Update: Seal’s Temper Reportedly Led To Hedi Klum’s Divorce


Now that we know officially that Heidi Klum and hubby Seal are divorcing after 7 years of marriage, new details are reportedly coming to light about the cause of the couple’s marriage breakdown. According to TMZ, the folks who first reported that Heidi was planning to file for divorce before she confirmed the news, the couple’s split has nothing to do with infidelity or a third person … it turns out that Seal reportedly has a nasty temper and that, apparently, is the reason why Heidi has decided to say Auf Wiedersehen to the couple’s 7 year marriage.

Heidi Klum is divorcing Seal largely because she has had it with his volcanic temper … TMZ has learned. Sources directly connected with the couple tell us … Heidi’s decision to divorce Seal has nothing to do with a third person. There is NO issue of infidelity. But Seal’s inability to control his anger has become too much for Heidi to take, in no small part because it’s affecting their children. TMZ broke the story that Heidi will divorce Seal, and we’ve learned this was not a snap decision. As one source said, “It was a long time in coming.” We’re also told … their careers also played a part in Heidi’s decision. She has become a mega-entrepreneur and extremely rich, and that professional evolution has created a distance between them. For his part, Seal has a new album coming out and he’s about to launch an international tour. We’re told Heidi and Seal are still living under the same roof, but that will change very soon.

Ugh, this is … unsettling. Fighting parents can have really negative effects on children so I can understand why Heidi might want to remedy the situation, if true, before her children can be too adversely affected. It’s also worth making clear that the official statement from Heidi and Seal does NOT use the word “divorce” at all … at least, not yet. It’s possible that the couple may separate for a time to see if their problems can be fixed … and hopefully they can. As a few Pink readers have rightly commented, P!nk and her hubby Carey Hart separated for a time while they figured out whether or not they wanted to remain married. In the end, the decided to stay together — and then they had a beautiful baby girl together. If this split is really due to anger management issues, then it’s possible that the relationship could be saved … if the couple wants to work on staying together. Then again, we have no idea how long Heidi has had to deal with this alleged temper so … maybe the split is actually for the best. Ugh … no matter, it’s still very sad when a seemingly happy couple like this decides to end their marriage.


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Well said Trent! I can’t believe they are actually seperated. Sad but I can understand if that is the root cause for her leaving.

  • Tiffany

    Fighting definitely takes its toll on children. I have made my own husband go to anger management counseling once a week as a condition to us staying married. My children don’t need a repeat of MY past and the scars that it has left me.

  • Max

    These alleged anger issues of Seal are a bit cliched…I find it sad that so many outlets don’t even question the validity of that rumor…Most assumed it to be plausible despite the fact that Seal seems to be a very loving father and husband…

    • @Max — I, for one, question the validity of the rumor … I even say so in the post.

  • JeniLee

    Might wanna fix the title to say that his temper “led to divorce” :-) sorry spelling errors bug me haha!

  • Marriage Breakdown

    while others find that they are not. As we observed earlier, it is not the number or intensity of arguments that is problematic but rather whether or not resolution of those arguments is likely or possible. Couples that get into trouble find themselves in conflicts that they cannot resolve or compromise upon to both party’s satisfaction. Such disagreements can be caused by any number of reasons, but might involve a clash of spousal values on core topics such as whether to have children, or how to handle money.

  • Melissa

    Honestly, if he really does have anger issues, I sincerely hope this is a wake up call for him to get the help he needs to stop it. Especially because they have so many kids together, and he’s an example for them, good or bad. Good for her for leaving, but that’s got to be tough on all of them. I feel the worst for their kids, because it’s all out in the public like this.