David Beckham Talks About His Underwear In ‘The Telegraph’ Magazine


At the start of this month, we got our FIRST look at the new collection of David Beckham Bodywear which is set to go on sale at H&M stores around the world next month. Today we get to check out an interview feature with David Beckham in this weekend’s issue of the British newspaper The Telegraph wherein Becks talks about his underwear … in detail. The article focuses on Beckham’s brand expansion into the world of underwear/bodywear but he is grilled a bit about the kind of underwear that he likes chooses to wear in various circumstances (around the house vs. on the soccer field, for example). It is a VERY interesting read. Check out excerpts below.

Subjected to an intense round of underwear interrogation, David Beckham becomes ever-so-slightly uncomfortable. The famous, tattoo-etched Beckham arms that were previously at rest on the table between us rise edgily upwards to facilitate pensive strokes of the Beckham stubble. He tweaks at his hitherto undisturbed beanie, and the gold Rolex chronograph pinched from his wife’s dressing-table this morning glints in the midwinter Los Angeles sunlight. ‘Briefs,’ he ventures, ‘are what I mostly wear. When playing, definitely.’ Boxer short-wise, he confesses admiration for those that Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg once modelled for Calvin Klein. However, he concurs that too much material in the leg can spark unwanted in-trouser rucking. ‘Which is why it’s good to wear them at night. I prefer to wear the briefs during the day.’ The Beckham voice rises a semi-desperate semi-octave. ‘But everyone’s different!’ Remorselessly, we continue, contemplating a selection of thigh-fitting, boxer-meets-budgie-smuggler hybrids (the label says ‘Trunk Briefs’). These come in two styles, one offering a buttoned fly, the other a supportive pouchy arrangement. This offers optimal comfort but – how to say it chastely? – reduced egress. ‘I probably prefer the pouch to the fly,’ Beckham says, ‘personally.’ A pause. Then he cracks. The brow ruefully crinkles, and sinks towards his hands. ‘What I just said! “I prefer the pouch”!’ Britain’s pre-eminent sporting hero of our time adopts an own-goal slump. From behind her BlackBerry, his personal publicist Jo Milloy says via a sigh that she can see the headline now. This magazine, however, will not flinch from forensically questioning David Beckham about his underpants. Nor indeed his vests, pyjamas or long johns. For this – as it has been sternly, repeatedly, nay contractually stipulated – must be the main topic of our conversation today.

After The Telegraph pressed Becks about his personal underwear wearing habits, they turned their focus to the David Beckham Bodywear collection itself:

From February 2, David Beckham’s underpants can be your underpants too, for a trifling £7.99 (briefs) or £9.99 (boxers). That is when they and the rest of his ‘bodywear’ range go on sale in every one of the Swedish fashion retailer H&M’s 1,800ish stores in 40ish countries worldwide. And unlike H&M’s usual popular but purposefully fleeting fashion collaborations with Marni, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and their ilk, this is a long-term partnership. Beckham and H&M (there is no hint of Californian softening to Beckham’s Estuary ‘haitch and emm’) have signed a rolling, to-be-renewed-biannually contract that is expected to last at least half a decade. While his remuneration has not been made public, Beckham will certainly not have come cheap. Whatever the price, however, H&M may well have pulled off the most fruitful fashion transfer of the season. The ‘bodywear’ collection was originally planned as a stand-alone, self-produced product by Beckham and his advisers. It was, Beckham says, ‘all ready to go’ when he and his business partner, Simon Fuller, first revealed their plans for an underpants start-up last May. Not only were the designs finalised, so too was the all-important sell: the label and packaging. Co-designed by Beckham and Alasdhair Willis (the husband of Stella McCartney and a consultant to Adidas, one of Beckham’s long-term sponsors) this label – the branding that appears on the waistband of all the underwear – is rather restrained. Exactly the same as the label on his perfume, it says ‘David Beckham’ in block capitals, with the end of each word partially obscured by a white, circular elision. ‘We came up with a few ideas, then this,’ Beckham says. ‘It’s like a hole punch. Some people say it’s a bit like a football, but I tried to stay away from that – it’s a whole different thing. I wanted something that people would know was me, but for people who did not want David Beckham splashed over their underwear. Which some people don’t, I’m sure’ … The H&M television ads, which will air from February 2, he says, are in the ‘pushing it a little’ category. ‘Seeing the video I thought, “Millions of people are going to see this. And, it’s, ummmm, me, on a turntable, spinning, in my underwear.”‘

The full Telegraph feature can be read HERE (and the photos above were provided by Victoria Beckham herself, who posted the images on her official Twitter profile earlier today). I have to say, there aren’t many conversations that I find most … er, engaging … than David Beckham taking about his underwear so … yeah, I can appreciate a feature story like this ;) I must say … I’m very intrigued by the soon-to-be released promo video for David Beckham Bodywear. I’m curious to see just what “pushing it a little” means … I can’t wait! I have no doubt that this underwear line will be a huge success for Becks. Teaming up with H&M was brilliant. The undies will be available for sale at a reasonable price, at a store that accessible to almost all on a global scale. Who knew that underwear could be so exciting? Hmmm, I guess it depends on who’s underwear, I suppose. I, for one, am really looking forward to the release of David Beckham Bodywear … aren’t you?

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  • kendra

    I can’t wait for those ads! As I’ve mentioned on here about, oh, a billion times, this man is PERFECT!! I can’t wait to see him do anything on a turntable.. ;)