Bethenny Frankel’s TV Talk Show Gets New Life


Last November we learned that Bethenny Frankel’s talk show Bethenny was killed off before it even made it to air. Today we learn that her show is now back from the dead … tentatively. Apparently, some Fox affiliates around the country are going to air Bethenny’s talk show to see how it does with viewers. As much as I love Bethenny, I just don’t think she’d do well as a talk show host but … what do I know? If The Talk (which, IMHO, is painful to watch) can stay on the air for 2 seasons now, maybe Bethenny’s show can too? Click below to read details about the undunzoness of Bethenny Frankel’s daytime talk show.

After it didn’t make the cut for a traditional fall 2012 launch, Warner Bros.’ Bethenny Frankel talk show is going for a non-traditional rollout. Fox TV Stations have picked up the show, Bethenny, for a six-week trial run in the summer on some Fox owned-and-operated stations including flagships WYNY New York and KTTV Los Angeles. It will likely follow the third season of Frankel’s Bravo reality series, which premieres in February. “Bethenny is a lightning rod, and from a marketing standpoint, we love the idea of her hit reality series dovetailing into this test,” said Fox TV Stations SVP Programming Frank Cicha. It’s been a very crowded marketplace for new syndicated talk shows, with a whopping 4 newbies — Twentieth’s The Ricki Lake Show, CBS’ Jeff Probst, ABC’s Katie and NBCU’s Steve Harvey – cleared for a September launch. The competition for station slots, made more fierce by the renewal of Warner Bros’ rookie Anderson, squeezed Bethenny out of contention for next fall, though Warner Bros and Fox continued discussions about an alternative way to get the show on the air. Doing summer talk show tests has become a Fox Stations specialty, as the company now does it virtually every year following the success of The Wendy Williams Show, which also started with a trial summer run … Bethenny, a daily one-hour entertainment talk show starring entrepreneur, reality star and Ellen regular Frankel, is produced by Telepictures Prods and executive produced by Frankel and Ellen DeGeneres. Frankel, who first garnered attention when she finished second on NBC’s The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, is best known as a star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of New York and her own spinoff series.

I must say, I never thought Wendy Williams would make a good daytime talk show host and she really proved me wrong. So … maybe Bethenny does have a chance at daytime talk show life. Altho I’m still not totally convinced (as I honestly believe she’s better in an ensemble for a talk show setting), I am rooting for her success. Bethenny is an incredibly intelligent and likable person … so … yeah, we’ll see. If Bethenny does air on your Fox affiliate, do you plan on watching? Do you think that Bethenny Frankel has a shot at being a successful talk show host?


  • Ria

    Not much of a Bethenny person, but just wanted to say “un-dunzo” amused me infinitely.

  • Liza

    No, I don’t think her show will take off. She’s three strikes and out with a lot of her formerly loyal fans. I used to love her, then…

    …she got busted when a chemist revealed that her “all natural” skinny girl cocktail mix actually had a laboratory-made harsh chemical additive. When she copped to it, she said it was only a “trace amount” and therefore not significant. Further analyses of the concoctions showed a much higher than “trace” amount of the chemical preservative in every single skinny girl product/size. Whole Foods was forced to stop selling it; the presence of the harsh chemicals made them unwitting liars as all of their products are supposed to be “natural”. She lied. On purpose. To make money. People could have gotten sick or died from anaphylaxis over preservative allergies…and she simply did not care.

    …AND…she did a cover story on Forbes magazine stating that she sold her skinny girl company for TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY MLION DOLLARS. It was a deal heralded by female businesswomen and feminists everywhere- “self made woman inks biggest company sale of this year!”
    Only it came out much much later that she actually sold the company for 8.1 million. A ton of money and a huge accomplishment- so why lie? She later tried to backtrack and say that Forbes “assumed” the 250 mil figure due to “rumors”– and she simply “didn’t correct them”. However, she was on video and radio several times making reference to “tens of millions” and “hundreds of millions”. Liar, liar, size 0 pants on FIRE.

    …but the MOST egregious and what led me to finally jump from the Bethenny Bandwagon for good: she set up a scene for her “reality” show which portrayed her, her loved ones, and film crew as being “lost at sea”. The dramatic “rescue” was proceeded by breathy proclamations about how she didn’t know if she would ever see her baby again, and how she got so (sniff) very (waaaah) choked UP (boo hoooo) when thinking about her camera crew’s families “came so close” to “losing them so unexpectedly”. People truly felt bad for her having gone through this horrible ordeal. And it turns out it was 100% staged- they were never “lost”, never in any danger whatsoever.

    I personally know several people who got way over Bethenny due to just ONE of the above mentioned incidents. But when you consider the totality of what she has done…I think many people are done with her. She needs to take her chemically enhanced booze, her 250, I mean 8 million dollars, and go the eff AWAY.

    • Jim

      I’m mad too. Lol.

  • Nathan

    You do know that Julie’s husband is the CEO and I believe President of CBS – the network The Talk is on.

  • Jim

    I wish her luck. I’m with you Trent. She’d be fantastic on the View or could even save your favorite, The Talk. Hell, let’s just get Housewives chat, Bethenny, Lisa Vanderpump, Nene Leakes, and Caroline Manzo in a studio and could have at it View style.