — those are awesome! – Even though I am not a BS fan, it’s honest, and wonderful!).

      I have always loved the moniker ‘Everybody’s business is my business”, and agreed with is, I just feel that now some of the recent ‘business’ has been… well just a little too unsubstantiated, and as a result somewhat disinteresting…

      All the best,


    • @Marc — As always, I appreciate the feedback. I’m sorry you are unhappy but I doubt there is anything I can say here that will make you happy. As I said before, it is impossible to make everyone happy all the time. I will continue to do as I’ve always done … what I think best :)

    • Kate


      Thank you. I have been reading Trent’s blog for MUCH longer than two years and I feel the same way. It’s just hard, because I don’t want to hurt someone who has given me so much to think about these past years. But if I’m really saying what I want to say, it’s this: Trent, I will right now today agree to pay $25/month to stop this corporate bull****. And I know it won’t be enough, but I mean it. Stop it. We love you and those of us who have brains in our heads will follow you to whatever website you tell us to. But this body-hating brainwashing and everything else has got to stop. Our country is collapsing around us, but you were one of the authentic people we once enjoyed. I know it is not so easy to be authentic right now. That’s okay. Say things that aren’t ‘politically correct.’ Just don’t be someone you are not.

    • Jenni

      I agree with you completely Marc. Since the changes I haven’t had the desire to come to PITNB as often (which sucks!) but it just seems a bit diluted to me as if that spark/warmth just isn’t here anymore

    • S.L

      I completely agree Marc. I have been coming to PITNB for probably 4-5 years now. I loved this site. I would visit it multiple times a day. The content, style, and heart of the site kept me coming back, but lately I just don’t feel like going to the site anymore. At this point, with the exception of the daily post by Trent about his day, it feels like I am just reading an US Weekly. The content appears shallow and the ads are getting out of hand. It feels too commercial. I understand change is necessary and Trent can’t please everyone. It is his site and it is his right to do whatever he feels is best, but as silly as it sounds I feel like I am losing an old friend as these changes become the new identity of PITNB.

    • Julie

      Also agreed!

    • Miguel

      Not gonna lie. I too have been coming onto PITNB since back in 2005, and sadly, I see it slowly becoming the next PerezHilton…BLEGH. :/ It’s sad to say that, because I really love PITNB – it’s just my personal opinion.

    • Claire

      It’s discouraging that no matter how positive and constructive the criticism it seems it won’t lead to any changes. Very well said, Marc, thank you. Like you I hate to see the little good character left in celebrity gossip dwindling.

    • Helen

      I have been visiting for years and never commented but now feel compelled to do so. I only visit a few sites a day because of my hectic schedule, and I have always made time for PITNB but I am hanging up my hat. I no longer am even interested in clicking through.

    • steph

      I agree Marc. This blog changed almost overnight and not for the better. I’ve been reading for 5 plus years and am disapointed every time I come these days.

      Trent, please go back to what you do best, before all of your loyal readers go elsewhere.

  • Tabitha

    I hate jumping to conclusions, but it looks like she’s been hitting the meth pipe (in that photo). I have a few family members who have substance abuse problems, and I truly hope for her, and her children that this is not true.

  • sarahhh

    so that explains the sudden weight lose! not the biggest fan of hers, but hope she gets the help. no man is worth it! :)

    • rOXy

      @Trent – it is called progress and it always hurts a little. Just know I can see your fingerprints and have the sense that you were here just seconds before I came in. I know you will never be this big suit mogul sitting in a big chair in a glass office sky high in a New York riser. You might be Trent sitting in there though, with your always to the second current Tshirts and your loveably goofy but chic footwear. As long as you don’t change who you are so we can have you forever, I am so happy for your success and hope it continues.

  • Gru

    I just don’t have the heart to care about celebs when so many other horrible things are happening in this world.

    • canaussiegirl

      Then why are you on a gossip web site?

    • BriK

      Well said canaussiegirl !

  • Fabio

    I think the sites getting better, at first I didn’t like it BUT now I’m totally used to it :) well I do have one issue Trent, Melissa needs a capital M :p sort it out ;)

  • muchacha

    This is a far cry from her GI Jane days. I hope she rests and recovers and comes back BETTER THAN EVER!

  • Patrick

    A “substance abuse call”? What does that even mean?

