Eva Longoria Removing Stains From Her Past


Just a few days ago we talked about the danger of getting a tattoo with your partner’s initials or name when we learned of the split between Avril Levigne and Brody Jenner… Yesterday we heard that Eva Longoria has found a way to get rid of those awful reminders… duh!? remove the tattoo!

The information came to us via TMZ who learned that Eva went to a specialized tattoo removing doctor to remove the ink she has on the back of her neck spelling the number ‘nine.’ The tatt was in honor of her ex husband, Tony Parker who she has since divorced. Things ended between Eva and Tony and the ‘nine’ tattoo would have been a constant reminder of him on her body as it is Tony’s number on the San Antonio Spurs team.

We know that Eva is now in a pretty serious relationship with Eduardo Cruz (Penelope’s younger brother) so naturally the tattoo on her back of ex Tony Parker wouldn’t be an easy thing for either of them to be reminded of everyday.

It makes me wonder, when someone decides to get a tattoo of their loved one it is because they believe the relationship will last forever…needing to get rid of a tattoo once the relationship has ended is another step in the mourning process but it must be so much sadder then simply removing ink from skin. Is getting rid of the tattoo enough to get rid of the memory?

Have a look at the adorable pics of Eva and bf, Eduardo Cruz, loved up as they wander the stores and show some very public displays of affection.. they do seem very in love!

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I had a friend get a tatoo the other day of their partner. When he showed me all I did was laugh and say that is the kiss of death for a relationship. Sorry but that is the worst idea ever. Needless to say he wasn’t too happy!!

  • muchacha

    I agree, such a bad idea! Then again, I am not a fan of tattoos in general, I hate mine and wish I had never gotten it.

  • kendra

    Yeah..I’d never get a mate’s name tatted on me..I reserve my personalized tattoos for family members..I have one for my siblings, my dad, and my son..Next up is one for my brother who passed away and my nieces and nephews..

  • Ama

    That’s usually why tattoo artist try and convince people not to get their lovers name tattooed on them or they just refuse to do those type of tattoos.

    I think that getting the name of a lover is one of the tattoos that people regret getting the most.

  • Laura


  • AmandaNikita

    My brother has his ex girlfriends name on his hand. Even more stupid when it’s something so visible.