Russell Brand Plans To Reveal All In A Memoir


The Katy Perry-Russell Brand story continues… we learned via Us Mag today that Russell is planning to publish a memoir which reveals all the details about his failed marriage to Katy Perry.

Oooh poor Katy – not only is she dealing with the loss of the relationship and recently filed divorce papers but now this… obviously it isn’t confirmed that it is definitely going to be published but the news going around today is that Russell is planning on writing and releasing this memoir, and no doubt if this memoir does eventuate, it will have a lot of info in it about his marriage to Katy.

“Katy is insulted and feels betrayed that Russell has treated her so poorly,” a pal to the “Firework” singer, 27, tells Us. “She will never forgive him…He’s being so atrocious that she feels like she never knew him.”

Oh this is sad, I admit that I can be a bit gullible when it comes to love… but seeing an ex attack, like this, just seems to be so futile and malicious. In this case Russell may have been planning on publishing a memoir for a while now, and we could give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he will include stuff in it about Katy (it would be weird if he didn’t) but it doesn’t have to be hurtful and include all the minute details of why the marriage didn’t work out.. we will have to wait and see if the rumor of a memoir actually comes into fruition. It will make for some interesting reading if it does…

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    If he writes a dirty tell all about her he is truly an asshole!! Also, good luck getting any tail after that.

  • Missy

    Considering he’s already published two books about his life that pretty much tell all the nitty gritty, I’m willing to believe a third has been in his head for a while.

    • ChristineLA

      Exactly. She married a man who had already written TWO tell all books. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that he would write a third, married to her or not. I doubt he will spill any more details than he would have if they were married. Russell Brand tells all in his stand-up too, this is not shocking, at all.

      On another note, I’m really getting tired of all the “poor Katy” nonsense. She married a long sober recovering addict, and went around waxing poetic about how much partying and drinking means to her in the press. This marriage was doomed from the beginning. I think they genuinely loved each other, but they are just not compatible.

    • Sarah B

      I couldn’t agree with you more ladies!!

    • AmandaNikita

      @ChristineLA Could not have said it better! Russel has always been brutally honest about his life. I don’t believe his purpose is going to be to hurt or attack her, he will just tell it like it is because that’s who he is.

    • Alys

      @ChristineLA – Wonderfully said and puts a point on it. Each party is half responsible for what happened, at least as we know. Katy lives a very party-girl style of life in the spotlight, and how does she expect to live happily with a man avoiding it?

  • Brent

    I really like Katy and think she is very talented. I really hate this happened to her, and obviously Russel Brand is trying to get as much attention as he can. To use a failed marriage to try and further your career is extremely tacky.

    • AmandaNikita

      Attention? That’s such a lame accusation to give any celebrity when they do something someone doesn’t like. If anything Russel is very low-key, he has his own fan base and that is who is books are directed at, people interested in HIS life. Katy was well aware that he is an author, and an honest one at that. I strongly believe this book would have been written to include the ups and downs of their relationship regardless of how it ended. It’s unfair to say he’s trying to further his career with attention when at the same time standing up for whipped-cream-tits Katy.

    • AmandaNikita

      And talented? Vocally, yes. Of all pop stars, I even have a soft spot for her and her music. But the fact is it’s music she didn’t write. Her fame is based on looks and publicity.

  • Cheryl

    Asshole move if true, but I’ll still read it!

  • nicole

    i dont think he would so much write a tell all about katy. if he doesnt write another tell all about his life – yes their marriage would get mentioned (duh it was a part of his life) but i dont think it would get mean or nasty and spill dirty secrets.

  • Dee

    I have read both his books, and hope he does write another. He is a good writer. Of course it will mention his marriage if he writes one. I a married to a recovering alchoholic (24yrs. sober!), and yes it’s a pain in the butt sometimes. Although I trust him, I still don’t keep booze in the house, not that I don’t trust him, but just so he dosen’t have that pressure in the house. We rarely go to parties together because even after 20+ years, the smell of booze gets to the hubby. But he also does not expect me to stop drinking (not that I’m much of a drinker) You have to make some compromises and concessions when you are with someone in recovery, and I think Katy is still in party girl mode. And there is nothing wrong with that, they are just two people who are not in the same space right now. It’s too bad.

    • ChristineLA

      I completely agree with you. Congratulations to your hubby for 24 years of sobriety, that isn’t easy!

  • lccnic

    I think he’s just trying to get some $$$ out of her….she is the bread winner after all.

    • AmandaNikita

      Yes, because I’m sure he’s in such financial hardship…

    • Alys

      I doubt this completely. He had written two books about his upbringing and struggle with addiction in the past. It’s probably much more about him writing for a therapeutic purpose — to frame and understand the relationship and this period of his life, its failure and its successes (as they are), and everything else that happened. Don’t forget, she -married him- knowing that he’s an established author.

    • ChristineLA

      AmandaNikita, I do love appropriate use of sarcasm! Russell is not hurting for money, nor did he seek out Katy for hers.

  • kat

    “but seeing an ex attack, like this, just seems to be so futile and malicious”- that’s a bit over dramatic don’t you think? :) In total agreement with ChristineLA and AmandaNikita. Oh and also, Russell did have a career before he met Katy- probably just not well known in the US.

    • ChristineLA

      The part that really gets me is Russell Brand is whip smart and a comedic genius. He is SO talented, but not well known in this country. I tell everyone who wants to see how fantastic he is off the cuff to watch the DVD extra from his live show in NYC (on YouTube), so smart, and hilarious!

  • Carol Lynn

    As noted, Russell Brand has already written 2 autobiographical books that were BEST SELLERS! (pre Katy Perry). It is his nature to tell things, because he’s a story teller. It would really surprise me if any of the following happened: He takes a lot of her money, he brutalizes her in print, he uses her in any way to advance his own (quite healthy) career, or he acts like an asshole. Under it all, he’s a very intelligent man, who does have a sense of how the littlest thing gets blown out of proportion in the media. I also believe he has great compassion. I predict he will make jokes about it after all wounds are sufficiently licked. (Double entendre intended.) And he will move on to cover the waterfront, so to speak.

  • Val 2.0

    1) I would read that book.
    2) He is having SO MUCH SEX now.