Armani Underwear Releases New Rihanna Promo Photos For S/S 2012


This past Sunday we got to see two new images from Rihanna’s Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign for Armani Jeans and today, right on cue, we get to check out a couple of new photos from her S/S ’12 ad campaign for Emporio Armani Women’s Underwear. As you may know, Ri Ri is the new celebrity spokesmodel for Emporio Armani so these new Spring/Summer images will be the ones we’ll be seeing in magazines and on billboards in the coming months. Click below to check out the newest photos of Rihanna in Armani’s finest skivvies.

Her lingerie advertising campaign for Armani was voted the sexiest set of 2011 so it’s no surprise to see her back showing off the latest line. Rihanna is taking her second stab at being the brand’s face and body and is looking as seductive as ever. The singer showed off a cropped blonde look in her first campaign but she has gone dark for the new adverts. The 23-year-old is seen showing off her incredible shape in a lacy set of lingerie as she poses on a bed with her hand tucked behind her head. In another shot Rihanna appears to be displaying her innocence as she tousles with her hair posing in a satin negligee and knickers set … While these shots appear to be a little toned down compared with the sexed up shots of the first shoot there is no doubt that these will prove popular with Rihanna’s fans. The daring display was hailed the best of the year in a poll of advertising industry chiefs carried out by U.S. magazine Advertising Age.

I am still really loving Rihanna’s look in these new photos. When I posted the earlier Armani Jeans photos on Sunday, a reader commented that Rihanna looks very much like she used to back in her S.O.S. days … and I totally agree. THIS is a fantastic look for her. She looks sexy without trying too hard. I hated the short blonde wig thing she wore in the Armani photos that were release last year. This darker color works well for her. These photos are fantastic … I approve … do you?


  • nicole

    see whats good about this look for her, is its more natural and doesnt come across as trying to hard. hopefully she sticks with it for a while

  • Amarie

    It’s no doubt that Rihanna is beautiful. I just wish she would tone down he don’t give a fuck attitude a little. And the Shirly Temple hair needs to go. Other than that these pictures look amazing!

  • Kell Santos

    I fell in love with Rihanna on her S.O.S. video! However during those days, she was but a mere Beyonce-ish artist. Her transformation gave her an identity and made her one of the best selling artist of this generation. NOw that she has a name of her own, I admire her for bringing back her old style.