Peter Dinklage Supports Fellow Dwarfs


I just heard some AWFUL news that has really upset me… did you hear Peter Dinklage’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday? If you did… you would have probably also heard the cryptic reference to a “gentleman in England”. I didn’t know what this was referring to and didn’t take a lot of notice. Now, reports are out about what the secretive mention was referring to…

Peter Dinklage was (rightfully I think) given the award for Best Supporting TV Actor in the show, Game Of Thrones and in his acceptance speech he told everyone that he was thinking about a certain “gentleman in England”. Instead of explaining the reference, he told the audience to “Google him” and of course given how many people watch the Golden Globes across 190 countries, within a few minutes the unknown man in England’s name was trending on Twitter.

So, who was the mystery man that Peter was acknowledging? Martin Henderson is a fellow dwarf, like Peter, and an aspiring actor. He was badly injured after a stranger “picked him up and threw him in England last October. He has not been able to walk properly since the incident”. It gets worse – the reason he believes he was “thrown” in this way is because the attack was inspired by English rugby players, who attended a dwarf-tossing contest during the rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

This has got to be one of the most awful, sad and despicable things I have ever heard! To treat a man that way, simply because of the way he was born, is just plain horrible. Peter is the first one to use humor and has played some hilarious dwarf characters, for example, he was great in 30 Rock with Tina Fey (did you see this episode?) – but self deprecating humor is on a whole other page to disgraceful social behavior. I am ashamed of the English Rugby boys – shame on you!

I think Peter is a bit of an inspiration- he has risen to become a highly sought after actor, has embraced his dwarfism to propel his career, and to raise awareness of the condition. He also has a full and wonderful personal life – having just had a baby with his wife Erica. Congrats to you both!

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  • Gru

    Oh Trent! You and your bleeding heart…

    • LV

      This seems to be posted my Melissa, not Trent. I wish it was easier to tell who was posting what.

    • @LV — Each post lists the author at the end of the post.

    • You can also tell the difference because Trent uses pink stars on his pictures and Melissa doesn’t.

    • ericastone

      Also, because Trent is readable and Melissa is laughable.

      Sorry. It’s late, I’m on my favorite site, and I’m rolling my eyes at an amazing story because of the writing. I would say no offense, but I meant offense :-/

    • @ericastone — Why are you commenting as “ericastone” and “cmc”?

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    That is crazy and sick!!! He is a pretty bad ass actor so I am happy he won.

  • stevie

    Trent, its the British rugby team you should be ashamed of, not the New Zealand ones!

  • Meghan

    What happened to Martin Henderson is sick! We hear so much about racism and homophobia, but we often forget there is much discrimination against those with visible disabilities.

  • Jerd

    Stevie…British team? You reek of ignorance.

  • Andrea

    this is very sad to hear about and nobody should ever be put through that no matter how they look.

    although you can’t go and say “shame on NZ rugby boys” because all it said was that the english guys attended a dwarf throwing contest IN new zealand. it didn’t specify that it was held specifically by new zealanders. there were many, many nations there supporting their teams and i know a lot of them had parties for specific team supporters, so you really can’t generalize on this one. it should just simply be “shame on the idiots who chose to host a party where they thought it was acceptable to be throwing small people around.”

  • Lily

    I think the proper term is “little person”, not dwarf.

  • nat

    Thank you for digging deeper into what his comment was about and posting about it.PD is one of those actors who has a physical characteristic that you might think would limit his acting,but he somehow owns the roles he plays so well,that you easily forget he is a little person.Michael Clarke Duncan comes to mind as the other end of the spectrum-the guy is huge,but his acting is so nuanced that all you pay attention to is what he says,not what he looks like.

  • JerseyGirlinMA

    I grew up with Peter (he’s from New Jersey) and he went to school with my older brother. He’s a very inspirational man who never let his differences be a handicap. He embraces them and is just amazing. He’s still very down to earth and unaffected. Love he mentioned this in his speech!!

  • Sam

    It was a really horrible thing to have happen to somebody – but again, it’s not fair of you to blame the NZ rugby boys, since it was the English doing it. Which you even wrote in the post, so I’m really confused about why you decides to blame NZ.

  • Hi Trent, it was the ENGLISH RUGBY TEAM that did the dwarf tossing. As a Kiwi I’m deeply offended that you blamed the NZ rugby team, which had nothing to do with this.

    • @Sarah — HI Sarah, I didn’t write this post … but I’m sorry you are deeply offended by this. I do stand by my dear Aussie Melissa who authored this post.

  • Sprinkles

    If you’re going to stand by the people writing for your site you might want to make sure she writes accurate facts. and corrects them when they happen.

    • @Sprinkles — As always, if a mistake is made in error we do our best to make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible. I make mistakes, you make mistakes. Any mistakes made will be corrected.

  • Apologies to all! It was the English rugby players that allegedly inspired the attack (they were playing in New Zealand) my confusion at the end of the post. sorry! And either way my Aussie self would always support the English and New Zealanders, this doesn’t mean I still cant be upset by their actions. Apologies again for the last paragraph, I will fix it now!

    • Andrea

      Thanks Melissa! Didn’t mean to create any drama surrounding the true meaning behind this story! I just had to stand up for my Kiwis. I’ve enjoyed your reporting so far and look forward to hearing more!

  • Dezden

    I did google it when he mentioned it… what an awful story!

  • Sanchez

    I read about that on HuffPo several days ago. I think it was under the “weird news” section.

  • Megan

    Every year we have a couple of “wing-dings” where all the area restaurants show off their hot wings. They have a dwarf tossing contest. I think its horrible, but it ever so popular.