    • @Patrick — I’m assuming it means an overuse or overdose of some (possibly illegal) substance.

  • Patrick

    Having too much wine at dinner is technically “substance abuse”.

    • @Patrick — That is very true.

  • Gru

    You still can go into a celeb blog even though you don’t care if the celeb goes to rehab…

    • Vicky

      If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be posting.

  • DeAunn

    To Marc…I understand things are a little different on Trent’s blog now, but you have to understand that Trent has been doing this for years on his own! The ONLY day he regularly takes off is September 11 (I believe?). When he used to write one big post for the day, it was clear that he was basically writing a 5 page paper every day of his life, including research. He only has ONE other writer helping him now, and he was very thoughtful about how she should be introduced and letting her have her own voice. It’s not like other blogs out there that clearly have several other writers who all pretend to be writing as the blog’s owner. This change has been in effect for less than a month, and I bet with time it will grow on you!

  • DeAunn

    PS…the bald Cynthia Nixon story was actually a follow-up to another post, in which Melissa raved about going to the play for which she shaved her head. The real story was the play, not the baldness….but those pictures came out after Melissa reviewed the play.

  • Shannon

    Maybe that’s why they broke up. Maybe it wasn’t Ashton at all

    • @Shannon — My first thought was Ashton’s ALLEGED cheating drove her to drink/use :(

    • ChristineLA

      Oh, no, no, no. I don’t care how much of a tool Ashton Kutcher is, the responsibility for THIS lies solely on Demi Moore’s shoulders.

    • JeniLee

      I’ve actually been reading that her substance use has been happening for years…so it may have caused the cheating. Which I in NO WAY condone. If he wanted out he should have divorced her. But it seems like Demi’s stuff happened first. We may never know!

  • Shannon

    And I’m getting used to the new blog but I think Mr Gyllenhall would have made a better addition to the blog! He always makes me laugh

    • @Shannon — “I think Mr Gyllenhall would have made a better addition to the blog” I can’t afford that expensive beyotch ;)

    • ChristineLA

      Oh, I absolutely agree with this, and Mr. Gyllenhall has a totally original, easy to recognize, voice. It’s not tabloid-y, just good, witty writing!

    • Jenni


    • Great idea – I love Mr Gyllenhall almost as much as I love Trent and always love reading his comments!

    • Claire


    • anhimals

      Mr. Gyllenhall cracks me up! It would be fun to read his writing along with Trent daily.

  • Shannon

    @Trent lol! And perhaps but in my experience in social work, generally but not always! people don’t develop these kinds of problems overnight

    • @Shannon — Very true but if she had been struggling with … whatever … for a while, I’m certain the drama in her personal life didn’t help the situation.

  • ganesh

    @Trent…clearly Melissa is not working – she seems barely literate, her prose sucks, and she is not drawing readers in …but hey it’s your blog so whatever you want. Still, i suspect you can find someone who can actually put together a meaningful sentence.

    Love your allegiance and support to her…but she BLOWS!

    • ChristineLA

      I’m just so torn, since he really wouldn’t be the Trent I have been reading for so long if he didn’t support Melissa.

    • Pinkster

      @ganesh…I personally think Melissa has a unique voice and a new perspective that we should embrace. Above all, however, your comments are far too personal and have no place on a blog such as this. The anonymity of the internet is no excuse for being unnecessarily critical and just plain mean. Melissa, ignore the haters out there. Everyone else, please show Melissa some positive feedback to balance the ganeshes of the world.

    • Vicky

      Funny how you refer to someone as illiterate and the use the word “blows” as your description. You sound like a hateful person who has too much time on his/her hands and gets off by bullying other people.

  • Tagg

    Exhaustion? I know it’s hard being a celeb and having everything done for you…what a joke.

  • rOXy

    Poor Demi. She loved that man. She has been going through a really difficult time with this breakup. She relied and depended on him in ways even she didn’t realize. It sucks readjusting a lifestyle when you could have been so happy in the old one. The fact that she couldn’t control what happened to destroy the life she loved isn’t an easy thing for her to cope with. Demi is Demi. She will recover. She will heal. She will return. Prayers for her.

  • TerribleTim tune designating demise of Demi Moore.

  • Demi is definitely feeling the effects of getting older, partying with young celebs, and staying slim, with her “own methods”