Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’, Lana Del Rey Performs


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe (who just completed a run on Broadway in the revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and who will be seen in the upcoming feature film The Woman In Black) paid a visit to Saturday Night Live last night to host the weekly sketch comedy and by most accounts, he did a really great job. While I personally wasn’t all that impressed with the variety of sketches that they came up with for this week’s episode, I did think that DanRad did an excellent job with the material provided to him. The musical guest last night was newcomer Lana Del Rey who most people have never heard of … and after her painfully awkward performance last night, may likely never want to hear from again. In case you missed SNL last night or just want to watch the sketches again, you can check them out below.

Daniel Radcliffe Monologue

Ricky Gervais Promos

Target Lady

You Can Do Anything

Spin The Bottle

Harry Potter Epilogue

Weekend Update: Casey Anthony’s Dog


The Jay Pharoah Show

Exit Polling

Of these skits, I really loved the Harry Potter one the best … that was the skit that I felt was the cleverest and best performed. I enjoyed DanRad in the Target Lady skit and I really thought he was hilarious as Casey Anthony’s Dog. The rest of the skits were just OK, I thought. I liked the non-DanRad Ricky Gervais sketch … that one turned out pretty funny.

As for the musical guest … well … Lana Del Rey has been hyped up in recent months as the “next big thing”. Her debut album Born to Die is set for release on January 31. For her to get the musical guest spot on SNL without having a record out is a major coup, especially since it is likely her first introduction to a vast majority of the population. While Lana sang beautifully, I felt her performances last night were flat and boring. The poor girl looked so awkward as she performed … and she really needs to lay off the lip injections. Here are the videos of Lana’s performances last night:

Video Games

Blue Jean

Many folks maintain that Lana bombed last night … and while I wouldn’t go that far, I do think she prolly didn’t capitalize on the SNL stage like she should have. It should be noted, in clarification, that Lana Del Rey’s real name is Elizabeth Grant. Lizzie Grant released her indie debut album in 2010 and was snapped up by Interscope records … who have done everything they can to erase her past, give her a new name and will attempt to make her the next big music star. We’ll have to see how that works out for her. The girl is extremely talented … we’ll just have to see if the marketing is able to show the world her talent … before she gets squashed under the pressures of expectations.

Did any of y’all watch SNL last night? What did you think? Were you impressed by Daniel’s performance? What did you think of Lana Del Rey?


  • Kristen

    I thought Dan Rad did a great job!! I completely agree that Dan was not given the greatest material but did the best on what he was given. I agree that the Harry Potter skit was the best and I loved him as Casey’s dog. Great job, Dan!!

  • Lorraine

    re: Lana Del Rey
    So agreed. I think they had her perform a bit prematurely too. While the performance wasn’t great, I think there are other alternative singers out that don’t really sing that great but still deliver a style people cherish, Thom Yorke anyone?

  • AmandaMarie

    In my opinion… She wasn’t that interesting or good before this performance… And after this… She still isn’t. I truly felt as if I were watching an awkward American Idol audition. It was pitchy in the wrong way. She has no stage presence. That said, she may record better than singing live. There are artists who do that. I think her dress was gorgeous and looked amazing on her though. I also like how she feels “old Hollywood.” I’m just sad there was nothing redeeming or inspiring about her performance last night.

  • kendra

    The Casey Anthony dog part had me almost peeing myself..Target lady is always funny, just because Kristen Wiig is effing amazing..The Harry Potter one was pretty good..I loved Luna.. ;) All in all, Daniel Radcliffe did a great job..He just wasn’t given very much funny material..

  • S

    I feel a bit compelled to stick up for Lana since we ran in the same circles back when she was still Lizzie and had little to none performance experience. She had a gorgeous voice but had terrible stage fright that made her fidget and be a bit pitchy. When it was just a few of us hanging out and she’d share stuff she was working on, she was light years better. I think its clear thats still a challenge for her, which is why she records great since theres no crowd watching her but falls a bit flat live. I hope shes able to work through that because she really is quite talented. I think the speed of how things have developed for her in the past 6 months or so is also making it daunting.


    First of all, this was Lana Del Rey’s FIRST American televised performance, and it just happened to be on SNL, the biggest gig she’s ever gotten. She’s been performing overseas. It was cringe-worthy to see her perform because nerves got the best of her. She has more talent than A LOT of people out there right now. People are so inane to write her off without doing their research. If you YouTube her live, she has a haunting voice, sounds amazing, and is a way better performer than her SNL ones…but no. People will judge her and write her off, even though she has Letterman coming up and Ellen. The girl will be a huge success and will redeem herself. Mark my words.

  • Whitney

    This wasn’t my favorite performance of hers, but I’ve seen other clips on youtube where she’s much better so it must’ve just been nerves getting the best of her.

    Also, bad publicity is always good publicity right? Her EP is number 2 on itunes right now.

  • Joanna

    I only saw her second performance and I was bored before the end of the first verse. I thought she looked more like someone walking the red carpet at an awards show than the musical entertainment. I only slightly heard of her before this because my sister told my dad about her and in turn he told me. I believe that the only reason that she’s gotten this far is because of her father’s money and management team rather than her abilities (and I’m not denying she can’t sing, I’m just saying that with the amount of talent she has now there is no way she could have landed SNL so quickly or a record deal for that matter). It really sucks that she probably blew the best chance she ever had at people taking her seriously. Unless she can book something else relatively soon that can showcase herself better, her career is pretty much over before it began.

  • her lips are like lindsay lohans.. distorted and distracting to her actually real face! they both looked so much better before the fillers!

    • nat

      “who have done everything they can to erase her past, give her a new name and will attempt to make her the next big music star”
      This part makes me truly sad.Compare her before and after pictures,and tell me she hasn’t had more then lip injections done.I was wondering why her appearance had changed so much in the last year or two and to hear that this could be something encouraged by her label pisses me off.She looked beautiful before,now it’s more the look of a blow up doll.

  • Asha

    Don’t watch SNL except for musical guest. This girl has a great voice and like the music. Thanks for posting.

  • Eri

    I thought most of the sketches yesterday were really weird and awful! I mean, for the first half of the episode (and me and the husband watch every week), we kept looking at each other going, “what?” As per usual, the only time I laugh is during ‘Weekend Update’. Sad.

  • nicole

    Dan did great with what he was given.
    im nervous for poor channing when its his turn to host…the only upside is there will probably be a sketch about him stripping.

  • Emily

    Booooo can’t watch the clips from Canada.
    I will have to search the interwebs for canuck-friendly versions.

  • Girl is wearing a wig right? Whatever that was… distracted me from the whole performance.

  • Robert

    Do they really think these sketches make people laugh? I was totally embarrassed for Daniel. He’s such a talented actor and he did the best he could with material but it was NOT funny. They should hire new and upcoming writers. Only the HP skit was a bit funny. Don’t get me wrong, I love SNL but the last few months/seasons they just rely too much on sex and swearing. Thank God for Kristen :-)

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    HOW DID I MISS THIS?!?!?!? THanks for posting all the videos!! I am going to watch them at lunch!!!

  • jessica

    i love lana del rey and have been waiting on the edge of my seat for itunes to release her new cd. there are a lot of artists that end up having shitty performances on snl. i thought florence and the machine sounded HORRIBLE but i still like her style. i think lana still has an amazing voice so down with the haters.

  • Becky

    I love Lana Del Rey and I don’t care what she does she is amazing. Every song on the entire album is she isn’t comfortable singing live…whatever…i have listen to this album over and over for the last matter how she does on SNL or (Gag) american idol..she is the best thing that has come along in a LONG TIME…lay off already