Tracy Morgan Collapses Unconscious At Sundance


OMG, more hospitalization news this morning…Tracy Morgan, the star of 30 Rock, is recovering in a Utah hospital after collapsing unconscious at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday.

Just yesterday we were talking about the stars partying at Sundance, and now there are RUMORS about people partying too hard?! When Tracy came off stage from an acceptance speech he apparently walked outside and collapsed into an unconscious state. Tongues started wagging about whether it was because of alcohol or drugs, of course… an ambulance was dispatched and Tracy was taken to a nearby hospital.

Tracy’s rep and a medical center released a statement bit later refuting those ugly rumors.

“From a combination of exhaustion and altitude, Tracy is seeking medical attention. He is with his fiancĂ©e and grateful to the Park City Medical Center for their care. Any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100% false.”

Amy Roberts, a spokeswoman for Park City Medical Center, also said that “no drugs or alcohol were found in Tracy’s system upon medical evaluation”.

Rumors can be so vicious. I guess it makes sense for people to ask the question about whether it was alcohol when someone collapses at a party.. but sometimes I just wish people would hold off on the accusations until more info emerges.

Poor Tracy, this sounds very serious. Being unconscious is not something to take lightly. He reportedly isn’t that well in general because he has diabetes. Hopefully he is recovering well with his family and fiance by his side. Lets send good thoughts to this funny guy to get better soon.

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  • Katie

    I don’t understand. Why say rumors can be so vicious but give the post headline that only fuels the rumors?

  • Joanna

    Karma’s a bitch! That’s what he gets for making insulting and derogatory comments amount gays. Hope he gets better soon.

  • bleeding ears

    “Being unconscious is not something to take lightly.” LMFAO I can’t believe you wrote that as a serious sentence. Made me laugh though. Thanks.

  • Nathan

    As someone else said, karma is a bitch. It’ll get ya every time.