Kathy Griffin Strips On TV (Again!)


A few weeks ago we reported that Kathy Griffin was launching her own new talk show, ‘Kathy,’ but that we are afraid that she might use it just to get out of her clothes on TV. She did it first on Anderson Cooper’s New Year’s Eve coverage at Times Square, and then AGAIN (yes, AGAIN!) on David Letterman’s show this week. Huh??

On the Letterman show this week David asked her about the incident on New Year’s Eve, when Kathy stripped down into her bra and undies during the Times Square coverage. What did she say?

“I thought it would be appropriate in Times Square to create sort of a moment…so I took my clothes off.”

A “moment?” I just don’t get it. This of course led to her doing it again for David.

I’m not quite sure I understand this thing she’s got happening. If it is to get some more PR and tongue-wagging about her, I guess, she is succeeding, but it just seems so stupid to me. Yes, she has a great body for 51 and yes, it is slightly (in a kind of 51 year old way) risque to get down to your bra and undies on TV, but it is.. well, stupid and not very funny. I think initially she was doing it for laughs, she is a comedian after all, but I don’t think that many people are finding it comical anymore… do you?

What do you think? Is this going to be her ‘thing’ now? Ugh!

Here’s a clip of the Letterman episode in case you didn’t catch it…

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  • Bryan

    Honestly…. I love ittttt. She’s known for being outlandish and I can appreciate the humor in it all. However, I do think that she tends to beat her jokes into the ground. Here’s hoping for some fresh material for the new show. <3 u Kathy :)