Jimmy Fallon Being Sued For Discrimination


News is just in that Jimmy Fallon is being sued by a former employee because he believes that Jimmy has a gender bias – that he likes to only work with females!

He might be a bit of a ladies man (in the pic above he is with Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake at the GQ 2011 ‘Men of the Year’ Party) but discriminating against men because you only want to work with women is a whole other story…

The employee who is suing NBC and Jimmy is Paul Tarascio… he claims he was “dropped from his position as first stage manager at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon … and replaced by a “totally incompetent woman” back in early 2010″.

In the documents, obtained by TMZ … Tarascio accuses Fallon of “gender bias” — and says he wasn’t the only victim. He claims other male staffers, such as audio technicians and a Prop-Master were also replaced by women at Jimmy’s request. In the docs, Tarascio says Jimmy’s director, David Diomedi, told him, “Jimmy just prefers to take direction from a woman.” He also claims that — under pressure from producers — Diomedi “knowingly fabricated alleged performance issues” about Tarascio.

Oooh,I don’t know what I think about this. My gut feeling tells me that this is a case of a disgruntled employee who got fired from his job and is angry because he thinks the person that replaced him isn’t as good as he was… I cant imagine that anyone would have a preference, or rule about an all-female crew, except for maybe Hugh Hefner…Paul, the guy who was fired, has obviously gathered evidence about other men who were fired, but this doesn’t prove that he only fires men – you would need to get hold of ALL the people, men and women, that were let off. Hmm…. will this be another case thrown out by the courts or will this end Jimmy’s career?


  • WickedSandwich

    It sounds like someone just looking to have a lawsuit. If David Letterman can have sex with his staffers and still have a show, I’m sure this too will pass.

    • JCZ

      ‘It sounds like someone just looking to have a lawsuit’

      So an American?

    • WickedSandwich

      Uh no Im American and think thats biased and untrue. There are people all over the world that file lawsuits at the drop of a hat, not just Americans..

    • Claire

      @WickedSandwich She was just making a joke. American’s have a pretty funny track record of petty lawsuits.

  • Jess

    If they’re talking about the woman that was there when I saw a taping of Fallon, back in september, she definitely wasn’t incompetent.

  • ChristineLA

    This just reeks of sour grapes to me. Frankly, even if it is not, women have been putting up with this for so long, I just can’t get remotely worked up enough to care.

  • Pixie

    I hate to think this of Jimmy Fallon (I love his show and he seems so nice!!) he also seems to have a lot of visible men working for him, you see them throughout the show.

    But I find the line “I cant imagine that anyone would have a preference, or rule about an all-female crew, except for maybe Hugh Hefner…” very offensive. It comes off as yea right who would hire an all female staff to get things done. How about a lot of places that either actively or passively hire all male “crew”. I know this is not how you meant it, but assuming that it is so ridiculous that a place would have all female workers that the only place possible is the playboy mansion comes off as offensive whether it is meant to or not.

    Thanks, had to add my 2 cents.

    • ChristineLA

      I agree with you, that is how it reads, even if it was not the intent.

  • blaqfury

    I don’t know why, but the lawsuit description made me laugh….

  • Haley

    I watch JF every night and I can think of maybe 3 women staffers that have appeared in his nightly sketches. There are a boat load of dudes working there so perhaps the guy(s)that have been terminated were unqualified for what the show is looking for or better yet…not funny! I bet Jimmy thought it would go over better by saying ‘I would rather be surrounded by sworms of women’ than ‘you’re really not funny enough to work here’