Watch: Matthew McConaughey Brings David Wooderson Back


Hottie Mathew McConaughey has brought back to life the famous Dazed & Confused character David Wooderson in a new music video by Butch Walker and the Black Widow’s, “Synthesizers.” Check it out… I think the song is great and it’s hilarious seeing Wooderson come back to life.

Matthew may be 42 years old but he doesn’t look much older (or less cool) than he did 19 years ago! The hair do, facial hair, clothes…all spot on, it is like watching David Wooderson reemerge having been frozen in time.

It was reported over the holidays that he is engaged to the mother of his child, Camila Alves. In those pics he looks vastly different from his alter-ego, David Wooderson… but in both cases, he is one serious hottie :)

What do you think of the video?


  • Nicola

    Hilarious! I think he did that part perfectly back in the day and he looks perfectly the part again. but kind of eerie how it’s exactly the same! My only beef with the video is those two girls following him around. Wooderson was a needy/desperate kind of awesome, chasing high school girls rather than risking getting rejected by girls his own age. NOT the kind of guy to have two supermodel-hot girls following him around.

  • Dot

    I love it! It’s fantastic.

  • michael shaffer

    Love this video! I’ve been a massive fan of Butch Walker for years, so I’m happy to see him getting some exposure for this.