Jake Gyllenhaal & Adam Levine Go On A Bro Date


Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and singer Adam Levine hooked up in Studio City, CA yesterday for a little sushi lunch date together on Ventura Blvd. To be honest, I knew that Jake and Adam were friends but I didn’t know they were the kind of BFFs that sneaked off together for lunch dates. It seems to me that I grossly underestimated the couple’s bromantic intentions toward one another. That being said, I can’t think of anything more delicious than a lunch date between Jakey poo and Adam Levine. Check out the photos below.

While some guys are happy to shake hands or even give a chest bump or two when they part ways, it looks like Jake and Adam like to hug … and I can’t say that I blame them. If I were Adam and Jake called me up for lunch, I’d be looking for any reason possible to work in a hug … or two. It remains to be seen if these two guys plan to hang out more but I know I wouldn’t mind seeing more photos of JAdam on other lunch dates together ;) How about you?

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Carissa

    Didn’t they go to high school together?

    • @Carissa — Did they? HMMM … that would mean that they likely showered together in gym. HMMMMMMM.

    • Sergeja

      Hahaha @ Trent :)))

    • hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Marcus_Em

      my thoughts EXACTLY.. this is by far the sexiest lunch I have ever seen.. wow..

    • Carissa

      I was wrong. It’s just Jake’s IMDB bio but apparently they went to kindergarten and elementary school together.


      Sorry to bust the showering fantasy. :(

  • Kim

    can i get in the middle of that please?! ;)

  • nicole

    who doesnt Adam have a bromance with these days?

  • Kristen

    LOL at the captions!!! And yes, what a hot combo these two make. Love that they hugged, too.

  • JeniLee

    Dont forget Austin Nichols :-) It was a threeway lunch. You can see him in the back of the first pic!

    • ChristineLA

      Oh, good eye! I was wondering where he was, and if he and Jake were no more.

  • nikokidd

    My understanding is that not only did they go to high school together but as far back as Kindergarten, them and the rest of Maroon 5, I may be wrong though…

    • MD

      Not all of Maroon 5, just three of the original members (and their old drummer, if I recall correctly).

  • Jamie

    I thought when I read the headline it was Jake and Adam Lambert…now THAT would be a scandal.

  • Praise be the captions!

  • Sorry, but this Levine guy is so fugly, why is America trying to make him out to be sexy when he is clearly NOT!

  • Eddie Assati

    Everyone knows both Jake and Adam are gay and dating each other. If they are not strictly gay, they are bisexual like
    Jake’s brother-in-law, Peter Sarsgaard. These Hollywood guys play loose and fancy-free with sexuality. They’d nail a tree if it had a hole in it. They are not brave enough, though, to man up and come out of their closets. A bunch
    of good-looking losers, if you ask me!

  • Sarah

    Gosh! Adam Levine is so hot <3! They'd be an awesome couple!!

  • Emma

    they are old friends and i think it is good that they feel comfortable to hug, it doesn’t mean they are gay… it means they are close friends and they are comfortable with their sexuality without having to get weird like most guys do! besides Adam hugs everyone so it is hardly a suprise, he is just an affectionate guy, no big deal…