Lea Michele Tweets A Photo Of Her ‘Glee’ Gay Dads


Earlier this week it was reported that actors Jeff Glodbloom and Brian Stokes Mitchel have been cast to play gay dads to Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry character on Glee. Today we get our first look at Rachel and her two dads as they mug for an impromptu family photo together on the set of Glee. Lea posted the new photo on her official Twitter profile … and you can check it out below.

The Berry family has come together for “Glee”. Just days after it was reported that Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell were cast as Rachel’s gay fathers, Hiram and LeRoy Berry, the two actors showed up on the set of the musical series. Lea Michele did not waste time to pose with her on-screen dads and share the picture via her Twitter account. In the caption of the photo, which gives a look at the happy family, the Rachel depicter simply wrote, “Dads.” Previously, Michele posted a series of tweets to express her excitement to work with Goldblum and Mitchell. “So excited that we’re finally going to get to meet Rachel’s dads!!! So anxious to get to work with both of them!!” she wrote on January 19. She later added, “Brian Stokes and I have been friends for ages!!! We worked together on Broadway! So happy he’s going to be on the show!!!” In another tweet, she gushed, “This is definitely going to be the best day ever.. Getting ready to shoot my first scene with my two dads!” Goldblum and Mitchell will make their first appearance on “Glee” in an episode titled “Heart”, which is scheduled to air on February 14. They are reportedly going to sing on the FOX popular series.

HMMM. I guess it was only a matter of time until we’d get to meet Rachel Berry’s gay dads on Glee but … I kinda liked that we never saw what they looked like. But, since the pair have been a complete no-show for 3 seasons now, it makes sense that the folks at Glee would want to capitalize on the gay dads’ first appearance on the show. I’m glad that the Glee actors are allowed to tweet photos like this from the set. It adds to the fun of the show to see personal photos like this from the actors themselves. This first look at the Berry family is very cute, I think. What do you think of Rachel’s gay dads?

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  • Veronica

    I absolutely LOVE Brian Stokes Mitchell!!! I’m glad that they’ll get to sing, BSM has one of the most beautiful voices in musical theatre!

  • Not sure what I had in mind for her dads, but I don’t think this was it…….. but I’m sure I’ll love it once I see it.

  • Janaegal

    Even though one of her dads is supposed to be black (hellloooo pilot episode), I’m on board with this casting choice. And that’s saying a lot because usually my reaction to Jeff Goldblum is a lot of rolling my eyes.

    • nicole

      isnt Brian Stokes Mitchell black? or atleast half?

    • Velaine

      Yes. Yes, he is.

  • nicole

    not sure what i was expecting, but this wasnt it. but i love Jeff Goldblum so im all for it.

  • azuresque

    Yeah in the pilot episode they showed a picture of her dads and one of them is supposed to be black!

  • Janaegal

    Ahh, I guessing should have looked at the picture better, he is (part at least) black. That’s Hilary’s fiancĂ© from Fresh Prince!!!!

    • Cece

      I’m so glad someone else recognized BSM as Trevor!!

      “Hilary Banks, will you marry…*splat*”

  • Jacinta

    Dear various commenters above,

    Brian Stokes Mitchell IS Black.


  • Joe

    People of color come in all shades. Hell white people come in all shades.

    The point of the picture was that Rachel had a black dad and a Jewish dad…. the men fit that bill plus they can act and Mitchell can sing.

  • Ali

    They all don’t mean that he isn’t really black, they mean that in the first episode they showed a picture of her two dad’s and one of them was very very dark skinned, so it a continuity issue from the first episode.