Jake Gyllenhaal: Shaven Or Beard?


As everyone starts the day-long prep for tonight’s award shows… think spray tans, manicures, blow outs and makeup, the big question will be on many men’s minds… to shave or not to shave? New pics have come out this weekend of hottie Jake Gyllenhaal without the facial hair that he has sported for some time because Mr G will be presenting at tonight’s Golden Globes so I guess he wanted to look neat and tidy. What do you prefer though, stubble or baby face?

No big news here, its Sunday morning and it is just a few hours from the start of the awards (6PM EST).. guess everyone is too busy getting prepped

What you think: should Jake keep the clean shaven look, go back to the beard or somewhere in between, some stubble perhaps?


  • Fabio

    I’ll take both please ;)

    • Zeke


  • Juneh

    @ Fabio: I’ll have the shaven Jake and you can get the bearded Jake? That’s a great deal I’m offering here :D

  • sals

    shaven, hands down!

  • Fabio

    @Juneh fiine I can live with that :p

  • ashley

    Definitely shaven!!!!

  • Liz


  • kat :)

    both- either- yum!

  • Ill take him Both Ways! :D

  • megsterg

    Baby face all night!