Avril Lavigne Ends Things With Her Boy Brody Jenner


After 2 years together, US Weekly has repored that our fave skater girl, Avril Lavigne has ended things with her boyfriend, Brody Jenner. The couple called it off last week because they apparently couldn’t find balance in their relationship without sacrificing their individual careers. Aww…

Avril has been pretty darn successful for the age of 27… she released her 4th album, Goodbye Lullaby, last year and has her own clothing like, Abbey Dawn. Brody was the star of Hills but is according to the US report, feeling held back by the relationship and wants to pursue his career, like Avril has. The news reports are saying that they have both been unhappy, but that Avril wants them to stick it out and Brody is the one that wants to call it off for now. Although, he has said that they may get back together once they have figured some stuff out… I guess, a lot of which is, how to be together and both have equally successful careers and individual lives.

Dating Lavigne since spring 2010, Jenner has been open about showing his affection. In August 2010, he shaved the letter ‘A’ into the side of his head, shortly after he reportedly inked his girlfriend’s name on his left forearm.

Eeek… will be hard to cover up that tattoo of your ex’s initials, Brody. There is 1 reason to avoid permanent inking of your partner’s name on your body – in case you break up!

I’m sad for this couple because I remember being 25 and feeling like you’d found the ‘love of your life,’ they had also seemed so affectionate with each other and in love. I guess it is a good thing that they are taking time to work things out and if it is meant to be, they’ll find each other again.

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  • Julie

    ‘Although, he has said that they may get back together *wants* they have figured some stuff out’

    Little mistake, *once* sounds about right :)

  • Katie

    They have careers?? Lol

  • splacer

    Awww…Brody thinks he has a career!

    • Ava

      Kris Jenner probably talked to him and has some fabulous money making idea.

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal

      WELL SAID!!!!

  • kendra

    Strange..I was just thinking about these two..Not that I make a habit out of thinking about Avril freaking Lavigne, but Nick Swardson posted a pic with Brody Jenner and I wondered if they were still together..On a side note, I can’t bash Brody too much..He shares his name with my awesome son.. ;)

  • I bet they REALLY think those name tattoos were a GREAT idea

    • Ama


      I think getting a tattoo of a lovers name is probably one of the tattoos people regret getting the most. It’s also the reason why most tattoo artists won’t do/try and talk the person out of it.

  • Jodi

    Avril is 27, not 25.

    • Maggie

      I think she said 25 because Avril and Brody were together for 2 years – meaning she would have been 25 and thinking she found the love of her life.

    • Jodi

      I was referring to her age as written in the update, “Avril has been pretty darn successful for the age of 25″, however it looks like it’s been corrected now.

  • apriljan

    @Melissa — LOL “Skater Love Crash” LOL!

  • nicole

    you know, i kind of loved these two together. i hope this is more of a break then a break up.
    hopefully avril learns to stop tattooing boys names on her.

  • Sanchez

    God it seems like only yesterday she was divorcing that dude she was married to.

  • Jani

    guys, both of them denied this story on twitter! =)
    still togeter!