Camille Grammer Says ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Is Casting New Housewives


The season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will air on Bravo TV next Monday night but we are hearing from castmember Camille Grammer that Bravo producers are already looking for a new housewife (or housewives) to join the cast for next season. Camille reveals that Bravo has NOT approached her to return to the show for the upcoming 3rd season and claims that Bravo is already casting new people for the show. Say it ain’t so!

After firing four New York housewives in one fell swoop last year, it’s entirely believable to me that Bravo’s eye is already roving for new cast members for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as it’s reaching its Season 2 finale next Monday. But, it’s especially believable when one of the housewives says it. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Camille Grammer reveals that she hasn’t been asked back for next season and that she’s been told the production is casting new housewives. “I had a good year, so I would want to go back for a third season. But they haven’t asked me yet. So, I wonder what’s going on with that,” Camille tells the site. “I guess they decided who they want and I guess they are going to start casting, looking for new housewives,” she continues. “They told me they were going to start looking, so it wasn’t behind my back. They were like, ‘Sorry we are doing a big casting call.’ I was like, ‘Thanks'” … The situation she describes sounds very close to the one that went down with the New York City cast last year. The women were told they were still on hold until further notice while casting went on for other wives. Offers went out to the women they wanted to keep and to the ones they wanted to add. And depending on whether the women accepted Bravo’s offers, Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, and Cindy Barshop would learn their fate. We all know how that turned out. A Bravo rep tells THR that the network doesn’t comment on cast negotiations and that no official announcement of a third season has been made.

Yeah … I, too, am not surprised that Camille has been put on hold while Bravo ALLEGEDLY seeks out new castmembers for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In all honesty, Camille was pretty non-existent this season. The only time we did see her, she was fighting with Taylor Armstrong who we now know was being abused by her husband before he committed suicide … which doesn’t really paint Camille in the best light. Considering how many heads rolled when Bravo fired almost everyone from The Real Housewives of NYC, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Camille is right about Bravo’s intentions for Beverly Hills. I don’t expect we’ll be hearing anything official regarding casting for season 3 of RHOBH anytime soon but … at least Camille has given us the early head’s up. What do y’all think? Do you want to see Camille axed from Beverly Hills? Is there anyone else (like Brandi Glanville) that YOU think should also be fired from and replaced on the show?


  • Katie

    I think Camille was on this season to repair her image from the first season and that was about it. I hope Brandi stays. I’m not really a huge fan but she does add some drama to the show. The only 2 that I really want to stick around are Kyle & Lisa. I really don’t see Bravo getting rid of either of them.

  • gagirl

    Dana has been non-existent and I don’t feel like she has the glamor for the show.

    Brandi can be entertaining but I’m not sure.

    Kim needs to be axed, I cannot stand to see her on the screen. She needs professional help and I don’t think the show is good for her.

    Taylor can be a draw with all that has happened but I don’t feel the need to watch

    Camille, oh what to say. I hated her last season and wanted her gone but she has really grown on me.

    Adrienne is an awesome portrayal have someone who can work hard and still be fabulous

    Lisa is a diva and I LOVE it

    Kyle is my favorite of all

    In the end, I think ax Dana, Brandi, Kim and Taylor. If Kyle or Lisa leave, I won’t bother watching anymore

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I actually really enjoyed her this season. I think she should come back and they should totally get rid of BRANDY!!!!! GAG. I would keep most everyone else but Taylor should be gone too but they will keep her just to watch how she is now husband free!!! I love this shit. Can you believe how jacked up Kim was this week?? WTF, and that baggy she pulled out in the limo??

    • Ashley P

      Yea, Kim was a train wreck. Especially when she was talking about being late. Crazzzy

    • Suz

      Kim WAS a train wreck! Ugh I also have problems watching her on the show. Her and the BF. I really hope they don’t axe anyone except KIM. I love love LOVE Lisa and Kyle! They’re the best.

  • Ashley P

    Even though Camille wasn’t on the show very much this season I still don’t want her to go. Brandi annoyed me. I hope they all stay, even Kim.

  • fab4runner

    I am enjoying this season and hope they all stay. Brandi makes me laugh…it’s funny to see their reactions to some of her comments.

  • Adri

    Camille was definitely kind of a snore this season, but I like her on the show and will miss her if she gets axed. Kyle is probably the only other cast member of this season that I wouldn’t want to go.

  • kendra

    I was super iffy on Brandi at first, but I love her now..She seems like so much fun! And her observances (is that even a word?) are so spot on regarding Kim..No one else wanted to bring it up..I’m glad she has on more than one occasion..I think they could get rid of Taylor and Kim and I’d be ok..Anyone else I think I’d be bummed about..

  • Lisa Lisa

    I think Kim and Taylor should both take a break from the show. They both have so much going on personally, and I don’t think the cameras are helping either of them. Brandi adds a certain something to the show, so I’d like to see her stay. Adrienne, Lisa, and Kyle should definitely stay. As far as Dana goes, she’s so desperate to be part of the group and talk about her Valentino shorts, but I hope they don’t add her to the main cast.

    • @Lisa Lisa — “I think Kim and Taylor should both take a break from the show. They both have so much going on personally, and I don’t think the cameras are helping either of them” I only half agree with you. The cameras are not helping Kim in the least … but IMHO, the show probably saved Taylor’s life. If it weren’t for the cameras, who knows how much more physical abuse she may have suffered at the hands of her cowardly husband.

