Rihanna Wants To Collaborate With Coldplay


Last year they got to work together on the album, Mylo Xyloto and now Rihanna has come out and said that she is a huge fan of Chris Martin’s and Coldplay and would love to work with him again and perform a duet at the Brit Awards. So far there has been no confirmation of this, but Ri-Ri is very keen and “waiting for the call”.

“I think Chris Martin is a special guy. His songwriting is just beautiful and I am a huge fan,” Rihanna told The Sun newspaper. “If they want me to sing with Coldplay, I will be waiting for the call. I’d love to perform with them.”

So, Ri-Ri and Chris Martin clearly have a lot of respect for one another. She thinks he is “beautiful” and he previously called her the “greatest singer in the world.” We think they are both pretty damn amazing and would love them to work together again soon. I personally would love to see them perform their duet live because the chemistry between them would be astonishing… they are such individuals, and have a totally different style to each other, and yet somehow I think that this would just make it all the more interesting and incredible to see.

Check out the pics below from Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ tour in Spain in December 2011. Do you think her performance with Chris will look like this? :)

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