David Beckham Tells ‘Men’s Health’ He Never Had Any Intention Of Being Famous


Soccer star and underwear entrepreneur David Beckham is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Men’s Health magazine. In his coverstory interview, Becks explains to the magazine that he never had any intention on becoming famous. Despite the fact that he is among the world’s most beloved celebrities, Becks says that all he ever wanted to do was play football (er, soccer) … and that’s it. I guess it’s just lucky that he managed to get all that fame as well ;) The accompanying photospread features David Beckham wearing a simple white t-shirt (presumably from the David Beckham Bodywear collection) but as you can see in the photos below, it’s all he needs to give us a totally charming and absolutely swoon-worthy set of photos.

It’s a long time since David Beckham went from being a regular Premiership footballer to ‘Beckham the brand’. But despite raking in millions of pounds for lucrative advertising campaigns, David Beckham insists he never set out to be famous. The father-of-four, 36, says all he ever wanted to was play football and somehow, after getting together with Spice Girl wife Victoria, they became a celebrity supercouple. As he poses with a quiff for a new black and white photoshoot for the UK edition of Men’s Health magazine, Beckham opens up on his decision to re-sign with Los Angeles Galaxy last week. He tells the magazine: ‘I never wanted to be famous. I was never interested in anything else apart from becoming a footballer.’ And at 36, Beckham knows he doesn’t have long left in the game, but certainly has a lot to do before he retires. He said: ‘I know what my limits are, what I can achieve and which passes I can play. So that’s been my game over the last few years: I have adapted to my age, different situations and the position that I’m playing in. ‘I still love playing; I still love being part of a team. Right now I’m not even thinking about retiring.’ Although Team GB coach Stuart Pearce is yet to choose which footballers will represent the country at this summer’s Olympics, Beckham is hoping for the captain’s job. He enthused: ‘I’d like to play for a GB football team because it’s something that hasn’t happened for many, many years. Hopefully I’ll be fit, hopefully I’ll be in form and hopefully I’ll be playing.’

You know, I believe Becks when he says he never intended on being famous. Yes, it happened anyway but I think some people are just destined to follow a path that leads them to fortune and fame. I can absolutely believe that Becks kinda sorta just … fell into fame. I really find him to be among the most likable celebs … and that adds to his appeal … which further enhances his fame. Yeah, it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes either :) As for this photospread … are you kidding me? These photos OOZE charm and sexiness without having to show a bit of skin (NOT that I wouldn’t rather see LOTS of skin). This is a great magazine feature. If this issue looks like a must own to you like it does to me, you can pick up a copy when it hits newsstands on Monday January 30. I don’t know about you … but these photos of Becks are the kinds of photos that I might’ve tacked up on my bedroom wall once up a time … er, NOT that I’d still do it today ;)

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  • Fabio

    I love his hair here

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Boy is looking fierce here!!! DAYUM.

  • kriss_t

    Yum! Thank heavens for ‘no intentions’ :)

  • kendra


  • angie

    Oh, PU-LEEZE! Anybody that believes this is about as naive as it gets! If he didn’t intend to be famous, he WOULDN’T be famous. There are soooo many sports figures that I know absolutely NOTHING about, but for some reason I know WAAAY more about Dave and Vickie than is interesting.
    And yeah, Trent, way to not bring up his cheating ways, because you are soooo lovesick for him. I guess that’s part of his “most likeable celebrity charm,” right? Oh how I love double standards.

  • angie

    Let me add further, anybody who doesn’t intend to be famous doesn’t do cheesy photospreads with their wife or cover/interview for Men’s Health magazine. He and Vickie are the most diligent famewhores, complete with this Twitter account (incredibly lame). His arm tattoos are tacky, and his hair looks like utter crap.

  • gayana

    he looks a bit like a cute Shar-Pei lol too many wrinkles on his forehead))