Hugh Jackman & Ava Eliot Have A Playful Snow Fight With The Paparazzi


It’s been a year since we last saw photos of daddy Hugh Jackman, his daughter Ava Eliot and their pet pooch Dalí playing in the NYC snow … but it’s about that time again. Manhattan has finally gotten it’s annual dump of snow which meant that Hugh had to get bundled up and out into the streets to play. As you can see in the photos below, Hugh and Ava decided to involve the paparazzi photogs in their little snow ball fight … and along the way, Hugh fed Ava some questionable snow. It was all in a day’s fun for Hugh and his little girl.

As an Australian it is doubtful Hugh Jackman saw much snow as he was growing up. But he certainly seemed to enjoy making sure his daughter Ava took advantage of the white stuff as they larked around in New York today. The hunky X-Men star relished helping the cute six-year-old make snow balls as they went for a walk in the snow covered city. And the jolly star even took the chance to share a giggle with photographers by playfully throwing one at them. Cunning Hugh, 43, gave them a friendly smile as he lulled them into a false sense of security. He then gathered up a handful of snow as he got ready to execute his dastardly plan. The Real Steel actor then put his action man muscles to good use by giving his ball a full-bodied toss. Whether he managed to hit his target is a mystery, but he certainly seemed pleased with himself as he continued his dog-walking session. The down to earth star was having fun spending some quality time with his ambrosial daughter and his heart-melting French bulldog.

You know, as much as I really hate the snow … it’s hard not to want to run out and play with Hugh, Ava and Dalí. Everything that Hugh and his kids do looks like fun … no matter how mundane or run-of-the-mill. Whether Hugh is walking his kids to school or he is taking the dog out for a stroll, it looks like everyone is having a helluva lotta fun. I want to have a snow ball fight too, now! No fair.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • kendra

    Ahh! He seems like such a great dad! He makes my ovaries weep..

  • Ama

    Haha, that’s great. I use to love the snow but now I’m kind of tired of the snow/cold. It’s just not that fun-maybe it would be if I had children. My dog LOVES the snow-she could stay out in it all day if possible. I also gotta say that I love that Hugh actually takes his dog out/gives it exercise. People seem to think small dogs don’t need it.

  • Dot

    Picture with the dog killed me – I’m just laughing out loud literally.