Zoe Saldana Helps At The Scene Of An Accident


We got some breaking news via People Magazine of the lovely, Zoe Saldana, rushing to the side of an older woman who had just been involved in a car accident. Zoe is used to being the hero in movies, and seems she is just as much the hero in real life. Check out the exclusive pics from the scene of the accident.

Zoe rose to fame as the star of Avatar, and more recently her new flick, The Words with hottie Bradley Cooper (who she was reportedly dating in real life.)

We love Zoe on the screen and now love her even more as she is such a good person. Apparently when she saw the accident happen, she immediately went to help and phoned 911.

Saldana and another passerby transported the woman – who was conscious but injured – from her car to the curb. There they called 911 and waited for police and paramedic attention on the scene.

The onlooker adds: “While waiting for help to arrive, Zoe returned to the woman’s car and picked up the woman’s handbag and sweater. Zoe was very caring and sweet to the woman.”

I think this is wonderful news. It is great to see a star more concerned with a stranger’s well being and safety than what paparazzi pics might go up the next day of her. Lets hope the poor lady who seems really hurt is recovering well. We are sending our best wishes out to you. I bet she doesn’t realize that her face is now all over the internet because she was ‘saved’ by Zoe Saldana!

Check out the latest pics from the scene of the accident.

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  • beth

    Yeah. I don’t see why a star would be ‘concerned’ about paparazzi pics of helping someone at the scene of an accident. Surely a celeb gossip writer such as yourself understands this is excellent pr…right?

  • swile71

    Of course it is great PR but she still could have easily driven by. I think this is the kind of person she is and I applaud her for doing what she did.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She did not stop and help for PR…Damn you are cynical! Most people, celebs too, would have just kept going. Kudos for her for going above and beyond and helping someone else when they truly needed it!!

  • beth

    of course this is absolutely commendable. I just did not understand the observation that somehow being photogrpahed doing something really great should be a concern for the celeb…

  • Kelly

    Can we also please notice the kinda tough-looking dude in the hoodie and hat comforting the lady? I love stories that show ppl working to help someone in need….whomever they may be. Thanks Melissa! Also, i hope you have recovered from the haters of lst week!