Why Is Ryan Gosling Not Going To The Golden Globes Tonight?


We reported last week that hottie Ryan Gosling appears to be directing his own film (we saw pics of him in what appeared to be a director’s chair with his lady by his side, Eva Mendes) and he is training up a storm have you seen those sweaty pics?) now we have news that our Ryan wont be attending the Golden Globes tonight…

Ok, we’re all excited to see who wins at tonight’s award show but lets be honest, it is also A LOT to do with seeing dresses and hunks. There will be one of those missing from tonight’s viewing pleasure (and it’s not couture).. it’s Ryan Gosling. This leading man (who is up for multiple nominations… Crazy, Stupid Love and the big one, Ides of March… cant be there, and our hunch is that he probably will be getting at least one of those wins.

We know that Ryan would love to be there on the arm of beautiful Eva Mendes (who he has been inseparable from of late), but the reason he cant is that “he’s working out of the country.”

His rep didn’t confirm where he is overseas or what he is working on, but it would have to be pretty serious and important to miss the Golden Globes for which he is up for a nomination. We hear that he is shooting Only God Forgives, a mixed martial arts movie (hence all the training and HOT pics for us to perve on) but that movie is set in Bangkok.

You will be missed tonight Mr Gosling… you would have looked gorgeous in your suit. Happy shooting!

Check out the cute pics of Ryan in NYC with his mom, Donna..not just gorgeous but also a good boy. ahh…


  • Sarah

    Ahhhh OK so I haven’t commented yet, since I rarely do, but it has to be said- PITNB isn’t known for being one of those silly, dramatic blogs that pulls people in with gimmicks and false excitement. Trent has a laid back, fun way of presenting the news without treating his readers like they’re insipid morons. Over the past week, the blog has been littered with “Why is Ashton Kutcher SO MAD ABOUT (*@$*?????? Click the link to find out!!!!!”

    …..this is obnoxious. Melissa, you will have the same number of readers without talking to us like we’re too stupid to just read the articles on our own. If I wanted a trashy format, I’d read TMZ or Perez.

    Thanks, from someone who has read daily since January 2006.

  • Stephanie

    Every time the title ends with a question mark, I know it’s Melissa lol

  • banana

    Melissa, it would be better if you could shorten your writing and be less repetitive!