‘Superman’ Star Henry Cavill Poses For A Cute Photo With A Small Super Fan


When last we saw photos of new Superman star Henry Cavill on the set of Man of Steel, he was lookin’ INSANELY hot and half nekkid. Today we get to see a new photo of Hank on set but this time, he is fully clothed. Now, before you go Aww man, I will have you know that Henry is fully clothed IN his snazzy new Superman suit and he is posing in an absolutely ADORABLE photo. Filming production of Superman: Man of Steel has made its way to Chicago, IL and in between takes, Henry as Superman posed for a photo with a cute little super fan. Check out the photo below.

As I understand it, this photo was snapped at Chicago’s Union Square which is doubling as the fictional Metropolis Central Station in the film. I’m guessing this little dude is an extra in the film … but no matter, he’s a damn lucky kid to get such a cute photo with Henry Cavill the new Superman. For me, Christopher Reeve will ALWAYS be my Superman … because he played the character in the films of my youth. For this young fan, Henry Cavill will always be his Superman … and he will look back on this photo with fond memories, I’m sure. While I would honestly prefer more photos of half-nekkid Henry, I really don’t mind getting to see fun photos from the set like this as well.


  • Lorraine

    Superman is so hard to get right. It would really take a God-like person to do it accurately. But you’re right, Christopher Reeve did it best!

  • Jen

    I just glanced at the photo and thought it was Jimmy from the Gigolo show on Showtime.

  • Lindsay

    Gorgeous and fan-friendly. I want to have his babies. Charles Brandon = sexiet character ever. Period.

  • Keith

    @Trent I was always a Helen Slater fan myself. I was all about the “Supergirl” film as a kid.

  • DougChgo

    Not Union SQUARE — Union STATION. Thanks for the cute pic.