    • ChristineLA

      That is only IF you believe Taylor’s version of events. I have never in my entire life doubted someone who has said they are a victim of domestic abuse, but I don’t believe one word out of Taylor’s mouth. In the most recent episode alone, her choice of words was SO suspicious, and highly telling, to me, that she was working overtime to avoid a lawsuit by the then still alive Russell. Taylor has proven herself over and over to be a HUGE liar, starting with her name, Adrienne being her daughter’s godmother, and on and on. It’s very convenient for her that Russell is now dead and cannot offer another side to the story.

      The photo of her black eye that she released can EASILY be explained by the plastic surgery she is such a fan of. I do not take anything this woman says as gospel truth, and I think she has done a huge disservice to abuse victims this season.

    • @ChristineLA — “That is only IF you believe Taylor’s version of events” I absolutely believe Taylor’s claims of abuse. Without question, absolutely.

  • Lisa Lisa

    I agree with you, Trent, in the fact that the cameras probably saved her life. I just think that dealing with her past abuse, her husband’s suicide, and trying to raise her daughter are things she should be able to work through in private, not in therapy sessions that are televised.

    • @Lisa Lisa — “she should be able to work through in private, not in therapy sessions that are televised.” Yes, on that point, I totally agree.

  • Jim

    In the past, they never really add in the “friends of the housewives”, so Brandi and Dana aren’t coming on board (at least I would hope). Camille going would be a huge mistake, she is someone who has the balls to say stuff when no one else would. She could have realistically been the one to unravel the Taylor and Russell marriage and as Trent points out, saved her. Kim needs to go, and Taylor needs to decide if she wants to. I think she should have that open ended option. Kyle, Lisa and (surprisingly) Adrienne need to stay on with Camille.

  • AJ

    I honestly love the cast as is. Why fix something that isn’t broken. I mean NYC was stale and the women that left were bringing nothing to the series. I think there will also be a large shake up on the ATL too. I can see that because that cast is falling apart. But BH seems to have cohesion, I don’t get why you’d fiddle with it? Add Brandi and keep Kim on a come as is basis. BRAVO never makes good decisions with their Housewives series (minus canceling DC).

    • Jim

      I disagree whole-heartedly that Bravo makes bad decisions wiht the Housewives Series, in fact they have nailed it almost every time.

      They pulled the plug on the NYC Housewives who were bringing down the show, they pulled the whole plug on DC (which I actually enjoyed some of the personalities from, but you seem to be in favor of it), they saved the Jersey series by adding in some great personalities quick to replace Dina and Danielle, the revolving door at OC is correct because the core group is right but that 5th lady needs to be the right mix, ATL’s additions have done well and they didn’t change anything with this latest season and I don’t think that’s wrong. Miami is still up in the air, and I think they acknowledge they need to fix that series and they are allowed to make a mistake as long as they learn and correct it (See DC).

  • Shivers

    I would be really sad to see Camille go. And while I agree with most of the things you said Trent, I have to disagree that Camille’s fights with Taylor this season have painted her in a bad light. Camille was only trying to help Taylor, who was clearly projecting all of her personal problems on the rest of the women (i.e. attacking everyone at the tea party for outing her abuse to each other). Camille was put in a really horrible position by Taylor. I do think that Taylor was abused and was acting out as a result of that, but her apology to Camille was totally necessary. Camille wasn’t the bad guy, she was just trying to help Taylor and she got caught in the middle of Taylor’s messy marriage.

  • kim is a total meth head…its just uneasy and hard to watch her,,,she needs to be in an institution for a longgggggggggg time…and iam tired taylor crying again its cringe worthy to watch her go through the pain….i l like camille i think she should stay….they should ad that crazy psycho supposed psychic friend of camille to the show……..

  • cinner

    I really like Camille and would be sad if she wasn’t asked back for another (more) season(s).

  • Linh

    Love camille this season. I think Taylor and Kim should leave. Everyone else can stay. Make Brandi full time housewife and bannish Dana to OC. She does not belong in BH.

    I believe that Taylor was abused. I also thinks that she’s A big fat liar also when it comes to everything else. I don’t care for liars. She MUST go!

    Kim is a mess. It’s really hard to watch her. She’s like the BH kelley bensimon.

    I love this group the most as a whole. They seem the classiest of all the housewives franchises and does seem to genuinely care for each other and are friends.

  • Jacqui

    its funny how we accept how contrived these shows are. These women didn’t choose each other as friends. I mean some of them were friends to begin with but really its about their contracts. That said- I have loved this season. Such a train wreck! This is the only housewives series I have evern been able to watch. Its so good because they are so redonk rich and the drama that unfolds is serious stuff!!!!

  • Mee

    ChristineLA, I agree with you. Taylor Armstrong is a fake. For one, her real first name is Shana, I forget her real last name but take your pick; Hughes, Sipes, Ford, Armstrong. Her names have changed almost as much as her face. Google Shana Taylor Armstrong and read all the “stoopid” articles.
    Also, I’ve never met an abused woman who is confrontational and gets in peoples faces, either yelling or telling them she would “go Oklahoma on your ass” (to Kim) or “You, outside” (to Camille). I highly doubt Russell (rip) would allow his wife to participate in a reality show if he was really an abuser. And why would Taylor willingly leave her daughter alone with him to go on all the housewives trips? Vegas (again, think of her actions on the Chippendale stage), Colorado, I’m sure some are slipping my mind.

    • @Mee — “Also, I’ve never met an abused woman who is confrontational and gets in peoples faces” … How many abused women have you met?

  • Mee

    Trent- Sadly, too mom being one of them (from her relationship before my dad).

  • Alexis

    Oh please don’t tease me… If Camille leaves the show, I might actually enjoy watching it again. She is really annoying and doesn’t add any value to the show. Brandi annoys me too but at least she’s funny and brings some drama (don’t judge, we all know that’s why we watch the show:)) I agree with some of the previous comments….Kyle and Lisa are my favs too!