Hugh Jackman Is A Scooter Boi

Nice Ride, Hugh

Welp, he’s at it again. You may recall that back in November of 2010, Hugh Jackman was photographed riding around NYC on his daughter Ava Eliot‘s scooter. Well, just yesterday, Hugh was snapped AGAIN on Ava‘s scooter and from the happy look on his face … it appears that Hugh was having the best time ever. Now, one might think that a rich and famous celebrity wouldn’t want to be caught dead riding in (or on) anything NOT luxurious. I guess Hugh Jackman just isn’t that kind of celeb.

I believe these photos were snapped just after Hugh dropped off his daughter at school … so he was riding her scooter home. Sigh. Isn’t that just the cutest thing ever? I’ve mentioned many times how impressed I am at how doting and attentive Hugh Jackman is with his children … and this is just further proof. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hugh rode the scooter back to school to pick up Ava at the end of the day. That’s an awesome dad, y’all. Again, I say, sigh.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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  1. Very cute and I’m sure he is a great dad! He is also very intelligent and has a heart. He’s been an ambassador for World Vision and has started “Laughing Man” a company with EXCELLENT CSR Business values. You can read more about it here: Stop by when you get a chance.

  2. Junior Mint

    He is a wonderful dad. I am more interested of how amazing he is in the sack! He looks like he knows how to work it, lol.

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